Woolpro spring tour declared a success

27 Nov, 2000 03:00 PM

AGRICULTURE WA has received excellent feedback on the success of the annual Woolpro Spring Tour of farms in the Mobrup area, west of Kojonup. Agwest Woolpro adviser Myra Yelland co-ordinated the tour, which attracted a group of more than 60 farmers. Ms Yelland said comments received reflected a high level of enthusiasm for the practical way in which the technology was presented and the results that it generated. She said the tour had successfully demonstrated the effects of grazing management techniques and genetics on improved production. Throughout the day, visits to farms were combined with presentations and demonstrations from farmers, agricultural consultants, and Agwest and CSIRO personnel. Topics included decision planning, benchmarking and the late break, precision woolgrowing, fibre diameter monitoring, 4-tooth shearing, the Kojonup and Woodanilling wether trials, an update on worm resistance, worm population replacement strategy and remote sensing by satellite imagery. "The benefits of pasture management techniques were clearly demonstrated on the farm visits where different techniques were used for the individual farmer's requirements through the management of rotational grazing for large mobs and the management of fibre diameter through restricted feeding," Ms Yelland said. A viewing of bloodlines from Australia's biggest wether trial was also available for inspection at one of the featured properties. "Many farmers took part in the tour to find out what others had achieved by implementing the new technology offered through Woolpro, and they were impressed by what they saw on the day," Ms Yelland said. Roger Bilney, who has been involved with Woolpro for five years, said woolgrowers were now receiving good information to help them increase production. "The atmosphere generated on these bus tours is one of enthusiasm," Mr Bilney said. "These group sessions provide a very beneficial opportunity for researchers and farmers to get together. At the end of the day, we really feel that we can make a difference." Booklets covering the topics presented on the tour were prepared by Ms Yelland. Copies are available from Beth Paganoni at Agwest on 9821 1755.


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