WIAA 100: Ley Webster

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

LEY Webster had a farm upbringing in country WA and her early career was in rural banking.

Since 2011, Ley has developed and established 2 Workin Oz - a concept that grew from personal experience and listening to industry issues with employment.

2 Workin Oz provides hands-on farm skills training and recruitment to predominantly backpackers.

Ley designed the course to assess and improve their skills, knowledge and productivity.

She believes that most farmers will utilise local labour before employing backpackers but with changing times there is often going to be a shortage, creating a need to implement new management strategies.

Following marriage and motherhood Ley assisted her late husband in the operations of their own farming and contracting business.

Her passion to see not only her young sons, but also other rural families retain their connection to agriculture has been the driving force for the last seven years.

She has managed change and restructure of her family and farming operations with the support of her extended rural community.

Ley was a mentee graduate in the 2011 Grow Zone program conducted by the Rural Business Development Corporation.

She was also a participant in the 2013 E-Leaders program conducted by the National Rural Women’s Coalition.

Ley strongly believes, in the strength of rural communities, in the ripple effect of small changes and that in the midst of difficulty there is always opportunity.


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