WA wool with soul

11 Dec, 2007 09:00 PM

GARMENTS made from Western Australian wool will be a highlight of the international fashion stage thanks to a collaborative research project between the Agriculture Department and Italian designer Bianca Gervasio.

She was in WA this month seeking inspiration for her new collection which will be made primarily from Merino Soul, a new yarn developed for 100pc WA wool.

Agriculture Department wool research officer Sara Pieruzzini introduced Ms Gervasio to the Merino Soul at a yarn trade fair in Europe last year.

Ms Gervasio expressed a keen interest to work with the yarn which she said was soft on the skin and versatile.

The young designer will be working closely with Ms Pieruzzini and Italian spinner Filatura di Grignasco who is producing the yarn.

Department director general Ian Longson said it had been working on a program with Curtin University of Technology for the past three years to develop a yarn which enhanced the comfort of garments next to the skin.

The Design for Comfort program also included a WA wool for Italian high fashion component of which Ms Gervasio is now a part.

Between 200kg to 300kg of yarn was now being produced for Ms Gervasio to use for sample garments and production.

“The wool for the yarn is chosen from Fremantle wool stores using selection algorithms which predict wool lots that exhibit enhanced comfort properties when processed into a combed top,” Mr Longson said.

“Meticulous wool selection ensures only the highest quality fibre is sent to Mr di Grignasco to spin into the Merino Soul yarn.”


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