WIAA 100: Domenica Jensen

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

DOMENICA Jensen has been involved in the agribusiness sector since 1987 providing business management and marketing services to rural family business, enterprise industry and government.

In this time, she has served as board director to the Rural Counselling Services on a local, state and national level, carried out local and international agribusiness research and developed rural communities through customised training programs and strategic productive collaborations.

Her work has assisted (and continues to assist) hundreds of rural farm families, businesses and communities (predominately women, seniors and culturally and linguistically diverse communities), to develop and broaden their individual and community capacity, minimising their access, equity, and socio-economic barriers.

Her far reaching community contribution, successful agribusiness training programs and ongoing research have won a range of local, state and national awards.

In 2001 she was awarded the Premier’s certificate of appreciation for outstanding volunteer service, in 2006 she was nominated for the Riverland Citizen of the year award, and in 2008 she won the Farmbiz Training award for significant contribution to training in Risk Management for Primary Producers; the SA RIRDC Rural Woman of the Year; the SA Telstra Business Woman of the Year – Business owner award, and was a finalist in the Australian Rural and Outback Awards. In 2011 she won the SA Multicultural award.

Domenica, a business and IT lecturer with the CQTAFE, and a director of Australian Women in Agriculture (Queensland rep and vice president) has served on local, state and national ministerial appointed boards for over 20 years.

A graduate from the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the South Australian Rural Leadership Program, she holds more than 15 formal qualifications in education, accounting, IT and Management, including a Master of Business, a diploma of Corporate Governance and an Advanced Diploma of Rural Business.


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