WIAA 100: Libby Homer

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

THROUGH her role as chair of the Central Queensland Regional Beef Research Committee Libby Homer sits on the Northern Australia Beef Research Committee (NABRC) and is chair of the management committee of NABRC.

She also sits on the Northern Beef Industry Committee which is an advisory committee for Meat and Livestock Australia.

She has been intimately involved in the beef industry for 30 years, being a cattle producer in the Dawson Valley in Central Queensland, and has held positions on most Beef Australia event committees including board member for Beef 2003 and committee chairman of previous events. Lately her role with Beef Australia has been as international guest liaison officer, helping facilitate trade partnerships between Australian beef producers and industry partners and visiting internationals.

She holds a degree in science and also a graduate diploma from The Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Libby believes being a beef producer and trying to balance work with family and committee commitments along with the logistical problems that arise from living in the country mean that women traditionally find it more difficult to take on these roles.

Libby hopes her nomination for the WIAA 100 will encourage more women to pursue opportunities in this space.


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