Workshops for women in wool

26 Jul, 2000 03:00 PM

A JOINT initiative between the Great Southern Merino Sheepbreeders Association and The Woolmark Company Women in Wool Group will acknowledge the involvement of women in woolgrowing enterprises. The two groups have co-ordinated a Working for Wool seminar titled Together in Business and an e-commerce workshop during WA Merino Week in August. The seminar will be part of the PIBA Katanning sheep show program on Thursday, August 24, and will feature guest speaker Katherine Kennedy, who is technical strategy and textile research and development group manager at The Woolmark Company in Melbourne. Her topic is: 2000 Olympics - Merino The High Performance Fibre, which will outline Woolmark's Olympic Plans. Also speaking is Jackie Gill, who has been a keynote presenter at many seminars and conferences on information technology. At the seminar, she will outline her background that has seen her move from the rural sector to the information technology sector. Seminar co-ordinator Elizabeth Owens said Ms Gill was an inspirational speaker whose achievements had inspired others to become involved in community projects and realise their full potential. In the afternoon, Ms Gill will run a two-hour e-commerce workshop designed to introduce woolgrowers to the benefits and opportunities offered by the information age. Until recently, Ms Gill was with the WA Department of Commerce and Trade and was largely responsible for the Online WA Communities Program, which incorporated the development of several demonstration community portal websites and a seminar program called E-aware. She delivered the E-aware program around the state, introducing e-commerce training workshops to small and micro business people. Her recruitment by information technology company Harvestroad recognised her strengths in online community development and she came into the position with comprehensive background in marketing, community development and integrated planning coupled with IT. The seminar will run from 9.30am to 11.30am and the e-commerce workshop will run from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. The day is being sponsored by Kojonup computer training company Newdew Pty Ltd, Harvestroad, Online WA and Agriculture WA Women's Clients of Agriculture Project. The seminars are free but for catering purposes please RSVP to Jenny Johnston, 9862 9047. pMore information: Elizabeth Owens, 9833 7511.


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