Mr Baston says the Middle East was a diverse & valuable trading region... it also has an appalling record of horrendous animal welfare involving Australian animals exported live; all countries visited on his tour (Qatar, UAE, Saudi & Egypt) have been the topic of investigations into extreme cruelty & abuse spanning decades & the abuse so bad in Egypt that the live cattle trade has been stopped twice & the import of live sheep banned - any animals sent to the countries mentioned will also have their throats cut whilst fully conscious. They all also import chilled Aussie Beef and/or sheep meat.
25/11/15 02:47 AM
Roger Corbett was one of John Howard's big wheeling corporate mates whom the then PM sooled onto wheat growers as part of the Ralph Review which was really a front to destroy the wheat single desk.
In one of the biggest responses to a review ever ,hundreds of wheat growers wrote submissions and turned up to public meetings in support of their iconic marketing arrangements .
This was to no avail and through treachery and contempt Howard eventually had his way and the single desk was abolished in June,2008.
24/11/15 01:31 PM
Yeah, mr Mei Xinyu, and the rest of the world should impose sanctions against China for dredging up the bottom of this South China Sea to create artificial military bases to police areas you have no claim to . I don't suppose there is any land or water for sale in China is there.
The blue sky water mob have got to be joking, of course the water stays here, it's just the profit that moves off shore
24/11/15 09:53 AM
Since the formation of AWI, approx $1.4 billion in wool levies have been collected and ' invested '. Is wool any better for this?
23/11/15 08:14 PM
A nuanced approach to foreign investment in big end of town circles would mean nothing less than open slather for foreigners including state owned entities.
23/11/15 06:35 AM


I am really surprised about how quiet the reports on just how much damage the week of hot weather in Oct has done to what would have been terrific crops throughout the Riverina and Frost damage towards Wagga. Perhaps it is better to keep it quiet so it is easier to drop prices on offer? Most crops around here have lost well over half to two thirds there original expectations of yield and Screenings going 10%, 25% and up to 35% or more well above yet not a word in the media? Don't figure? I am sure there are areas not far West of Peak Hill that would kill for 3t crops.
19/11/15 08:49 AM
Important to factor in cost of storage, interest on capital/missed opportunity from not having capital and risk the market doesn't fall/stay flat.
19/11/15 03:56 AM
What a pity this was politicised.
Big bully boy brother is having his way.
My same old question--"what about the escapes"?
18/11/15 09:30 PM
So what evidence has been delivered to demonstrate the safety of these gm crops? 100% of Aust gm crop tested for safety has shown genetic modification made it unsafe, does that compute in their thinking. Studies demonstrating that refining canola oil does not remove all proteins/dna have been submitted to FSANZ, they have chosen to ignore the science. This is about giving favours to their lobbyists and shows no evidence of science. What about studies from Russia, china etc showing negative effects, do we only source our science from the US, its pretty obvious there is no science here.
17/11/15 02:39 AM
The urban political elite under Rudd and Brendan Nelson abolish the iconic single desk; a cost effective marketing system that placed Australia in a envious position as a global wheat marketer.
Growers are now being asked to fund a marketing system that will fail because we will not be able to guarantee the quality that we deliver and because it will be impossible to defeat the US in a spending competition.
16/11/15 07:57 PM


My sympathy to those affected. A disaster on many level, personal, family, business and community.
Any opportunity to mix poor quality wool (low grade or discards)with flame retardant for farmers/bush fire Brigade to spread by land or air at the first sign of risk? Still brings it back to good communications though.
25/11/15 06:43 PM
This event would never have happened if the State Gov showed some dedicated commitment to managing fuel loads, breaks and fires on land vested in the State. Very unfortunate that it takes four deaths to profile this issue.
18/11/15 09:11 PM
The grand plan.Roads built to bring gas pipelines south,take submarines north as a backload.
Really have to admire SA politicians,wonder what other solutions are in stall for Leigh creek,the South east drought,forestry and fishery.
Only have to get other states to see their point,this may be a little hard as no one in their populace does.
Thank god for the gerrymander .
17/11/15 10:22 PM
Well written Barnaby.
How fortunate we are to have a politician of such stature in our parliament which at present is dominated by an urban political elite .
24/11/15 07:47 PM
Perhaps what Angus Taylor was saying in his self serving report was that Australian Agriculture should be sold off lock stock and barrel ,to to the highest foreign bidder and hat it's total worth is about $600 billion .
23/11/15 07:45 PM


What happens when they fly onto Mr Marsh,s property??
25/11/15 08:46 AM
They need to have a serious look at how Meat and Livestock Australia sidelined producers for the benefit of a processor club.
20/11/15 10:02 PM
Farming is sexy? I must be doing it wrong .Currently back-lining covered in dust & diazanon ,not feeling the sexy. Maybe i need a $3000 SUIT & pointy toed brothel creepers .
07/11/15 11:51 PM
I wonder if this is what the American Cattle producers are saying about the Australian meat sold in their market. Isn't this is what free trade is all about ? As long as there is a level playing field consumers would probably be asking themselves why are Australian onions more expensive at a wholesale level than imported product that includes the cost of freight. If we want to dish it out we have to take it too.
26/10/15 09:49 PM
It's not that difficult. Try lowering the price. We haven't bought blueberries in months ... They are just too expensive. $4.99 for what amounts to 30 the math...almost 16 cents per berry.
25/10/15 01:26 PM


So we who pay a compulsory levy can stay at home and watch a communist proletburo style sham election take place!
How thoughtful of the MLA commissars.
06/11/15 08:02 PM
Lee, how about you get your 'activists' to phone and make an appointment to be shown around farms in-context? That's what Jeremy Buckingham did here locally just recently. A great day. I'll get a few mates and sneak into your office, take some shots of government letterhead and accuse you of trafficking leaks...and when the police come by...well I know you'll stand up for me!
Good Science! Was not what RSPCA's Bidda Jones did in her so called scientific investigation of Indonesia in 2011 she based her viewing only on footage supplied by Animals Australia and ABC, a paltry 50 odd head of doctored footage of the 600,000 head that went in that year. RSPCA have no right to claim AW improvments for Australian animals will be improved if LE deminishes significantly because in Australia it would negate many AW abilities simply through financial and economic hardship.
The MLA Kremlin has spoken - you producers that pay compulsory levies to fund the outfit shall have choice but it will be our choice!
George Orwell wrote of these things in Animal Farm.
11/10/15 09:02 PM


Good to see more great Aussie workmanship and ingenuity.


Uh-oh, the secret is out now!
06/10/15 01:39 AM
WHY? We had better start learning Chinese now because they will soon control a large part of our rural sector. They won't need to buy from us they will just send their own product home therefore also avoiding paying income tax as it won't be sold here. They won't buy inputs here as they can ship them much more cheaply form China. How can people be such short sighted idiots.
The war my grandparents so much feared won't happen, we are just giving them our country.
27/09/15 10:25 PM

Rural Lifestyle

I was working in exploration on a station in South West Queensland in the early 1970's. We had to use horses to get to an isolated part of the station. The station owner would not waste his good horses on anything not concerned with his cattle, so we got the plodders, pig-rooters, bad tempered bolters and best of all the biters. I can empathise with your experiences. My journey took me over a short period of months, through liking horses I was not riding, to a horse tolerator, ending up as a grumpy old horse distruster. I do not miss them one little bit!
04/10/15 05:40 AM


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We have a non discriminatory immigration policy xenophobe.
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My sympathy to those affected. A disaster on many level, personal, family, business and
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Your not allowed to laugh in shearing sheds now & everything that moves needs naming .Apart
THERE was a changing of the guard at the WA Livestock Exporters Association (WALEA) last week.25 Nov 15 THERE was a changing of the guard at the WA Livestock Exporters Association (WALEA) last week.
AGRICULTURE and Food Minister Ken Baston says the Middle East, particularly Egypt, holds further opportunity for WA exports.25 Nov 15  1 AGRICULTURE and Food Minister Ken Baston says the Middle East, particularly Egypt, holds further opportunity for WA...