WIAA 100: Danielle White

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

Dr DANIELLE White is one of six children from a sixth-generation pastoral family living in the Kyneton district of Victoria.

Danielle holds a PhD, MA, BA (Hons), GradDip (Women’s Health), GradDip (Health Education and Promotion) from the University of Melbourne where she worked in academia and in later years marketing and communication.

Danielle returned to her hometown Kyneton in 2004, and now lives on a small rural property with her husband Ashley and their blonde kelpie Magoo.

Since her return to country life, Danielle has focused her attention on making a difference to the local food bowl economy, encouraging connection to country and supporting truly local agriculture.

Since 2009, Danielle has helped get her family’s ethical, pasture-grazed, chemical-free beef Sidonia Hills Natural Beef from paddock to plate.

Her family’s beef is now stocked locally in a popular retail outlet Duck Duck Goose and Larder in Kyneton and served by chef Tim Foster at the town's renowned Annie Smithers Bistrot.

Sidonia Hills Natural Beef recently featured in Stock & Land’s 10 Of Our Best feature and was in the top three chosen for Livestock Producer of the Year in ABC Rural’s Farmer of the Year Awards for 2012.

This recognition is in great part due to Danielle’s efforts. Danielle also supports her husband’s garlic-growing business Crofters Fold Garlic, a finalist in the delicious Produce Awards in 2012.


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