Aldi's advance increases the presence on the shelves of imported food products with obscuring labelling and along with the duopoly's 'push back' and other supplier pricing compliance methods, there will be no local manufacturers and processors left standing. Local growers and producers will only be sighted in displays at heritage theme parks - examples of how things used to be when Australians could buy Australian made products.
05/03/15 10:36 PM
what, we have people employed at parks and wildlife? Every government in the last 20 years as drained funds from PW and from the ag department. And this is the end result. It is only set to get worse. Unless you get seroius about refunding these departments properly.
05/03/15 09:50 AM
The inland railway line should travel through Shepparton in Victoria, not Wodonga, as it the more direct route an cuts down on travel time. Also Wodonga is already serviced by the Mel-Syd railway.
05/03/15 12:42 AM
Agree with Brent Finlay. Farmers need much more than bandaid drought support.
04/03/15 10:16 PM
Do these clowns have any idea? Less competition = less returns for farmers it's as simple as that.
Less viable farmers = less food production which ultimately sees Aust become dependant on foreign supplies.
If this government is that bloody stupid & out of touch with reality then then let's vote them out ASAP before they do intractable damage to our grazing industry.
Farmers need to withhold food for a week & see what government is trying to create with there imbecilic decision.
04/03/15 10:11 AM


Six years after losing the single desk and the merchants are trashing our industry.
Rudd Labor and the Liberals laughed as they sat together in parliament and voted away the iconic legislation that allowed Australian growers to market their own wheat to best advantage-our quality and after sales service were bywords.
04/03/15 11:26 PM
Typical of the Greens, if growers want to reap a price benefit from organic, then they should be responsible for creating their own cleanup / barrier zones.
There is no such thing as "contamination" from a safe legal crop, and use of such language must be called out as the nonsense it is.
03/03/15 03:40 AM
As if the FIRB changes will deter overseas buyers (not investment), however he obviously realises that its primarily offshore buyers that can make the current rate of return work and one has to wonder why?. Again he has demonstrated that failsafe idea (sarc)that listed companies will return their profits to farmers. In the short term they might, but once they have their position locked in there will be no onus to do so. I have yet to be charged less for freight by a carrier with a brand new truck, as opposed to an old s-line with it paid off.
02/03/15 03:38 AM
Wait, you mean break crops are a good thing?? That can't be right......


Wow, gee there good odds for rain, thanks bom im gonna go buy 5000 head, because its 50/50% chance it will rain and they will get big and fat and have lots of calves, ringing the agent first light in the morning. :), what a joke, how much money did we invest to get that useful information. 50 50 lol
guess what happens when public assets are privatised?
its time we stopped selling public assets
05/03/15 03:06 AM
Yeah Alan thats right, get the bulldozers in and cut the lot down, bugger the environment and the Murray Darling basin, lets produce some more stuff we cant sell and make our air quality look like Chinas. You know it makes sense.
Actually my first priority is feeding my family, not Asia, so if we grow a bit less it might create shorts in the market place which will push the price up and improve our profitability. I've spent the last 60 years growing more for less, and am sick of it. Lets try growing less for more and see if it works
Usually, Malcolm, when the competition is cheaper then you have to match their price to retain market share. It is counter-intuitive for Australia Post to charge more and expect the same custom: thinking more like a bureaucracy than a business. I wonder how much of the fall-off since 2008 has come from the rise to 70c and how much more could be gained in postal rather than courier delivery of online purchases if the pricing was more competitive. I'm sure all this has been analysed but regional people pay the greatest price when the analysis is wrong or wrongly grounded.
Ok I was with you there for a moment, right through the anti corporate rant. But the "even made from coal" comment blew it. Come on Julian we are not children to be scared by rolling out the latest boogy man, give us a little more respect. Most of your message was well articulated and formulated, then you head into a naive tirade of pseudoscience.
03/03/15 09:54 PM


There you go Bushie.Youre a big supporter of imported foods from highly efficient Chinese farms. Eat up.
19/02/15 02:11 AM
backpacker is easier and cheaper.
19/02/15 12:02 AM
Tells us where the food is grown - where it is processed/ packed and let the consumers decide - all politicians seem to have vested interest in not changing the current labelling laws, because if the did they would have. Apply the same tests to imported goods etc as we apply to Australian produce
17/02/15 11:00 PM
Why do we continually blame the imported product. Have you ever considered the actual packing facility. Let's have a little balance in reporting and not emotive responses.
17/02/15 10:12 AM
Really? In the wake of the frozen berry recall this week? Those berries have been linked to Hepatitis A & were from China.......
14/02/15 04:34 PM


I oppose the bill because reporting cruelty as you witness it doesn't work. You get fobbed off, ignored etc. What Animals Australia did with the Live Export video is the only way to get anyone to listen. Dr. Back is not on the side of mistreated animals and I think he should 'fess up about who's pocket he's in.
04/03/15 10:43 PM
Very good to see a lady trapping dogs and doing a wonderful job keep up the good work .
27/02/15 01:53 AM
This is about one thing and one thing only. ALEC and Joyce wanting to shut down any form of proper transparency and accountability. We knew it was coming, but even we didn't think that the industry would be as blatant about it as this. Turning smoke and mirrors into an art form. Any hope of getting the public to have a shred of respect for Penfold, ALEC and Joyce is now absolutely gone. Shame on them.
26/02/15 07:51 AM
1/2 Of course RSPCA seem to be forgetting the fact that Animals Australia themselves are making complaints that are based on someone told someone who told them (#16 Israel) and then not giving details of who supplied the information of the informants won't give further details. Or what about others again lodged by AA with no photos, no videos no information. (#3 Indonesia & #6 Pakistan) or what about the #10 compliance investigation into the Egypt, the vet so happy to appear on TV to slam Animal welfare for AA wouldn't talk to DAFF.
The truth about why "no substantiated non-compliance was reported to the Department for supply chains in 10 of these markets" is that - no substantial (independent) auditing was conducted of these 10 markets! It's simple, no auditing = no reported non-compliance. This regulatory framework is not legitimate!
20/02/15 08:58 AM


would be nice if the article included some stats eg, cost per kilometre, number of hours to install per kilometre etc
21/02/15 05:30 PM
Has anybody bothered to compare the number of people working in Ag production 20yrs ago to the current number? Correct me if wrong, but I think current numbers would be well down on 20 yrs ago.
03/02/15 02:03 AM
Quads already have notices stating children must not ride them. If they do then it is something their parents must live with. Saying that, I rode thousands of km's on a full size quad as a child an never had a problem. From Tony's figures only a handful of people out of the hundreds of thousands riding quads died from a roll over. Hardly a huge danger. Facts are farmers rely on quads to produce food and fibre for this country and our exports. How many people died in their bathroom last year? 100? 300?
26/01/15 08:37 PM


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Qlander, drag your head out from where you are hiding it and READ THE ARTICLE. It refers to an
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Jeffito, the issue is not - have convictions being recorded, the issue is, CAN they prosecute
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Thanks Qman, which star sign does the BOM come under?
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