So what if wages are going backwards - they have been going forwards so much for so long that Australia is now one of the dearest countries in the world to live or operate a business.
It is going to be a pity if it takes a Depression to wake everybody up but that is the way it looks as though it will go. What do you think Bushie Bill?
I am all for alternative energy supply,but it has to be competitive. They way I see it investors were counting on a form of subsidy to make a profit,sorry but in todays world a business model has to be viable on its own accord.
15/09/14 07:44 PM
This is the ideal method of raising capital AS LONG AS the board takes on genuine responsibility towards share holders as being their benefactors and work always with returns to shareholders short medium and long term as a primary goal over and above the Directors' personal interests or at the least, equal to them. We pay their salaries and their benefits, let's make it somewhat more mutual. Elliott plundered Elders but it is recovering sensibly. Capital bankers' for the third time have the world on the brink of total conflict and in that tragedy agribusiness will be an essential participant
15/09/14 01:53 AM
Please note Mr Turner's comments about Australia being so expensive compared to the rest of the world. Until Australians wake up to this fact, there will not be much prosperity in Australia, just the Housing sector bubble getting bigger and bigger.
When are the Banks going to stop pandering to the moneyed men and stop contributing to the housing bubble by lowering their borrowing rates to a level comparable with America, Japan, Europe and the UK?
If the Australian Dairy industry had some stability and equity for producers we might see some improvement.
Meanwhile New Zealand with the application of legislative and co op principles is steaming ahead.
14/09/14 09:03 PM


Upon being told at a Senate Inquiry that Australia had no arrangements in place to deal with low grain supplies in drought, Senator Edwards said that wheat moves freely around the world and that there was no issue!
Obviously the good senator is unaware of the diseases that we might import.
15/09/14 09:14 PM
Join the club Mr James!-we wheat growers are being gouged from farm gate to the customers by foreigners.
Try bashing your head against a brick wall to fix it but the Liberals will not listen to you or Labor for that matter.
11/09/14 11:23 PM
Do any of these orgs represent a majority of growers? Do they have proper structures in place that growers actually decide what they do rather than a token "we're listening" but not caring, we will do what we think best.
More red tape and regulation simply leads to reduced farmer returns. There are laws in place to govern how corporations can and cant behave. Pretty soon the only jobs going in Australia will be as a bureacrat to underwrite the something for nothing society socialism will undeniably usher in.
07/09/14 10:08 PM
There is one solution for Ms Richards mostly foreign merchant masters-they can go back to where they came from but of course they wont because they have almost complete control of Australia's wheat industry.
Well done Minister Joyce for standing up for growers.
12/09/14 01:07 AM


It doesn't matter how much you talk it up, if you are going to go broke farming people will leave and never return. Gross regional profits may be rising but the net farm profits are not. We are past the time for toothless reform from glib optimists.
11/09/14 10:36 PM
How about the dollars value?, fuel prices, labour costs, interest rates, etc. this report is only a very small part of the picture.
12/09/14 08:39 AM
an old white ute? From the photos on the media it was a fairly new Colorado
This is such a heartbreaking story, I hope strictly the truth is reported....and it would appear SMH have started with not exact facts
For the sake of the community and wider family stick to the spot on facts
11/09/14 02:27 AM
Right on the money Andrew.
14/09/14 12:02 AM
Today there is sadness and anger, sadness that someone could slip so low that such a horrific action could seem like a viable solution. Anger that once again the stoic smiling face of a male farmer was a mask hiding something that he couldn't face. When are we going to man up, stop hiding and ask for help!
At a funeral of an old school friend who committed suicide the minister summed it up. She urged the male members of the congregation to look around and see the aftermath of the actions of our friend as the folly that they were.


Last week we had a media conference with Dick Smith and Graham Turner, both successful millionaires and both concerned about environmental issues. The problem is not only Australia's population growth, driven by high immigration, but the global rate of population growth. During the 20th century alone, the population in the world has grown from 1.65 billion to 6 billion, and roughly doubled since 1970. Feeding more people, from the tip of the food chain, on declining natural resources is a "challenge" that's not being recognised enough. "Food security" is basically a population problem.
18/08/14 08:30 PM
So much of what Craig Davis says is on the mark. While some peak bodies do a great job of engagement with the wider community too many are hamstrung by governing models which belong in the last century. If you don't engage, if you don't rebut the falsehoods, groups which at their heart are anti farming gain traction and use the available media coverage for their agenda. Too often the heavy lifting on issues such as the PETA campaigns are left to passionate individuals rather than industry having basically pre prepared responses ready to go. It is not rocket science.
05/08/14 09:45 PM


Showed isolated incidences? Seriously? What the footage showed was people, who should know better, standing around witnessing the events and doing nothing about it. This is why the RSPCA are calling for mandatory reporting from within the industry. It is quite clear this industry does need strong independent auditing and scrutiny and until that happens concerned people will continue to obtain footage in any way they can, now matter how much the industry and their political representatives cry about it.
09/09/14 08:53 PM
I wonder if Russia thinks the same of Australia.
It probably won't be too long before before we're told to put sanctions on China as well.
07/09/14 10:45 PM
Do we demand and put inspectors into piggeries in other countries that we import pork products from?
If not, why not?
24/08/14 10:28 PM
I am sick of this current obsession by fringe extremist groups to legislate people to notify of cruelty to animals as though it is widespread. So now RSPCA wants jail terms to force members of the public to come running with any half baked nonsensical beat up about animal cruelty. What about the cruelty to the farmers and stockowners who are trying to operate their business under the burdens of every half witted community demand. Most of which comes from those who have already destroyed all natural habitats for their own urban homes but expect farmers to pay the price.
22/08/14 06:57 AM
That is a great initiative. It would have been great if I can see some of the pictures of the project.
21/08/14 01:55 AM


Agriculture is precisely dependent on machinery now a days. One cannot do anything without machinery. You can find more Agriculture machinery related question and answers in the following link. riculture-machinery Farming Machinery discussion forum
09/09/14 09:56 AM
The large business focussed broadacre farm focusses on timeliness and low capitalisation to reap the rewards of scale. The flipside of that is they use a plethora of contractors for sowing harvest or spraying. These contractors deliver benefits such as in 4 days spraying, quick sow or harvest which far outway any requirement for specified wheel spacing or equipment width, let alone the impracticality of ever deepening tracks
06/09/14 10:19 PM
Good information! Agriculture is precisely dependent on machinery now a days. One cannot do anything without machinery. You can find more Agriculture machinery related question and answers in the following link. riculture-machinery Agriculture Machinery discussion forum
03/09/14 06:12 AM
Biggest problem I see is as farms are getting larger and more corporate, dealers need to balance the needs of these large farms while at the same time not treating the needs of the smaller farmers as insignificant.


Gee Neil, this is a rosy outlook - totally at odds with the comprehensive Rabo bank survey. You wouldn't be hopelessly conflicted by your cosy relationship with the Banks would you?
01/09/14 09:09 PM

Rural Lifestyle

Well Bushie Bill this flies in the face of your cork swinger opinion of country folk. Guess you aren't quite as smart as you thought you were eh ?
11/09/14 07:20 AM
The first thing to do is abolish the insane policy they call UnilateralTrade Reform. Then the regions can repopulate themselves.
01/08/14 01:44 AM


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