Does anybody really think Anthony Salim would sanction buying WA barley if it were more expensive than say Canadian barley? Shareholders get fed a lot of rubbish around these investments. Firstly, if it is an investment it should not be compelled to use WA barley. Secondly, if it is using WA barley and generating premiums for growers, where are the premium bids? Smoke and mirrors. Should have simply bought Joe White Maltings which would have been made with concrete half the price of today's ... at least growers would have been saved freight/handling costs of not having go to a port
23/09/16 10:54 AM
...great to see this form of joint co-operation going on....
23/09/16 07:03 AM
Should have been appointed instead of Nalder in the first place
22/09/16 06:47 AM
It looks as if the Australian public have had the wool pulled over their eyes and we are continuing to hock our precious farms.
21/09/16 03:16 AM
This is the consequence of the rise of the soft totalitarian on the CBH board over a decade or more. The members no longer have a democratic say, the board and upper management own CBH to their benefit. The grower is just the peasant providing the throughput for the elites to feast.
20/09/16 12:02 AM


CBH and the EU have zero tolerance for any genetically manipulated (GM) canola in GM-free canola shipments to Europe. That valuable market has paid a premium for GM-free since 2006, and the Oilseeds Federation says growers earned an extra $375 million, at an average premium of $25/tonne (now min. $40/tonne). This market is also at risk from growers fudging what they can and cannot deliver as GM-free. Just one GM contamination event could see that valuable market lost. If the responsible grower were found, the CBH contract requires that she/he would pay for the loss, big time.
09/09/16 02:19 PM
Forward selling grain is always a risky proposition and we are now seeing further evidence of that fact.
In a forward contract the grower also carries all of the risk.
22/09/16 08:46 PM
A big old debt bomb globally. The farm sector will not be immune.
22/09/16 02:31 AM
Good luck Mark, I look forward to your success. I think it will be the first and last time I vote for someone from NSW!!
14/09/16 11:37 AM
why would a bunch of traders want to open their books for public scrutiny? Pools cannot work successfully in a deregulated marketplace, no trader is going to take that kind of risk without protecting their own margin. This is all so predictable, we had workable open and transparent pooling arrangements under the previous arrangements .
The comments by Mr O'shannassy are priceless , what else would you expect the GTA spin doctor to say, code of practice... what a crock!
13/09/16 02:56 AM


Isn't it great to hear from more growers running in the GGL election. A bit more of this and it may not look like a one man race according to Fairfax.
13/09/16 09:31 AM
Daniel Cooper was a strong supporter of wheat market deregulation and the removal of grower control of AWBLtd,which eventually lead to our iconic marketer falling into the hands of mega merchant Cargill.
Daniel has the fanciful idea that the industry's woes lie in the supply chain and that we can promote our wheat but not have a single entity controlling the marketing of our crop.
Growers beware- Daniel and his colleagues will put their hands in your pockets and extract a promotion levy which will not make an iota of difference to your bottom lines.
11/09/16 04:19 AM
I hope in the interest of all those running for the grain growers election that they ALL receive the same level of media coverage as some appear to receive!
08/09/16 09:01 AM
It doesn't matter if its farms/houses/infra/etc, any presence of sovereign gov'ts with their own currency in a market puts an artificial floor/risk in it, as these funds are non accountable (shown by our own gov't). Gov'ts could set up fake proxies in the UK or anywhere, so origin of this capital means very little. As shown by Kidman, properties of such size can rapidly change countries position overnight. If no offshore capital is allowed access to these assets, will they not discover their true price for Australians to invest? resulting in less exchange rate raising capital inflows?
06/09/16 11:51 PM
In wa we had a regulated industry where each producer new what price they received were able to budget the industry supported many family operations.we then went to an approach of get big or get out. Now those who are big are broke and getting out. We now have Coles who broke the farmers legs with a sledge hammer wanting to take them to hospital an care for them.I'm not Einstein but what went wrong. Now our polices tell us we need overseas investment and we must get economies of scale.
07/09/16 12:14 AM


Best way to encourage native birds is clean out the cats which are deadly on many native birds. Native birds are more territorial and will chase away introduced species.
15/09/16 12:29 AM


What a sad state our political system is in if this guy gets a start
03/08/16 09:07 AM


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You had better check your sources ATB!
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I came across this article on Arrabiddy Station. The brick homestead was built in august
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I couldn't think of anything more painful or fruitless than sitting on a board that does not
TONY Seabrook was pleased to stay at the helm of the Pastoralists and Graziers Association (PGA) after being re-elected for his third term as president last week.
30 Sep 16 TONY Seabrook was pleased to stay at the helm of the Pastoralists and Graziers Association (PGA) after being...
THE future of the Boyanup saleyards remains in limbo, Labor Agriculture spokesman Mick Murray has warned.
29 Sep 16 THE future of the Boyanup saleyards remains in limbo, Labor Agriculture spokesman Mick Murray has warned.