WIAA 100: Annieka Paridaen

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

ANNIEKA Paridaen thrives on challenging farmers to think about how new research extended to them could be implemented in their farming business, encouraging them to push the boundaries, buck trends and sharpen existing operations.

Annieka’s position as research co-ordinator at Southern Farming Systems - a not-for-profit grower group covering the Victorian high rainfall cropping region - is focused around providing growers with the relevant information, tools and confidence they need to evolve and adapt to a changing environment, volatile markets as well as agronomic issues threatening the long term viability of mixed farming systems.

After studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons) and Bachelor of Business at La Trobe University, Annieka feels she has found her calling in life – assisting growers and advisors to make sustainable and profitable decisions in their business.

She's now committed to spreading the word about the vast opportunities available to others considering a career in science or agriculture.

The driving force behind a newly formed young farmers social group in Victoria's Western District, she strongly believes the social aspect of agriculture is one of the biggest drawcards to the industry.

She believes the opportunities for growth, innovation and encouragement to think outside the square to solve problems is what sets the agribusiness industry apart from others.


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