WIAA 100: Kate Brabin

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

KATE Brabin works as the supply relationships manager for Certified Australian Angus Beef Pty Ltd (CAAB).

Kate’s passion for the beef industry was born early in life growing up on the family run cattle operation in the hills of Tumut, NSW.

Studying firstly a Diploma of Agribusiness and then a Bachelor of Systems Agriculture – UWS Hawkesbury, Kate earned membership to the Golden Key International Honor Society for Academic Excellence.

Kate has never lost sight of her passion for the beef industry and her goal, to make the connection between beef producer and consumer.

After university Kate cut her teeth with Meat and Livestock Australia working within the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) team delivering meat quality standards to the consumer.

The natural progression from MSA was to work for a beef brand where the connection between producer and consumer could be focused and potentially have more traction.

Kate has been an integral part of the team that put the Angus branded beef on the map through brands Certified Australian Angus Beef and Angus Pure.

Kate manages the supply chain for CAAB and Angus Pure as well as the breed verification programs including the breed verification program for McDonalds Australia which has helped make Angus beef a household name.


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