WIAA 100: Roxy Auld

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

ROXY Auld is Assistant Director of Crops Policy in the federal Department of Agriculture.

Born and raised on a small rural property at Narrabri, NSW, Roxy developed her love of agriculture through the family’s rural engineering business and sought to create positive change for rural communities at a national level.

Roxy joined the department in 2007 and began working with sugar-growing communities in Mackay and Bundaberg to deliver an extensive reform package.

In 2011, Roxy worked directly with Indigenous Australians in NSW and Queensland to improve agricultural employment opportunities on the land.

As a member of the Working Group for Advancing Indigenous Participation in Natural Resource Management (NRM) and Primary Industries, Roxy developed the Invest Action Plan and Invest Implementation Plan which were endorsed by the NRM and Primary Industries Ministerial Councils.

Roxy is a passionate supporter of the role and value of Australian agriculture.

In 2010, at the age 21, Roxy received an Australia Day Award for the FarmReady initiative, which provided financial support for producers to improve on-farm profitability through training and information sharing.

In 2012, Roxy was again the recipient of an Australian Day Award for her work on the Independent Livestock Export Review, which assisted to restart the livestock export trade with improved animal welfare outcomes.

As one of the youngest executives within the department, Roxy has participated in a number of committees and community initiatives, including the ACT Legislative Assembly for Youth Mentoring Week.

Roxy holds a Diploma in Government and is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts (Communications and Government).


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