WIAA 100: Donna Digby

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

DONNA Digby has been living and working in rural and regional communities in Victoria and in the Northern Territory for the past 10 years, where her work has focused on working with land managers to implement integrated, sustainable land management programs.

She currently lives in Alice Springs with her husband Matt.

Donna has been a member of Australian Women in Agriculture (AWiA) for the past four years.

During that time she was awarded a scholarship to participate in the Next Gen Leadership and Decision Making in Agriculture Program in September 2010; attended the Global Conference for Women in Agriculture in March 2012 in Delhi, India (with AWiA); was nominated as a board director (general member), August 2012, and (Northern Territory) in August 2013.

In October 2013, Donna participated in Catherine Marriot’s ‘Influential Women’ program and as a result, has been a founding member of the ‘Desert Poppies’ group of women whose vision is to celebrate all Central Australian women and their contributions to our desert community! The group recognise that women represent all types of poppies; small poppies, big poppies, tall poppies and grand poppies and that when groups of women come together great things for our community can be achieved.

In November 2013, Donna was appointed as a director on the National Rural Women’s Coalition Board.

Donna is passionate about supporting women to become the best versions of themselves; women working in Agriculture across the supply chain, advocating and promoting sustainable food production in Australia and building strong and resilient networks in rural, regional and remote communities.


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