WIAA 100: Angela Goode

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

ANGELA Goode has combined journalism and farming for 32 years.

When she married a cattleman and moved to the South-East of South Australia, she resolved to try to bridge the division between urban and rural life through her writing. In 1981, The Goode Life, a column covering everyday farm life as well as contentious rural issues commenced what was to become a long-standing feature in The Advertiser.

Angela also presented a weekly commentary on The Country Hour, ABC radio between ’86 and ’89, and wrote a column for The Weekly Times.

Angela wrote and compiled Great Working Dog Stories, quickly followed by another two volumes. The 330 stories by farmers paying tribute to their dogs continue to be enjoyed by city and country readers.

Great Working Horse Stories and For Love of the Land, similarly celebrate agricultural history and the realities of life on the land.

Angela’s most recent work is Through the Farm Gate, published by Allen and Unwin in December 2013.

Using the trajectory of her life from city to country, the book examines the differences between city and country life, and the problems caused by the ever increasing chasm between the two.

Based at Naracoorte, Angela continues to write while also actively working on the farm where she and her husband raise cattle and grow lucerne seed.


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