WIAA 100: Maree Gooch

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

MAREE Gooch is a facilitator and business development consultant.

Her business, Belay Consulting, focuses on strategic business development, facilitated workshops, business and personal coaching and succession planning for farmers and family businesses.

Having lived for most of her life in regional and remote Western Australia as a hands-on primary producer, as a tourism business owner and as an educator, Maree has extensive experience in and is passionate about strategic positioning for both personal and business development and the implementation and management of change – in particular in agriculture, small business, community and regional development.

She is particularly passionate about leadership development and strategic planning – personal and business.

Maree has been a director of the Rural Business Development Corporation since 2004.

Maree chairs a number of private company boards in the agriculture and transport industries including LTM Solutions which provides strategic agricultural investment services for investors.

She is chair of an independent public school with 648 students.

She has chaired 24 different community and regional organisations in the past 22 years in various locations in rural WA.

Maree is CEO of The Grow Zone generating millions of dollars annually – a specialised six month mentoring program for people involved in the agriculture and food industries and small business.

Maree holds a Masters in Business Administration (Executive) and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Maree is a fellow and graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors; a fellow of The Australian Institute of Management; and a member of the Australian Association of Agricultural Consultants WA Inc.


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