How cute - Graincorp lobbied for years to get Government legislation that enhanced grower marketing removed but now they are putting out their hands for Government assistance to improve their bottom line.
Graincorp also paid excessive dividends to shareholders instead of reinvesting in the storage and handling system at a satisfactory level.
22/12/14 09:19 PM
The Chinese Government will be rubbing its hands together at the prospect of buying up more of Australia.
21/12/14 09:32 PM
interesting its just the organic activists that are portrayed as the objectors, I have read many articles written by accredited scientists requesting long term studies into GM, so I don't just think its the radicals. It is obvious there is a considerable number of consumers who want labelling of GM, why would the industry be so afraid of it if the public had nothing to fear? there are many sensible people who have identified the pitfalls of the approval process and lack of independent science, until that is meet GM should be halted or at least label them so people can vote with their wallet.
21/12/14 08:11 PM
What amazes me is the constant blindness I see as to what is going on here. Creation of money from thin air and being charged interest is fraud, when questioned one is accused of bank bashing. Does anyone care that the system of fract res banking is inherently destructive, inevitably generates debasement of the currency, extreme inequality, the destruction of the middle class and wrenching business crises? These issues are across the board and aren't just about farming, the problem is everywhere and the alliance between politicians and bankers has to be dealt with.
21/12/14 04:52 AM
FYI - that is a Great Artesian Basin bore. The water that flows out of it most likely fell or falls in various MDB Authority areas but the MDBA doesn't manage it.
19/12/14 11:35 AM


Do they cost in the maintenance of roads carrying the extra freight when they do a cost study to maintain the rail lines?
22/12/14 09:10 AM
Great announcement fodder.
Meanwhile, in real life, the grains industry is sticking its collective head deep into the sand instead of supporting the eradication of pests like Red Witchweed.
15/12/14 10:59 PM
Wheat at $320 is still going to be hard to beat with the cheapest fertilizer and herbicides Australia is likely to see for some years for 2015. The Aussie dollar is going to push the non legume cost base higher but it makes little sense to 'go hard' on legumes til at least 2016. Come on, oil is below $55/barrel. Nitrogen is cheap from the bag atm. SOA for Feb 2015 in WA was $165/t a couple of months back.
18/12/14 09:08 PM
Brett Hosking says it all - most of the grain has been sold.
Pity growers were robbed of their marketing arrangements - not only would they have picked some of the gains in the market post harvest but AWB Ltd would have building a pool all year and adding futures premiums to the value of the crop.
16/12/14 07:50 PM
Always looking for good quality Durum Wheat Semolina.


Its a sad day when the Nationals don't even raise a murmur when the ag course is shut down at Orange Agricultural College.
22/12/14 10:31 PM
George is cute and beaut! Fab idea.
22/12/14 06:23 AM
Yes we understand, the country is broke and the longer you delay the better the balance of payments. The only thing keeping us afloat is our asset sales, but don't let on, its a secret isn't it!
Well done and good luck. With the idiot opposition refusing to even discuss legislating their own savings taken to the last election and riding on a free kick from media, who knows. The government deserves credit for not calling a double dissolution because it must have been tempting. Maybe they would have lost but it would then put the heat on the assembled clowns in opposition to try to run the joint with the nuffies in the Senate.
22/12/14 05:51 AM
With the current poor performance from the Nationals, I doubt the Nationals will last much longer in a onesided Liberal coalition.


Well deserved and an inspiration to others in the manufacturing sector showing that building things in Australia is still possible and that we do not have to become a services and resources based economy.
I do wonder if all the sharing that is going on in regards to plant breeding is not creating a new level of exposure. I noticed a while ago breeders were going into the deep valleys of Khazakhastan (or somewhere like that) to get recently untapped lines of wheat and lucerne. Are we making ourselves vulnerable by decreasing the natural variability that occurs throughout the world over time?
05/12/14 01:55 AM
How to explain it? in Mexico the mango cv. Ataulfo are infested when it is green, and sometimes we have collected green mangos with third instar larvae. This variety produce high quantity of latex.
02/12/14 01:14 AM
this is brilliant
30/11/14 10:30 PM
Profits down, levies collected up.
Just goes to show why the levy system needs change. Perhaps compulsory levies should be taken at a different part of the supply chain where incomes and profits are more stable?
24/11/14 03:19 AM


The same phenomena has been observed in wild pigs in Indonesia.
14/12/14 12:44 AM
Or ... you could look and kangaroos as a resource other than dingo food and harvest their numbers back to a point where their numbers are not impacting on pasture growth. Of cause that is just plain WRONG because that's means someone might be making profit from kangaroos. And something everyone who has ever been any were near our universities knows with absolute certainty, is that - to profit from nature is evil.
12/12/14 08:45 PM
Yet another instance of where Senator Backs proposed Ag protection laws and the NSW bio security bill will be very good things. If you have genuine footage, give it to the proper people quickly. If you place animals in danger, pay the price for those acts be you a producer or an activist. Activists are not above the law. How long until we see physical harm come to people in the livestock industries as a result of the frenzy of hatred being whipped up by some organisations and their more extreme supporters?
Instances of property damage and threats against producers are becoming more prevalent.
11/12/14 11:24 PM
It's quite extraordinary to see a lawyer coming so close to outright defamation, and this journalist and journal reporting it. No animal advocate, so far as I know has been even approached, much less questioned by the police. Perhaps Wellards, with its own track record in mind, should be looking far closer to home for the culprits in all these allegations. I'll back our social licence any day against these people.
08/12/14 08:24 AM
I suggest Emmanuel Giuffre actually read what Senator Back has said. There is NO attempt to silence anyone. If she or anyone else has footage which purports to show malicious cruelty to animals they must provide that footage to the relevant authority in a timely fashion.
If their purpose was truly altruistic they would have no issues with that requirement.
Sadly the actuality is that so very many of the so called exposes of animal cruelty are exposed as false. A further truth is the often unsubstantiated footage is held onto for an extended time until it is used for fund raising.
02/12/14 03:33 AM


Looks like a fantastic machine.. might order one and report back.
20/11/14 03:44 AM


The ability to buy a farm in China is a total red herring introduced by emotive or just ordinary old fools. Anyone wanting to buy a farm in China is a fool because only a fool would do so knowing there is clear knowledge that foreigners always come off second best in any legal slouch in China that involves nationals. We cannot claim this is some sort of communist plot because the great USA once used the same legal devices to look after the interests of locals above foreigners. Now the great USA has gone one (or two or three) steps better and want protection from Australian law in Australia.
24/11/14 02:25 AM
These are not free trade agreements!!!
24/11/14 02:16 AM
And we are worried about the Chinese. At least they are doing it to feed their people.
17/11/14 03:24 AM
Look out bozos! We latte/charonnay drinking socialists and Labor Party supporters are heading to a town near you!
We intend to put on a lentil and tofu salad evening to get to know you. Won't it be just so much fun!
14/11/14 04:10 AM
What proportion of state revenue come from stamp duty? I think on average its over 40%. Would an agent be worried about the viability of farmers in a world of land prices set by non accountable state owned enterprises and inflationary fractional reserve banking? Obviously not.
13/11/14 02:51 PM

Rural Lifestyle

G'day Vernon
One aspect of the Australian economy that you failed to take into consideration: governments of all persuasions seek to run the nation for the benefit of the urban population. That is why we have awards setting wages for the city people but no longer any reserve price scheme for wool and why the meat industry is a free-for-all. The present situation is based on a set of circumstances that existed one hundred years ago and is no longer a viable economic model. With governments determined to stock the continent to its full carrying capacity of humans, collapse is inevitable.
01/11/14 07:42 PM
Congrats on a wonderful event for Richmond. The young ladies and gentlemen of Richmond and surrounds sure glammed it up to match their city friends! From all reports it was a resounding success! Well done to the organizers and for such a great cause!
27/10/14 05:55 AM


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I wonder if there are any growers that think that a $5/t saving on logistics will offset to any
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Right now, the volume of chemicals being applied to food is of greater concern to consumers than
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These days more people vote for the Greens than for the Nationals. And why not? In Qld a safe
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