WIAA 100: Diana Gibbs

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

DIANA Gibbs is executive director of Riverina Wool Growers Pty Ltd, a grower-owned company manufacturing pure wool fashion accessories which are sold throughout Australia and overseas under the Diana Gibbs label.

She is also a partner in a mixed farming enterprise in south west NSW.

Diana was awarded the 2000 NSW RIRDC Rural Women's Award for her work with Riverina Wool Growers.

She is an economist, with post-graduate qualifications in Environmental Studies, and is a Graduate of the Australian Company Directors Course (Order of Merit awarded).

She also runs a consulting practice based on resource economic analyses and strategic planning, and has clients in Australia, and in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

She is currently using her skills and experience in regional economics and community development as a member of the board of the Murray Darling Basin Authority, firstly in developing the Basin Plan, and now in implementing the Plan to maximise triple bottom line outcomes for regional communities.

She is also a member of the RDA-Riverina Committee, and of the Industry Advisory Committee of the Graham Centre at CSU (Wagga).

She has previously been chair of the NSW Regional Communities Consultative Council, where she first developed her interest in policy formulation for regional communities.

She has also served as a director of the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation, and as a member of the governance committee for the NSW Water Loss Management Program.


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