I worked at Coles when I was at university. Labour shuffling will only work if people can afford to travel between stores and... staff are not casual but get decent hours per week.
I shop primarily at Aldi, not for service, but because their home brands are Australian for the most part, and cheaper than or similar to Coles. Perhaps the Coles business model as a whole needs a revamp rather than them focusing on reaming the producer. Fixing service doesn't fix non cost competitive force fed imports. Want to fix service, open checkouts! Don't make me serve myself.
22/05/15 02:39 AM
Why is 18 mil going in to Bunbury city for parks and wildlife office they just got twenty mil to Do control burns that should of been done when is someone going to be accountable their are greater needs in the country eg silver chain family's with special needs seems to me the greens having to much influence in royalties region money.
21/05/15 11:21 PM
I truly mean this as a compliment to Mr Allison...."Lazarus" !!
21/05/15 11:07 PM
The main problem in engaging with China(apart from their demonstrated willingness to ignore the rules when it suits them) is their sheer size. It long been said it the US sneezes, we catch a cold, China will only need to give a little sniff.
21/05/15 03:20 AM
The bureaucrats and the government will go out of their way to ensure levy payers have no say, while continuing to collect billions of dollars.
I'm questioning whether all these Senate Inquiries actually achieve anything; just look at the activity (NONE) from Joyce in adopting the excellent Senate recommendations from the grass fed cattle transaction levy inquiry. If this is the example of our democracy Australia is stuffed.


Perhaps the debate is about the wrong issue! We should all be focusing on how all or many of the so called grdc "triumphs" , are stuck in the slow lane (extremely slow), to commercialisation.
How many years has it been since breakthroughs are hailed in frost, drought and salinity tolerance and yet little or nothing! (Rees came and then fizzled!)
21/05/15 08:40 PM
The so called experts telling us what we need in a post deregulation merchant controlled rabble.
And wouldn't the mega merchants love to have growers storing grain on farm and delivering it to a site at the beck and call of those in control!
18/05/15 08:41 PM
When would be a good time to discuss drought Dan ?!
13/05/15 08:29 PM
I guess we'd better go and sell everything.
12/05/15 09:31 PM
And Dan what might you do if growers do not receive a saving of $5.00 per tonne from Graincorp?!
The Graincorp story is one of tragedy for the industry in Eastern Australia.
14/05/15 08:33 PM


The same Catherine King who put Sydney sport centres ahead of country hospitals?
What was that about being a fool?
21/05/15 10:34 PM
One could argue the GRDC is an old boys' club where directors are appointed by a committee and not elected by grower levy payers but comparing Canberra to Switzerland is taking things a little too far Richard Clark!
Be prepared for push back from the club Barnaby!
20/05/15 12:56 AM
What a load of garbage- when will these climate scammers give up ( when the $'s stop)
21/05/15 01:55 AM
I can't believe comments from Ian mcFarlane, an ex-farmer, at the damage the CSG industry could be doing to our water. We will not know this until it is too late, when a town runs out of water. In Queensland as you are well aware, landholders don't have a choice, Ian, to say no. At the moment they all short of cash to offer proper compensation, Origin BBB Minus credit rating at the moment giving sad stories landholders have got to share in their mismanagement of their funds for lesser compensation? Like bloody hell.
19/05/15 03:36 AM
Barnaby is chasing a headline. He is a redneck hillbilly. He is a terrible Ag Minister because he thinks he knows our business well enough to make decisions without actually knowing what is going on out here and what we actually need. It would be far better if he intervened on real issues affecting our farming communities rather than being a media tart slapping Jack Sparrow. What a joke.
16/05/15 08:50 PM


Ausveg is well aware of the answer to their dilemma. The
Not backed or supported by the Government as they have others to answer to. Time is of the essence. Start the revolution today by using the Australian Authenticity Logo designed to help reveal your True Australian Credentials.
There are very few getting a free ride from levies, except bureaucracies and recipients of R&D levy funds and government contributions. It's government which controls income and profitability by their policies, levy expenditure on R&D and marketing has not provided increased returns and profitability to grass fed livestock producers for decades. In fact it is a ride that costs dearly for no additional benefit! This is exactly why the bureaucracies and government shy away from a referendum of the levy payers to confirm the majority want to pay levies for negative return. Fear of democracy!
$13.8 Billion dollars over 5 years?
=9.2 Trillion meat chicks/year, lots of Chicken Treat for our 24 million Australians
14/05/15 10:16 AM
Send your kid to work on a dairy farm or a remote cattle property and just see what happens .
05/05/15 10:18 AM
I've eaten so many sweet potatoes in my life and now I suddenly feel sick with this news. Imagine, I've been consuming DNA from bacteria. Eating DNA is bad enough, but from bacteria? They live in.... Yuck! I'm talking to my lawyer about suing my local organic fruit and veg right now. OMG, how could those orgos have done this to me and for so long! Never eating another fruit or veg from South America, ever. Those bloody Incas must have been working for Monsanto all along. Their civilization collapsed. Proves GM is dangerous. OMG, OMG, OMG I'm now probably GMO!
29/04/15 02:35 AM


Please do all you can, and do not sweep this despicable animal cruelty under the carpet. AUSTRALIA, state wide MUST bring in very strong laws, indeed very heavy fines and imprisonment for any and all cruelty to ALL ANIMALS
We, as HUMAN'S are the only voice that poor neglected, abused Animals have.
03/05/15 07:59 AM
Looks more to me like the Australian Farm Institute wants Aust to be a communist state where free speech, freedom of information and freedom to chose is prohibited. The only group with freedom is the farmers who can do whatever they want to animals and get away with it. Perhaps the Australian Farm Institute should aquaint themselves with what ANZAC is all about because what they want is an affront to all who fought for freedom.
Dear oh dear..wherever did the unsubstantiated crap..."been proven to dramatically increase animal welfare outcomes" come from? Tall tales indeed.
Typical of the AU insdustry to make it all up as they go along. Arrogant, ignorant and greedy...


hi could you let me know all about the enamel signs for sale on may 16 and pictures cheers
10/05/15 01:13 PM
in the 70's oil prices rose over 300%. We use oil in just about every part of our lives. Imagine the inflation response of such an event in todays global economic envt (eg war in middle east etc). There is no need for Australians to be at the mercy of a small group of people who control prices, when we have our own reserves. People say there is no debt problem in the cities or on farms, imagine 20% interest, what would that do to property values and their debt to equity ratios and buyer interest. Once again, I hope our govt shows some guts and deals with this in a smarter manner than before.
12/04/15 09:30 PM


errr-that google picture of "st andrew's " is actually St Andrews Beach, which is no where near St Andrews-try looking near Kinglake
29/04/15 06:27 AM
Maybe a little over-capitalised?
27/04/15 09:50 PM
Won't the bankers, the real estate agents and the finance brokers be rubbing their hands together now!

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We had no nighttime radio reception in my youth, but I still remember when visiting an aunt in Sydney, Alan Davidson hit David Allen for two sixes and two fours in one over, while Graham McKenzie scored thirty something in a last wicket stand of from memory close on a hundred which sent me to bed believing Benaud could bowl the Poms out. Davidson got from memory 77. I got up in the morning to the news that Benaud took 6/70 and Australia won the test. He was a good cricketer and a very good captain.
29/04/15 10:49 PM
Ask the locals
03/04/15 12:11 AM


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Barnaby must be the world's first Agriculture Minister to make the US's Entertainment Tonight!
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Curious that Rob Moore thinks that scientist = money. He should have a look in the nearest CSIRO
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AUSVEG, between the supermarkets screaming in their ears and the public servants resisting
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