WAFarmers: Henderson new wool president

27 Mar, 2009 08:11 AM

WAFarmers' members have elected Kim Henderson as their Wool Section president, with sheep lice set to be one of the first big issues he faces.

Mr Henderson, of Avon, replaces Max Watts who has been WAFarmers Wool Section President for the past five years.

In Mr Watts’ final speech as WAFarmers Wool Section president, he extended his appreciation to WAFarmers staff, members, office bearers, those in the industry and Government who he has worked with in his role.

Mr Henderson said he was proud to join an illustrious group that have held the position of WAFarmers Wool Section president.

"The wool industry needs to approve at least a half per cent tax on wool levy in the upcoming Woolpoll to guarantee contribution from the Federal Government," Mr Henderson said after his election.

Mr Henderson is also facing the issue of the severe impact of lice on the wool industry, and is calling on the Western Australian Minister for Food and Agriculture to address the issue immediately.

Mr Henderson said lice were highly problematic for the State's wool industry and if the issue was left unaddressed, it would severely limit the industry's ability to be sustainable.

"Lice infestation is commonly recognised as being highly challenging and detrimental to the welfare of sheep and it seems the issue is getting worse," Mr Henderson said.

"Anecdotal evidence suggests that lice have developed a resistance to lice control chemicals.

"A lack of regulation, suitable management practises, industry communication and quality control, especially in small flocks on ‘lifestyle blocks’, are being cited as possible causes."

The WAFarmers Wool Section Conference agreed that urgent action, including a campaign on lice management towards lifestyle and offending producers, was vital to the future of the wool industry.


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