Local independents are a nice sound bite but they are not going to put the heat on Coleworths.
Only Aldi can do that and the key to their expansion is the availability of sites for new stores. Coleworths have been tying up potential sites to deny them to competitors: governments need to apply a use-it-or-lose-it pressure.
20/04/15 10:45 PM
The minister is unaware huh? Ignorance is bliss. If he studied his history he would know about the monopolies laws that the United States brought in which led to the breakup of the Bell telephone company into four separate companies.
20/04/15 09:23 AM
Come on down! Australia is on the market!
20/04/15 03:01 AM
The more important question is what is actually for sale when the properties are leasehold and hence any kind of development cannot be justified!
I'm from Qld and what is grossly under estimated is time to be paid for to the landholder both when negotiating before a CCA (Conduct & Compensation Agreement) after the CCA is signed. We are spending 3/4 days a week after a CCA is signed with the Gas Co due to deviation notices & enviro & other unforeseen issues. We took 18 months to sign a CCA approx. 2500 hrs. $500 day or part there of is fair, paid separately from compensation. We have a CSG Compliance Unit & Gasfield Commission which are completely useless in my opinion because it is only there to streamline a path for the CSG CO to get on your land.
19/04/15 12:21 AM


If the Lockyer food bowl & those of Sydney and Melbourne are destroyed by fire ants food shortages will result & the nation will retaliate with a fury rarely known.. This debacle demands immediate action NOW & nationwide media exposure..
17/04/15 12:14 AM
VFF Grains supported wheat deregulation despite grower support of over 80%.
It would appear that the merchants are not playing the game that the way that VFF hoped that they would!
14/04/15 08:13 PM
Should be a few ex iron ore miners available out of the West - Start advertising !!
12/04/15 10:56 PM
Sounds like an excellent project. Shouldnt we be looking to do more of this kind of thing?
But then CBH is a coop, so they have the size to do this kind of thing.
11/04/15 12:21 PM
Another one bites the dust as the big takeover.
So predictable. Justifying flogging off a grower co op to a mega merchant is fairy land stuff.
Calling a string of merchants competition also stretches the bounds of market reality.
10/04/15 02:03 AM


This industry needs a word with themselves. Big deal, talk to the PETA front man, and next year when they have new footage showing nothing has changed from this years shitty mistreatment of sheep in the shearing shed...what will this industry do then? How about sort your industry out. STOP the routine and show the public and PETA you can be trusted...or is that all too hard?
21/04/15 09:53 AM
Mr Thornes submission is one of the most outstanding yet published by the Committee. It details fact after fact and debunks the assertions of various Animals rights industry bodies in a comprehensive fashion. Few of the submissions published which oppose the bill contain anything other than regurgitated ARA propaganda. The Animal rights industry is now on the back foot thanks to the facts now being front and centre of the debate. Well done Mr Thorne. I urge everyone to read his submission.
21/04/15 06:54 AM
Mr Andrew from South Australia, at MDBASA, has a key target of 2750 gigalitres of SDLs for the environment. No mention of the disruption that will cause.... consultation. yeah right.....try saving the MDB for people that don't live on the lakes in SA.
21/04/15 04:53 AM
Where did ALEC say "stick to cats and dogs?"
21/04/15 03:27 AM
What a great idea to name the new federal seat after Jo Vallentine whose service as a WA Senator was outstanding, paving the way for Green's representation ever since. Much better than naming a federal seat after Sir Charles Court whose disdain for federal politics was legendary.
21/04/15 05:05 AM


These Banana farmers are a joke they have short memories when the cyclone devastated the Banana crop Bananas were $18 a kilo so they should have saved that money they made for a rainy day like the fungus that is affecting the crop now
14/04/15 10:32 PM
As a representative of a small company I would like to discuss with someone our product that has shown through university investigation to be effective against Fusarium Wilt which is also known as Panama Disease for bananas. Please contact me urgently.
08/04/15 11:54 PM
Good on these Little Aussie Battlers for showing the Yanks how to produce top mangoes - top effort!
The fact is Growcom, what
the vast majority of consumers are saying, is they don't want food produced near mining. Or food irrigated using water from coal seams. it is like trying to argue that lungs and cigarettes can co -exist. The farmers of Australia and the consumers of Australia are entitled to know if any crop is being grown using water extracted from coal seams. Whether it is treated or not.
The children of Australia have a right to be protected and their parents need the transparent information of whether any food they buy has been irrigated using coal sea gas treated water.
Well as I drive around Sri Lanka I find Panama Disease is well and truly established, so tell me , what is going to stop it now?
19/03/15 03:21 PM


Dear oh dear..wherever did the unsubstantiated crap..."been proven to dramatically increase animal welfare outcomes" come from? Tall tales indeed.
Typical of the AU insdustry to make it all up as they go along. Arrogant, ignorant and greedy...
end all cruel live export of innocent animals now.
27/03/15 03:36 AM
At last a government supporting the most sustainable protein source in the world.
24/03/15 02:44 AM
Good stuff. Now how about some big ticket items like NLIS. With world beef prices being so much greater than here in Oz over the last year, it's plainly obvious that it is of no benefit. But I guess it's too hard for people to say they were wrong. Now, how much money would that save? Out with NLIS!
The yards need to be reminded who pays the yard dues. It is the seller not the buyer. If the yards don't want to look after those that are paying their wages, they shouldn't be supported by the sellers either.
06/03/15 09:06 AM


in the 70's oil prices rose over 300%. We use oil in just about every part of our lives. Imagine the inflation response of such an event in todays global economic envt (eg war in middle east etc). There is no need for Australians to be at the mercy of a small group of people who control prices, when we have our own reserves. People say there is no debt problem in the cities or on farms, imagine 20% interest, what would that do to property values and their debt to equity ratios and buyer interest. Once again, I hope our govt shows some guts and deals with this in a smarter manner than before.
12/04/15 09:30 PM
If the seed companies moved away from the daylight robbery upfront model and towards an EPR based fee recovery system, few would consider spending so much money of equipment to chase precision on rates. We'd all be sowing at 3kg/ha again.
05/04/15 10:47 PM
would be nice if the article included some stats eg, cost per kilometre, number of hours to install per kilometre etc
21/02/15 05:30 PM

Rural Lifestyle

Ask the locals
03/04/15 12:11 AM
Such a wonderful idea! Hope it spreads! #diggerslastpost


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This industry needs a word with themselves. Big deal, talk to the PETA front man, and next year
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Re. clear labelling cv . We already have that . No country has better labelling than ours . If
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Max: a simple question for you (yes? or no?): do you believe that there is an international
A TEMPLATE land access agreement to guide farmers in negotiation with oil and gas companies is close to being finalised, a Mid West forum on mining and agriculture coexisting was told last Thursday.18 Apr 15  2 A TEMPLATE land access agreement to guide farmers in negotiation with oil and gas companies is close to being...
RESIDENTS from a second Mid West shire have declared their desire to be 'gas-field free' in the face of renewed oil and gas exploration in the region.18 Apr 15 RESIDENTS from a second Mid West shire have declared their desire to be "gas-field free" in the face of renewed oil...