WIAA 100: Alison Hamilton

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

WITH a strong rural background and a passion for the beef industry, AJM Livestock Solutions was formed in 2008. Alison Hamilton, as a sole trader delivers short courses and consultancy services, focused on improving the efficiency of beef producers.

Alison now lives in the NSW Riverina, but hails from Crookwell in southern NSW, where her family run a stud and commercial Angus cattle operation, Myanga.

Alison is actively involved in the family business, and also runs her own stud and commercial cattle enterprises.

Alison was the NSW runner-up in the 2010 RIRDC Rural Women’s Award; she was the 2011 NAB Agribusiness Cattle Council Rising Champion and is a graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program.

Alison also holds industry leadership roles, as councillor to the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW and a committee member of Cattle Council of Australia’s industry systems and food safety taskforce.


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