WIAA 100: Maree Crawford

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

A BUSINESS manager for Pacific Seeds, Maree Crawford has a lifetime of experience in the agricultural industry having grown up on properties throughout Queensland and NSW.

Maree is comfortable to go from presenting in the corporate boardroom to literally digging in the dirt with farmers to provide solutions to increasing their productivity and profitability.

Maree has been employed in frontline positions with Pacific Seeds for 18 years.

Maree has a high level of experience across grains and horticulture cropping systems and is passionate about the sustainability of these industries.

She has been instrumental in orchestrating practice change for producers through their adoption of new technology.

Most recently Maree was elected as the organising committee chair of the successful national Australian Summer Grains Conference held on the Gold Coast in 2013 and continues for the next conference in 2015.

She also is a committee member of various organisations including the Australian Sorghum and Sunflower Associations.

While working in a full time role, Maree also volunteered her time to Personnel West, a supported employment agency for people with disabilities and was elected to the position of chair of the board which she held for four years.

She also is involved in private partnerships in agribusiness and holds a Bachelor of Business degree.


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