WIAA 100: Esther Price

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

ESTHER Price founded Esther Price Promotions in 1989 as a way to deliver on her personal goal of presenting all forms of agriculture as professional, ethical, sustainable and as a highly desirable industry in which to work.

She has committed a life-long career to helping make this happen and notched up 25 years in private business this year.

In that time the company has grown from a base that had its heart in agricultural communications and public relations (her early career was as a livestock journalist) to one that has specialised in agricultural communications through the conference and special events pathway.

Working from a WA base, Esther has taken the company to the position where it now delivers major agricultural conferences in every Australian state at the (often alarming) rate of one a month (and sometimes two).

In 2014 she achieved a long held goal of proving that remote living is no barrier to great business services and will deliver for the first time, a conference for a NZ based client this year.

In addition to the conference management, Esther is regularly called on for strategic advice supporting agricultural organisations and not-for-profit groups all with the consistent aim of driving professionalism and business acumen in Australian farming.


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