For how much longer are we going to allow commercial interests to flog off our farms and businesses to foreigners ?
30/07/15 09:02 PM
Great headline. These people must take us for muppets, we have had no Aust'n assessment of previous FTAs and now they expect us to rely on their assessments for benefit to us in the TPP. Has the USDA included in their fanciful assessment, costs to the OZ taxpayer of ISDS cases? or what about increased health costs if we rely on corporate scientists to set the policy rather than our own?. Only a ship of fools would rely on these people to tell us how we would benefit without our own input. How about the Aust'n Gov't undertake our own assessment, surely due diligence is compulsory for our Govt?
30/07/15 07:55 PM
I like the idea that Bill is sticking up for farmers, although the coalition has a track record of trading the farm for mines and imports.
Australia's ability to value add it primary production has died the death of a thousand cuts in successive governments pursuing the global corporate's economic efficiency agenda.
Robb should be reminded that he works under a democratic governance as a such he has a duty of care to the Australian people of transparency. Nothing about the TPP negotiations has been transparent, respectful or trustworthy. Robb's, 'Trust me', sends shivers up my spine.
29/07/15 09:15 PM
Is this Australia's grains industry?!
The South Australians must rue the day that they hocked their co op!
29/07/15 09:03 PM
At the NSW Farmers annual conference in Sydney recently, Brett Findlay said that there was no need to worry about us hocking our farms and agri business' to foreigners despite there being widespread community concern.
NFF does not represent the average Australian farmer but is beholden to the corporate sector who now pay its bills.
28/07/15 09:11 PM


Plenty of talk out of AGIC but nothing will disguise the fact that the Australian wheat industry is now in the hands of the merchants (mostly foreign) and our reputation for quality is in tatters and the relative value of our grain is in decline.
The big multi nationals must be rubbing their hands with glee.
29/07/15 08:16 PM
Oats and barley with a 3 in front of it will guarantee Australia runs short of grain. in 2016. Noodle wheat was the national feed grain up until 2 weeks ago.
28/07/15 02:14 AM
Growing Australian Grain but we now have foreign merchants firmly in control of our marketing and they are trashing our quality and lowering the relative value of our wheat.
Does the golden booklet mention this fact or is it full of spin?!
The project used scarce research and development funding to push for the introduction of chemicals rejected as too dangerous by other countries. The Minister of Agriculture's considered response to the failed chemical technology used in Australia is to co-fund an allocation of $45 Million to research more toxic chemistry in Germany via the GRDC and Bayer (no Australian university funding). Plus, zero funding or assistance to non-chemical farming research. Lot of eggs being placed in one basket here ... surely we can do better than this.
Look what can be done with a single desk!
We were the best wheat marketers in the world until Rudd and the Liberals abolished our grower managed national pooling arrangement.
John Howard also played a key role in the treachery.
Now we are little more than a merchant controlled rabble with our hard won quality reputation in tatters and a decline in relative value.
29/07/15 09:55 AM


I suppose this will eventually mean that, at the end of further drilling exploration or coal extraction the site restoration will also result in a 1$ injection plus Government held bond. Happens all the time in gold mining.
31/07/15 01:26 AM
Would think the drought would be a major fact in the rise in FMDs in Qld, with having to destock.
29/07/15 10:27 PM
Tim obviously doesn't depend on ground water for his daily survival and personal hygiene.... hardly a "nonsensical and absurd" issue..... but he is right in respect of laws concerning property rights. I wonder how many city based business/property owners would be excited by the prospect of another business moving on to their premises and taking over a portion of the floor space to set up and run its own profitable enterprise, with minimal , if any, compensation. And any agreement reached is subject to "confidentiality" clauses so as pressure can be exerted on the next to suffer the same fate.
24/07/15 10:27 PM
Is this a case of circle the wagons the empire is under attack Selwyn? Now over a $billion of farmers and taxpayers funds being spent on what? Fancy offices in Chifley Sq and Nth Sydney, overpaid bureaucrats answerable to who exactly, not industry or apparently Parliament. For that sort of money we should be able to cure cancer or the common cold! Tell me Sel what is the annual return to industry or the taxpayer on this ANNUAL TAX on our farmers? 5%,10%15%% or do you or any of the other RDCs know? Can it be measured? Do we need a system where individuals get paid for multi directorships...
Great investment by BOM. I have always found their long term forecasting basically pretty accurate in the majority of cases.
24/07/15 11:12 PM


Until quasi government and peak industry bodies listen to people who actually make a living off the land, the "market failure" will continue.
29/06/15 05:42 AM


All the crap the experts ply us with and one old cow beats the odds.. ain't nature wonderfully unpredictable ?
30/07/15 07:53 AM
What a beaut focus on only one aspect of pig raising - too bad about the survival and well being of so many piglets which is the reason for the introduction of the stalls in the first place.
How about coming up with a solution instead of just being negative prohibitionists of the protection of innocent babies.
29/07/15 03:48 AM
For half the cost of 1 lamb per light Mr Mc Farlane could deploy some Foxlights ( Ausie invention) around his lambing ewes and find his lamb survival rate increase far more dramatically than by trying to shoot all the foxes as he can never get them all. They work!
12/07/15 09:53 PM
I am disgusted that live export continues. There has to be an enormous market for onshore processing and boxed or frozen meat exports. Our government has a duty to Australia to maintain our standards. I would not be alone in wanting to see the humane treatment of livestock over a cheap TV any day of the week.
10/07/15 12:11 AM
So a web site, and more bureaucrats. Actually controlling wild dogs - Nope!
27/06/15 09:53 PM


Really!! How many farmers have you seen wearing a helmet while riding an ATV? How many farmers use seat belts in utes when in the paddock? Good idea in theory,but rarely practiced.
05/07/15 05:15 AM
I enjoyed working with you Graeme, your zest for life and in everything you did made you an exciting man to be around. RIP


Makes a welcome change from the family's plans to put 2.4 million chickens next to the Namoi River at Manilla, upstream of the Keepit Dam.
30/07/15 03:28 AM
You can see the stupidity of trying to do business with Gas Co's & why landholders have so much trouble with them with some of the conditions above. They have no understanding of how a rural property needs to function /Work Place Health & Safety,Weed blame QGC 's properties in the Wandoan area have African Lovegrass on them. Gas Co's should never be allowed to buy properties
27/07/15 02:57 AM
OPPORTUNITY lost - in snubbing of my PPP Plan by LNP in Ag "smoke& mirrors" paper on Saturday. ALL we primary prods need is "fair&open competition" @ our farmgate.My PPP plan would have been a transparent portal for all the unseen-primary/secondary commerce happening now to be listed on AUDA -offerboard where the PRICE will find the PRODUCT- not the produce finding a secret uncompetitive price! If this were enacted - it wouldn't matter about foreign investment- as they would be actively competing- not vertically integrating or"Transfer Pricing " their profits back to their mother country SHAME
07/07/15 01:06 AM
I certainly hope expanded family farms is the case. Success stories are in spite of Govt and Peak body antics NOT because of them.
07/06/15 06:43 AM


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I have lodged whistleblower material with the Head of Dept of Ag, Head of the MLA, and the Ag
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Jacky- there are 100K- cattle producers alone so there is many many more than that when you
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