Surely these pseudoscience companies have a limited life? I'm surprised A2 is still operating.
Opportunity of a lifetime here for single desk supporters to convert words into action and buy back the farm.The current owner would seem to fit the definition of a motivated seller i.e. debt laden and money losing and staring down the barrel of another Australian drought.The NP should be able to talk Malcolm into a government guarantee for the debt as he can't rule or win an election without their support.
Climate change or no climate change, have you ever seen anything as ridiculous as wasting finite resources to cart 200,000 thousand tonnes of pig meat half way round the world when Australian grain growers could supply the million tonnes of grain to feed the pigs. I hope it is not another tunnel vision whitewash.
08/10/15 09:13 AM
Of course an inquiry is ruled out, nothing good can come from having the electorate scrutinise the loss of our sovereignty, its better to keep all the bad bits hidden from view, otherwise they would have to be accountable!!
This young lady seems to have it all together..Well done Erin and good luck
07/10/15 01:32 PM


12mmt and no higher? crops have been torched, CBH got a problem.
08/10/15 09:54 PM
What a pity that the GM brigade didn't come up with frost tolerant crops.
I've been told they put a salmon gene in tomatoes to combat cold.
Perhaps it's too expensive.
Or perhaps no one will buy it.
Germany seems to have changed direction on GM.
04/10/15 10:22 PM
Market failure?
02/10/15 07:40 PM
What a mess trying to sort out a situation that should not have happened in the first place.
If some industry leaders / politicians had got together early on this would have been resolved at low cost. Now there are no winners-----except to the legal profession.
06/10/15 10:31 PM
And the merchant/ middlemen just go on winning and the grower suffers further loss of equity in the system- it was always going to be this way under deregulation.
01/10/15 04:53 AM


The National Farmers Federation was meant to be a farmer's representative organisation,but it has long ceased being what it was set up for.It should now change its name or disappear altogether.
08/10/15 06:58 PM
This is about the use of one particular terminology - free range. Why is it then that the bigger players in the industry are so keen to fight to use this wording on their egg cartons? Because those consumer perceptions drive demand. You seem to be saying there are no other marketing options and that some producers want to sell free range eggs and make big dollars but they don't actually want to provide the product that consumers want. If you want us to believe free range is so bad (the industrial model that you refer to) why hasn't anyone been smart enough to come up with another option?
08/10/15 04:46 AM
Xenophon is on the money. Even if we export more barley, beef, etc, do the pro TPP puppets really think the middle men and market manipulators (eg banks) wont pocket the gains? ask any digger what they think of selling out our sovereignty for half a pack of pencils and a worn out sharpener like we are in this corporate colonisation deal.
07/10/15 03:20 AM
Regardless of which party wins the next election. With Turnbull & Bishop at the helm of the Libs. And, especially since Bishop signed Australia onto the Next round of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21 now SD Agenda 2030. Australia will have a UN Obedient Government. Until the UN remove all elected governments and install the their bureaucrats to run their Regional Hubs. In the not too distant future. Who is looking after Australia's Sovereignty?? Not Our Politicians, not anymore!
05/10/15 12:20 AM


So now do we sell our mango farms to the Chinese?!
Our political urban elite decision makers seem to believe that if we have something that the Chinese or other foreign interests want we just sell the land to them and let them produce their own.
22/09/15 08:28 PM


MLA again makes my point for me. This government agency disguised as a "producer owned company" cannot identify its members or their voting entitlement. It therefore cannot keep a proper register of members and cannot issue a proper notice of meeting. Accordingly any business passed at the meeting will be invalid.
At 500c they would be better than some lambs. Lamb prices are pathetic. No wonder sheep numbers keep falling. Lambs cost too much to produce to make a reasonable profit at 500c. I hope the processors are buying up land because they may have to grow their own lambs if prices don't increase soon.
24/09/15 08:20 AM
It doesn't feel nice to be insulted and have accusations made against you does it, RSPCA. This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
10/09/15 02:16 AM
Bugger off with these phony trade agreements which are undertaken with no due dilligence or economic review. What about ISDS Barnaby?. Remember frozen berries, who is to say the Austn taxpayer wouldn't have had his backside kicked when that company sued us in their own court, under their own rules, didn't our forefathers fight for our own sovereignty?, why disrespect that?. For some reason Canberra or farmer orgs aren't discussing this, obviously u are puppets.
09/09/15 03:04 AM
If they are going to change NVD's then a rebate should be available on any unused forms. That might make them think twice about changing these every couple of years.
04/09/15 11:10 AM


CPD bars of this design will never be mandatory because they are dangerous. Design a better system and you will have much greater support. The New Zealond one seems a much better design but it is hard to get much info on it.
21/09/15 08:48 PM


Uh-oh, the secret is out now!
06/10/15 01:39 AM
WHY? We had better start learning Chinese now because they will soon control a large part of our rural sector. They won't need to buy from us they will just send their own product home therefore also avoiding paying income tax as it won't be sold here. They won't buy inputs here as they can ship them much more cheaply form China. How can people be such short sighted idiots.
The war my grandparents so much feared won't happen, we are just giving them our country.
27/09/15 10:25 PM
Big money for lighthouse
14/09/15 08:19 AM
Great news Cargill and any other foreign entity that wants a piece of Australia as more of our farm land goes out the door.
And the experts who manage this country will tell us that we need foreign investment as they continue to allow the sell off prime highly developed assets.
14/09/15 12:23 AM

Rural Lifestyle

I was working in exploration on a station in South West Queensland in the early 1970's. We had to use horses to get to an isolated part of the station. The station owner would not waste his good horses on anything not concerned with his cattle, so we got the plodders, pig-rooters, bad tempered bolters and best of all the biters. I can empathise with your experiences. My journey took me over a short period of months, through liking horses I was not riding, to a horse tolerator, ending up as a grumpy old horse distruster. I do not miss them one little bit!
04/10/15 05:40 AM


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Well Said Mathew, On our place before we could ever have a wireless internet system, we would
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Good points, Matthew. Maybe you should send this piece to our new Communications Minister Mitch
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Why has AWI refused to comment?
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