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Possible shower

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Thankyou GrainCorp for letting us know, some of us can sleep a little easier now.
23/07/14 05:24 AM
One must remember, John Howard did a deal with the State Governments to look up the carbon in trees and farmers lost agricultural production and were not compensated for the "stolen carbon" at all. I'd say farmers would be a bit wary of the LNP after this little incident.
23/07/14 12:44 AM
While you're at it David, why not propose a serious examination of the overall welfare payment system paid for by the 'mug punter' taxpayers too.
22/07/14 10:09 PM
No idea should be labelled 'too ambitious'. Inviting farmers to buy shares in a national lobbying company with State bits that also conducts a buying co-op, field advice and consults to government (including the Chinese Gov't!!) would be a pretty good high water mark. We're ready NFF, are you?.
They don't call Australia treasure island for nothing.
The rest of the world are flocking here because they know that it is a free for all.
However,I would suggest to Patricia Woertz that she jump straight back on that plane if she thinks that the Nationals will allow Joe Hockey to flog off Graincorp.
21/07/14 08:19 AM


Does anyone really think the CBH board listens to anyone on the grower advisory group? This is part of the PR machine which seeks to fortify and strengthen control by the board over the company. They have simply adopted all the strategies the AWB employed to keep the Single Desk gravy train alive.
There is dissent brewing among shareholders and CBH knows there is a fight ahead to preserve the status quo.
You'd be better off joining progressive think tanks like PGA which bring about the necessary industry changes for farmers to increase their profitability into the future.
18/07/14 11:05 PM
Keen to see disease attributes for these two varieties. Calingiri's big downfall is its susceptibility to yellow spot meaning you almost always gotta spray by air at season's end. You need at least a $20 premium to beat APW yield benefits and superior disease attributes.
Good to see some choice coming through though.
17/07/14 10:36 PM
Thank goodness a bit more red tape and regulatory nonsense has been given the chop
23/07/14 03:26 AM
So if they are giving me back 90% I guess I may as well, at $250/t market levels, sell my grain for $225/t. 10% seems pretty expensive for insurance. The real issue here is growers give away assets before they are being paid.
21/07/14 12:14 AM
This is not a new way to determine irrigation times. We have used this method for years on our farm, and I'm sure others do to. I think it is just common sense really? Why run the water for longer than needed, when water is such a precious part of farming these days.
20/07/14 10:39 PM


where's Bushie?
23/07/14 07:18 AM
Here is a good example of our levy money being well spent (NOT). And I bet the adult population know even less. They show us what little they know with their comments on this site every day. I spent a week in the city recently and during that time I didn't see a single news report about regional AU. What news I did see that was relevant to all the state was reported as only relevant to Sydney residents. If the city populations are interested or care about the country the city television media sadly don't share their views.
23/07/14 02:01 AM
Gee wizz more terrible warming. The winters are that warm now we will never see snow again.
Anyone still sucked in by the science (fiction). ???
So now a hundred years is a long term climate trend but twenty years is a short term one ?
I think a long term climate trend may be a little longer than a hundred odd years Dr.
Ho Hum,
We signed up for satellite service early in the piece and now it's slower than the original dial-up. Promises,Promises......
22/07/14 02:27 AM


A major success industry; improving quality of product, selling at increasingly higher unit prices, all achieved in a currency climate unfavourable to exports. The wine industry shows us that getting on with the job rather than sitting on acres whinging is a much more successful and honourable strategy. perhaps others could learn from their success?
18/07/14 12:11 PM
Only a couple of years ago on landline guys in the eastern states were bulldozing citrus because it was no longer profitable and now it's wanted
02/07/14 10:46 AM
'I don’t think Australia has the edge in research and development as it used to' says the CEO of HAL.
Kind of makes you wonder who has been the captain of the ship?
24/06/14 10:42 PM
go to ontact
and tell Jamie it is not on.
18/06/14 12:42 AM
The farmers of this country need to form co-ops and refuse to supply Woolworths and Coles.
11/06/14 06:50 AM


Activists never acknowledge the bio security risks they subject the animals to when they trespass. These risks are real and pose a huge danger. Nor do they accept the harm often caused by their actions to the animals by the distress of having unknown intruders in their midst. Some admit their agenda in ending all human use of animals but many dress it as being an animal welfare issue.I wonder how many of the activists refuse any and all medications tested on animals. If they truly had the courage of their convictions they would refuse such medications even if it cost their own life.
21/07/14 10:19 PM
“Now I don’t know how he thinks sheep are going to survive if they’re not shorn and I don’t know what he thinks we should do with the wool." - Seriously? Is that as far as Mr Taylor's limited imagination will go?
Like Chris Delforce, I'm an abolitionist. We want to see the use of sheep (and all animals) for human purposes end. But it won't happen overnight. Campaigns like those of Aussie Farms aim to show consumers why we shouldn't be using animals. Reduced consumer demand will lead to reduced production. No farmer is going to continue to breed them when the market disappears.
19/07/14 12:47 AM
So Australian Wool Innovation has managed to fund a project that any farmer could have given them the answer to free of charge. Meanwhile the destruction of livestock continues unabated while bureaucracy thinks up more unjustifiable impediments that make it harder for farmers to deal with livestock predation.
15/07/14 03:52 AM
The American style of "ag-gag" laws into Australia would be a recognition that animal cruelty is politically acceptable, and there would be no accountability inside the sheds, slaughterhouses and other livestock industries. Shutting our eyes to it won't make it go away, but give a licence to the abusers. There are higher laws of nature and ethics that transcend political laws. Animal cruelty is not acceptable, and what we do to animals will infuse into our society and permit violence and crime.
12/07/14 10:28 PM
These people don't care what diseases they are introducing into farms. Once again, going to farm to farm, with differing disease challenges killing birds. They will continue their behaviour with impunity because of their own moral superiority that justifies their criminal their actions. The ARA's are only copying fascism's "Direct Action" plan. And these political organisations purport as Charities. They are tax cheats, fraudsters of the highest order and only seek to shut all animal agriculture and medical research down. Benevolent my backside.
12/07/14 12:01 AM


Still wouldn't be big enough to keep away the hypocritical BS spewed out by the labour market protectionist selective socialists on this site.
09/07/14 12:03 AM
Capital gains, wait till the tax man reads this one, I did similar and they love it !


The Chinese Investment Corporation must surely be an arm of the Chiniese Government which is buying up our farmland at an alarming rate. When do we stop this invasion or stop selling our sovereignty?
14/07/14 12:08 AM
Banks are just sharks, charging exorbitant interest to people who cannot pay.
13/07/14 10:25 PM


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