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Grain of Truth

Its not only the car industry. There are other industries just as pitiful and and sacred as the car manufacturers. Take aluminium,; they also suck 3.5 billion out of our little budget, and return sweet little in return compared to agriculture which when combined with downstream activity is far more significant than Alcoa and co.
29/03/12 10:17 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

David, you should be the treasurer! The whole issue has come back to bite the Nationals in their seeking of Liberal Party support for SPC and Drought support. Three hundred million of free money to optimise rail freight infrastructure from at least 100 of GNC's top up country terminals and 60 million to maintain the receival system every year. Its a disgrace really that the National party could beat the foreign ownership or quasi racist drum. The state farming organisations run by young boys aspiring to be politicians in the National nursery got far too much respect by the media and Canberra
14/03/14 09:02 AM
Half the money will be soaked up by the promoters of the AgResults scheme, $50 million.
21/06/12 10:37 PM


GRDC needs a new broom. Growers are being conned by media spin. A new chair from the commercial world with board experience would have been a good start.
04/09/13 09:15 PM
The sale of ABB to Viterra and then the Glencore takeover of Viterra clearly highlights legal and commercial precedent for a straight forward GNC/ADM deal. There is plenty of populist politics surrounding this deal but it would be surprising and a major concern for the nation if it fell over in response to this.
25/08/13 07:31 PM
where was the national party when Viterra took control of ABB and when Glencore swallowed up Viterra? Infrastructure, the number of ports, access to ports, similar export tonnage and more similarities that precedent the GNC/ADM business. I also want the best outcomes for Australia and this can be achieved through a good regulatory framework.
22/08/13 11:04 PM
If the Viterra takeover of ABB and then the Glencore takeover of Viterra mean anything in this debate, it must set the precedent for policy makers that ADM's bid for Graincorp is also OK.
22/08/13 02:08 AM
ADM's takeover of GNC is not a fait accompli but ther are some fairly strong precedents as we all know. Suggestions that ADM is not a fit or proper foreign company to own Graincorp is a bit rich after the AWB humiliated Australia by rorting the UN's food for oil treasury (to help starving Iraqi families) to buy deals from the murderous Saddam Hussein regime. The Liberal Party should govern without the shackles of their coalition partners after the September 14 election.
19/06/13 10:38 PM
Of course the scientific community needs more money. That is their 21century mantra. What they fail to understand is that the rest of society wants them to perform. CSIRO has been spoilt by Rudd and Gillard with a budget ballooning in recent years but they are like kids that aren't mature enough to see the needs of others. I think we need performance criteria and less jobs for life as we have at CSIRO.
28/05/12 01:02 AM
Dick Smith is nervous to speak out against the duopoly because he does not want to have any personal detrimental repercussions to his Dick Smith Branded range of products.
He may as well say nothing. Big companies are ruthless and laugh at comments that tread the narrow path that is just rhetoric.
13/05/12 08:10 AM
Its dissappointing to read the writers description of these companies, Viterra Graincorp and CBH, as bulk handlers, because everybody knows they are regional monopolies that control the nations export wheat business. Like the supermarket duopoly controling shelf space and Telstra controlling the copper pipe these behemoths control port access and.only an ombudsman will ensure a competitive supply chain and fair trade practices. The ACCC has proven its impotence in the grocery business and that is why we need the powerful Ombudsman oversight, similar to the Communications and Finance industry.
25/04/12 11:13 PM
If you talk to the actual farmers, not the agro political hand ful, you will discover much more dissappointment over this development.
Their experience with monopoly control over once state owned assets has led to great dissenchantement because their is no genuine commpetition. They can't turn to any alternative in tight circumstances.
Telstra has had to give up ownership of infrastructure in the interest of competition, why can't this happen in the grain industry?
Farmers do not wish to return to the past but rather long for proper planning by regulators to ensure good governance in the industry.
28/03/12 11:34 PM
I'm quite sure Agforce and Saff would be very happy with this surprising development. And even most of the VFF grain members as most grain growers do not want to pay twice for membership of a farmer group to represent them to Govt. Yes it would be hard to swallow for Pete and some who have worked hard but politics is a fast game for the handful at the top. State farming groups I'm told are actually relieved as it costs an absolute bomb to be a member of NFF so apparently there is relief everywhere for those leaders who don't really care, politically that is. So any other exciting news. AWB or?
04/09/11 05:20 AM


Surely this product is not new? We have been using a diatomaceous earth product since the eighties to do this job. How is the research at Adelaide Uni different?
02/03/14 09:15 PM
Most wheat growers do not want the minimum test weight for wheat to rise to 76. The reasons put forward to change the standard are not compelling and growers certainly have a lot to lose over this issue. GTA standards are voluntary and the trade is not forced to comply with them. Moreover, traders have always obtained the quality of wheat they desire as there has never in the history of wheat selling been a dispute over test weight. If you read Graincorp's submission to the Senate Enquiry into wheat deregulation , they have loaded 440 vessels since 2008. This recent record speaks for itself.
25/09/12 01:09 AM
If CBH, Glencore/Viterra and Graincorp were just tenants at the ports - like every where else in the world- there would be no problem. 'Light touch' regulation will be necessary to supervise the market power these companies have in contolling access to port infrastructure. There is a conflict of interest here that could eventually destroy the competitiveness of a $6 billion industry. A commonwealth ombudsman would be stronger than a voluntary code of conduct, and deliver a successful outcome, similar to other industries such as finance and communications. Govt must act in the national interest
27/08/12 11:13 PM
Graincorp have a monopoly in the loading of bulk shipments of wheat and barley at our ports in Qld VIc and NSW . Port access rules ensure fair access to all exporters and potential exporters big or smalll. GrainCorp wants no rules. Look around the world where companies have had market power that was not properly supervised by an independent supervisor. There are so many examples of market failure today because of this. We cannot rely on a company's good governance principles to deliver the best outcome for the industry and the nation. Politicians know it but not those with a conflict of.
12/08/12 11:04 PM
Mr Edwards means well but does not understand the priority or profile of the issues he talks of. The WEA is over, so the current discussion needs to focus on an ombudsman for the wheat industry; its powers and scope. Competition in the supply chain won't be achieved by codes of conduct that are loaded up with motherhood statements. Glencore, Graincorp and CBH would love to self regulate but we all know this could easily fail to deliver an outcome beneficial to farmers. A powerful ombudsman can ensure fair practices and is the only reliable alternative to past regulations that are now fading out.
02/06/12 09:28 AM
volunteer gm canola plants are certainly not stopping Canadian canola growers producing record crops. We are all concerned about preserving glyphosate but equally, as business managers we must aim for long term profitability and that means, in this case, including gm canola in our rotations.Phenoxies do make it easy to kill glyphosate resistant canola.
26/02/12 02:51 AM
He's always a pessimist! There is every chance the price will be up come harvest because the hard red winter wheat zone in the US is very dry and the planting window is closing rapidly. La Nina is enveloping these states and production for next crop is at serious risk because there is no soil moisture.If the next USDA corn crop figures reduce yields to low 140 bushels per acre look out for strong leaps in wheat prices no matter what quality we have. The glass can be half full or half empty, some people can't help doom and gloom.
28/09/11 10:24 AM
Yes he is pobably no longer a 'Professor' after that little burst of nonsense.
05/09/11 05:19 AM
I think we do have a chance Jock as long as we can maintain our productivity, but that does require the GRDC to invest our taxes and levies wisely.
31/07/11 10:36 PM
At last the R&D community are recognising that the good life is coming to an end. They might have to go and get real jobs like the rest of us if they don't focus on productivity and commercial outcomes.
We have been in the slow lane for about 17 years and finally someone has woken up. There are massive savings to be made by ceasing the funding to CSIRO projects like Water Use Efficiency and APSIM related research(they sound good but teach us to 'suck eggs').
How long can taxpayer money be thrown at populist and politicaly desirable projects, when profitability and productivity has been so bad.
16/08/11 10:39 PM


Yes it does make sense and there is no need for the WEA to remain. However, the industry has been abandoned by Labor and the Coalition only support GPA nonsense to differentiate themselves for political purposes. The reality is that some industry good functions need to be delivered by a transparent independent authority. I think Graingrowers Ltd could provide all of these services with excellent outcomes for wheat growers.We also need a body with proven good governance like an ombudsman. Many other industries have this arrangement to ensure healthy competition in the supply chain
16/04/12 08:01 AM
Its easy to see Kens job or lifestyle is not threatened.He writes in such an arrogant style as if we have no intelligence. The science is not final or in any way consensual. The models used to predict the actual cost for Australians are based on spurious predictions that countries like Iran, Saudia Arabia, and Venezuela would spend 150 billion on abatement, more than the US, Japan and the EU combined. Its just a joke , actually a cruel one, to be quoting old
chinese proverbs to belittle and vilify hard working families.
28/09/11 10:40 AM


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