More concentration of power =s less oversight, more corruption and greed. Not good for the world in any business whether it be Big media, Big pharma or Big Ag. Too big is not beautiful just ugly, unethical and dangerous. The consumers are becoming more aware of this and not buying it. Monopolies beware david won in the end.
07/02/16 10:24 AM
The revolving Chair!
Fairly typical of an old boy's club.
The next item on the agenda is for the organisation to move to a selection committee process for director appointments thus further disenfranchising the membership.
05/02/16 06:00 AM
Kidman and Co is a national Icon. It should be retained under Australian ownership. Good on Lindsay Fox for trying to keep it that way.
05/02/16 02:43 AM
At least someone wants to build something in this country and is not all about services based on malinvestment.
05/02/16 12:49 AM
Grain growers will note that Alan McCallum has left a legacy of privatisations within their industry which has resulted in them losing all equity in the market place.
03/02/16 08:13 PM


Ah Trevor you must be hearing the foot steps of the growers wanting equity out of CBH. You can't dress a Coop into a corporate entity, good coop's member base increases CBH is dwindling.
I think you have been a sleep at the wheel for the last 9 years, time for change.
Take drive from Northam to York for a reminder on the risks of cultivation. A good 100ha of cultivated hilly red country scoured with 2ft wide and deep gullies in every imagineable paddock orifice. Going to cost that farmer dearly to rectify the damage and avoid future chronic scarring. People forget the risks of cultivation.
07/02/16 10:28 PM
We had the best co op in the world with our grower owned and controlled well capitalised AWB Ltd.
With our national pool we growers were able to leverage service providers.
In the merchant controlled environment that we now operate in has left growers with little equity in the market place and few opportunities to make any difference.
31/01/16 09:39 PM
Perhaps Geoff Honey of GTA could now make some suggestions on how Australia can deal with the declining quality and value of the wheat crop since the merchants were given control of the industry by Rudd Labor and Nelson's Liberals.
26/01/16 09:09 PM
If growers really are choosing to participate in merchant pools instead of taking the cash prices on offer there is obviously some desperation in their decision making.
How could anyone trust a merchant to pass full value back to the grower?
Further proof that deregulation is a sham and the urban elite from Labor and Liberal that transferred control of the wheat crop to the mega traders should hang their heads in shame.
23/01/16 08:17 PM


So we make all these $s how many will it cost when we are sued by some multi national?
Talk is cheap!
The merchants control the industry now and all spruik and spin in the world will do little to improve the quality and value of our wheat- not to mention the unmanageable risk that growers now have to contend with.
07/02/16 03:25 AM
How about just concentrating on being able to give ACCURATE predictions of rainfall- we're more than capable of looking after the rest.
04/02/16 11:32 PM
Does the precious little darling have a mortgage on what is right and wrong ?
06/02/16 12:39 AM
God forbid Saudi Arabia doesn't agree with our regulations for live supply and continues to buy Australian chilled meat, keeping jobs and profits in Australia and more importantly sparing hundreds of thousands of animals the sea voyage and fully conscious slaughter - that's just not on!
Good to see the government pushing to export Aussie jobs, profits and value-adding, and not tarnish the live animal trade's reputation as Australia's dirty shame.
03/02/16 03:10 PM


Its no secret who has controlling interest of our banks, which begs the question, is this just a secret buyout of any challenge to the status quo (just like the Monsanto attempted takeover of Blue River Tech)? and with all the rubbish trade agreements we have signed, is there any provision for limiting the effects of controlling interest? Where are the grower bodies like GRDC to represent growers in this market?
04/02/16 12:15 AM
Could it be private equity has controlling interest of Monsanto etc and is gaining control of the worlds food production systems? They must have pretty deep pockets to be buying any hint of competition in this market, is that anti competitive behaviour? Would be interesting to see if products can be developed without fed reserve coffers and let producers retain some control over their cost of production. I guess that's a pipe dream, I don't expect any govt controlled research to tread on their toes, they might just lose their own.
30/12/15 10:10 PM


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Long term leases to foreigners is little better than selling it to them in terms of our national
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I am anti land sales to foreign interests - why can't land be leased? This property should
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So we make all these $s how many will it cost when we are sued by some multi national?
Experienced grains industry operator Richard Simonaitis has been appointed as the new CEO of the AEGIC.05 Feb 16 Experienced grains industry operator Richard Simonaitis has been appointed as the new CEO of the AEGIC.
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