WIAA 100: Julia Telford

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

Finalist: Outstanding work in the community

JULIA TELFORD has spent all her life working with and supporting agricultural businesses – from the family farm at Roma, Qld, through to the vegetable industry in northern Australia.

She spent 10 years with Landcare and catchment management groups across western Queensland, developing programs, sourcing funding and supporting R and D for many agribusinesses.

In recent years she has delivered programs designed to build confidence and skills to more than 300 women across Qld.

In 2012, Julia started her own business, Engage and Create Consulting, to support the vibrancy and viability of rural and regional Australia.

Julia is the chair of the Australian Land Management Group, an organisation supporting land managers nationally to gain recognition and reward for the good environmental and animal welfare management on their properties.

She was an inaugural member of the Border Women in Business group and is the vice president of Care Goondiwindi and a board member of Gateway to Training.


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