WIAA 100: Tess Herbert

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

Finalist: Outstanding leader on-farm

TESS Herbert owns and operates two beef cattle feedlots in central and southern NSW.

Tess began her married life as a teacher with a Masters in Literature but retrained in Agribusiness Management following the development of the family’s cattle feedlots.

Starting out feeding 70 head of cattle in 2001, she and husband Andrew now own 15,000 head over three properties and two feedlots.

The business turns off about 45,000 head a year, making them one of the top 30 producers in Australia.

Tess employs more than 30 staff and actively mentors the next generation of beef cattle enthusiasts through university work placements, including Horizon scholars.

She is a graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program and is currently a vice president of the Australian Lot Feeders Association and chairs its Animal Health and Welfare Committee.

Tess is a determined advocate for the grainfed beef industry and a cheerleader for the flexible, adaptive and resilient nature of family farms.


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