Cue the CBH haters...
Well why are they paying MLA levies. ?
28/07/16 11:59 PM
Be very careful with delivery specifications. A long story but fat lamb futures were closed down in the early 1980's because of rorts.
26/07/16 12:00 AM
The usual suspects are involved in the Brazilian initiative !
Cargill ,ADM and Bunge.
These are the same mega organisations that now have a stranglehold over our grains industry.
Perhaps someone could explain how out future prospects could be enhanced by this scenario?
19/07/16 09:54 PM
GTA might be able to fund a wheat grower to tour our overseas customers and learn how the merchants have ruined our reputation for quality and service since the single desk national pool was abolished by Rudd Labor and the Liberals.
16/07/16 12:27 AM


I suggest you all read

https://www.theautomaticeart s/
before assuming that it is not toxic
18/07/16 03:02 AM
Livestock and cropping have always reduce the income risk for farming. My understanding having worked for many years developing new livestock performance technology. It is clear in WA Livestock producers need to add the same level of production technology as they have with their cropping methods. Livestock new adoption technology is approx. 30% behind other industries. In WA it seems the younger generation see livestock work is not financially rewarding. Producers understanding of stock is low compared to the 80's. Financing stock options & infrastructure is way behind machinery & AgChem...
25/07/16 01:28 AM
So Mr Hightower is confident that prices won't get any lower but we all know that talk is cheap!
24/07/16 07:49 AM
AEGIC should have stuck with weather forecasting!
Fiddling around with grain quality and technical services when the industry is firmly in the hands of middlemen merchants is a complete waste of time and funds.
18/07/16 10:54 AM
Planted hectares increased, yet seed sales have fallen by 10% in WA according to Monsanto's Tony May. The answer to this puzzle is that GM users are seeding at lower densities. Mr May also cites $80 additional seed costs and $59 price penalties as a factor in the sales drop.
18/07/16 01:30 AM


In your analysis you forgot Indi where the Nationals ran after many years They achieved 18 per cent of the vote after touting widely they could win. Of course the Indi vote boosted the overall figure. Any sane person should be happy Narnaby won his seat
Strange that the data from the EPA latest research on neonics does not support these claims. Same no significant effects are being fopund around the world wrt neonic seed treatments and bees.
26/07/16 03:26 PM
NO! we deserve the right to know that our foods are GM or not. The science is mostly one sided, due to funding from massive agri-corporations, and science showing health problems gets discredited, scientists sacked, by the influence of all too powerful corporations. Aside from consumers not wanting to eat GM, there are plenty of reasons to avoid GM crops, including glyphosate interfering with gut bacteria, and being a possible carcinogen, and the wild card nature of gene splicing. 10-reasons-to-avoid-gmos/
I understand one of the biggest problems was immigration. I doubt there will be any great surprises with trade.
22/07/16 01:23 AM
What good is the FIRB and thresholds if a govt is not accountable? please demonstrate how young Aust'n can compete against govts who can print their own money? Our govt is helping to destroy Austn ag and other industries in Aust by letting our currency rise in value as these people buy our dollars to purchase these properties. As with the trade agreements our govt will not discuss this or conduct economic analysis, they are but puppets in a global game of theft. We are a sovereign entity, we can print out own currency if we need investment, will the bankers let the govt? haha, no chance
24/07/16 10:12 PM


How are farmers meant to defend the safety of their produce when it is neither their area of expertise nor publicly available?. Perhaps farmers and activists will realise they are been used as a battering ram to complete the divide and conquer strategy that these crooks use. The ones u should be talking to are the ones who give u your orders Mr Entine, not wasting time trying to stir up trouble.
06/07/16 04:37 AM


Thousands of live sheep headed for the cruelty of overseas areas. Shame on our cruel and greedy Government and live ex groups for supporting this barbaric, filthy trade in live animals.
24/06/16 01:09 AM


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Thanks Kevin - all fixed!
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Farm weekly is this the correct heading for this story? seems a bit odd. lol
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Lynda your accusations are baseless. I run 2000 breading ewes and my family makes our income
THE Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA) is working with industry to drive priority infrastructure projects which will provide long-term benefits for WA's northern beef industry.2:00 AM THE Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA) is working with industry to drive priority infrastructure projects...
CHEMICAL safety training body AusChem WA will merge with peak agricultural health and safety group Farmsafe WA Alliance.29 Jul 16 CHEMICAL safety training body AusChem WA will merge with peak agricultural health and safety group Farmsafe WA Alliance.