WIAA 100: Lynne Strong

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

LYNNE Strong is an agribusiness and social entrepreneur with a strong record of matching business success with environmental achievements and social change.

Whist at the helm of her family business Clover Hill Dairies Lynne has won agriculture’s most prestigious awards including the inaugural Bob Hawke Medal, the 2013 Green Agriculture Innovation Award, the 2012 NSW Rural and Regional Development Award and the 2010 National Landcare Woolworths Primary Producer of the Year.

The farm is now run by her son, and Lynne has her own consultancy, Farming Ahead of the Curve, which works to position farmers in the supply chain in order to maximise value for their farm business.

Lynne is best known as the founder of and national program director for Art4Agriculture.

Art4Agriculture is a network of young people who engage with, and empower young people to tell agriculture’s story. To do this Art4Agriculture designs and delivers high quality, innovative art and multimedia based curriculum programs to Australian school children promoting understanding of, and pride in, Australian agriculture.

Ultimately Art4Agriculture's focus beyond the farmgate is on reconnecting consumers with farming communities.

In particular the Art4Agriculture team is keenly aware of the need to effectively communicate that Australian farmers are professional and caring and committed to working towards sustainable farming production systems.

Lynne wants a dynamic, innovative, exciting and profitable agrifood sector regionally and Australia wide.

She believes agriculture needs a new way of thinking about and engaging with their customers and the supply chain.

For farmers this will mean working beyond traditional boundaries and challenging the conventional thinking about primary industries and individuals.

For consumers it will mean considering agricultural farming systems and their constraints as well as reflecting on new definitions of “value” when thinking about Australian grown products.


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