Superfine growers plan to go it alone

29 Aug, 2001 10:00 PM

AUSTRALIAN Superfine Wool may soon be sold to the world's consumers under its own exclusive, quality-accredited trademark.

Australian Superfine Woolgrowers Association (ASWGA) members are currently considering a proposal to develop a new trademark to "promote the excellence of Australian superfine wool".

ASWGA president Tony Gall said the program would include strict quality accreditation from farm to retail.

Under the proposal, the ASWGA would establish a new company, wholly owned by its members, dedicated to the marketing Australian Superfine Merino Fibre as a luxury consumer brand for global markets.

The program is being developed in association with The Woolmark Company, which would provide technical expertise and assistance with brand development.

"The aim of the company is to allow superfine growers to take control of their future, by building demand, securing price premiums and promoting the image of the highest quality and reposition superfine wool as a luxury Fibre," Mr Gall said.

ASWGA members have been briefed by their executive and Woolmark Company representatives at a series of grower meetings.

A decision on the proposal will be made in late September after responses from members to the draft proposal have been received. Mr Gall was confident of a favourable response to the proposal.


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