WIAA 100: Tywen Dawe

23 Mar, 2014 01:00 AM

TYWEN Dawe works as a farm management consultant with Farmanco based at Esperance in Western Australia.

She was Dux of Bachelor of Agribusiness (Farm Management) 2009 at Curtin University of Technology Perth.

Tywen has a strong focus on broadacre farming and in particular precision agriculture technologies.

She has recently completed a research project through GRDS and SEPWA looking at precision agriculture and the uses of mobile devices on the farm.

Tywen loves the problem solving aspect of her job and bringing all the pieces together to help determine the best outcome for each of the farming enterprises.

In doing so she thrives on the social contact with farmers.

Tywen assisted as a group facilitator in running workshops for the Farm Business Resilience Program.

Tywen is zone co-ordinator for the West Australian Farmers Federation for the Esperance Ravensthorpe Zone, was the only female committee member of AAAC in 2013 and was chairman of industry stakeholder group Y Zone from 2011 to 2013 which gives the Rural Business Development Corporation a young person’s perspective on issues in agriculture.

With the impending birth of her baby and wedding date approaching, Tywen is determined to continue on with her career and the love she has for her job within the agricultural industry, to excel and make a difference.


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