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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

David that is nonsense. Most stste of the srt free range chicken farmers use chicken trators, moving their animals around a circuit from week to week to give them maximum use of the ground feed and to fertilise on the way through. Any chicken farmer who denied his animals water is not worthy of the name. Suggest you read some of Joel lSalatin's books
08/07/15 10:42 PM
The senator for donkeys is a dab hand at the unsubstantiated claim. And proves yet again he doesn't give a stuff about animal welfare.
Have you ever seen de-beaked birds stuffed into cages pecking at each other?
As for chicken poo and freen rsnge I seem to recall that chickens once walked the ground and pecked away without a problem – before cages.
Now, the real reason why consumers prefer real free range eggs is that they taste better.
But hey David, whatever brings the price down, is OK by you.
07/07/15 11:03 PM
So we reduce our pay to Chinese levels? And get rid of our environmental safeguards? That's not fair trade.
No problem with free trade amongst states - we all get the same wage deal.
If you want to see the deleterious results of 'free trade' between unequal nations check out what happened to Mexico when NAFTA came in. Needs a lot more thought
13/10/13 09:46 PM
A little more information for Mr Leyenhjelm
http://thecomplete 9/big-salmonella-outbreak-chicken s-coming-home-roost-bankrupt-food -safety
09/10/13 11:48 PM
When chickens are forced into crowded cage conditions it is obligatory to routinely feed them antibiotics. Then we get antibiotic resistance in humans, which is growing and extremely worrying.
Not sure where Leyenhjelm gets his research from, but any research that condones cramming animals together is faulty. and probably commissioned by the crammers.
Remember Newcastle disease? A disease of crowding.
07/10/13 09:40 PM
Elected? By donkeys.
29/09/13 10:37 PM
  Duelling duopolies 12 Comments 12
Ask the farmers who've dealt with them how wonderful they are
01/09/13 10:55 PM
I fell of my chair. Here's me, a Green, agreeing with the head of the Stop The Greens party.
As long as those improved seeds aren't genetically modified -which does nothing for yield and everything for the profits of the biotech companies – I agree wholeheartedly.
Let the small farmers farm sustainably and for their immediate communities. That's what evert report on the matter has said for the last 20 years
28/08/13 10:26 PM
Mr Leyonhjelm - in case you haven't noticed, and it appears many haven't in 235 years, the ecology of this country is vastly different to that of Europe.
21/07/13 10:27 PM
Mark 2, this is how the CSIRO defines it: Soil carbon, or soil organic carbon (SOC) as it is more accurately known, is the carbon stored within soil.
And to Tim, I'm sure this is correct, but there's no getting away from the fact that conventional farming methods have,over the 230 odd years we've been here, stripped many of our soils of their organic content.
To say, as Leyonhjelm is saying, that there have been no problems caused by agriculture in Australia is implausible
25/06/13 10:49 PM


Low prices and screw the farmers. SAnd one more thing. How come they're more expensive than my local greengrocer, the best in Sydney?
19/10/15 09:27 PM
Are we abolutely sure that the FTA is not just BS?
https://theconversation.c om/free-trade-agreements-fail-to- boost-australian-agriculture-and- food-manufacturing-47576
17/09/15 10:50 PM
Bob you might like to read this overview of glyphosate's effect on soil rticle/2011/08/12/us-glyphosate-i dUSTRE77B58A20110812
25/08/15 10:27 PM
Yes Major-General, the answer lies in the soil. Always.
And for anyone who cares, glyphosate is really detrimental to soil health
24/08/15 11:37 PM
Worth listening to Keith Cousins on Fran Kelly this morning. He said it;s not lawfare as Brandis said, but fair law.
After all these are laws passed by Howard.
18/08/15 10:24 PM
Hilda, that's not going to happen. Only one party stands up for the farmers and it ain't the Libs or the Labs.
13/07/15 10:41 PM
Cl;int don't forget that the only politician to stand by the farmers on the Liverpool Plains when this proposal was first made was Le Rhiannon, now a Greens senator, then a member of the NSW upper house. Not a Nat a Lib or a Lab to be seen.
08/07/15 10:40 PM
Good work APL. Now how about working on converting waste food into pig swill.
04/05/15 10:15 PM
I understood it was against the law (stupidly) to use human food waste to feed pigs. Biosecurity was cited.
07/04/15 10:23 PM
Er, if you haven't seen how can you comment on it? Very Australian.
01/04/15 09:32 PM


Oh come on. Do a search on Monsanto backed undermining of opponents of GM. And there's nothing secret about Dr Benbrook's opposition to GM. He's been vocal for years. and here's the big difference. Benrook doesn't do it for profit. Monsanto does. Follow the money. This is just another weasel trick of the biotechs to discredit those who oppose the false useless and outdated 'science' of genetic modification.
And as for Rural Realist, tell me what Benbrook's product is: organic farming? Big money in that
Follow the money.
13/10/15 09:26 PM
Good luck Steve.
07/10/15 10:06 PM
Beats glyphosate and doesn't engender resistance.
Funny how the old methods often turn out to be the best methods. Great Granpa was no dunce.
17/09/15 10:48 PM
I note that my post which included a link to Entine's history has been deleted. Here's a link to WHO proof that Glyphosate is a carcinogen. _Glyphosate.php
09/09/15 12:13 PM
Hydatid, GM Bt crops are not even an efficient way of decreasing insecticide use in farming. In
contrast with the small reduction in chemical insecticide sprays due to GM Bt crops,
by 2007 France reduced both herbicide use (to 94% of 1995 levels) and chemical
insecticide use (to 24% of 1995 levels). By 2009 herbicide use was down to 82% and
insecticide use was down to 12% of 1995 levels. Similar trends have occurred in
Germany and Switzerland. These benefits were achieved without the use of GM crops
13/08/15 10:17 PM
'It said GM crops generally require fewer pesticide applications and therefore reduce farming costs and the environmental impact of farming practices.'
Not exactly the American experience Senators. The use of glyphosate has soared since the introduction of GM to the point where it is now eing replaced by other herbicides because it is useless.
11/08/15 11:00 PM
Can't unravel fast enough
02/08/15 11:40 PM
Could I thank the editor for using the proper from of the word El niño, with the ñ. The spanish fought the EU long and hard to keep that squiggly bit on the top of the n, which the rest of Fairfax has decided to ignore. Disrespectful.
12/05/15 10:13 PM
WP from the Celarfield website:
Are the CLEARFIELD* wheat varieties genetically modified organisms
No foreign, non-wheat, DNA was introduced or inserted into
CLEARFIELD* wheat varieties at any time during the development.
CLEARFIELD* wheat varieties are thus classified as “non-GMO” and are not subject to restrictions in either domestic or overseas markets. The induced mutagenesis process described above is a traditional plant breeding technique and has been used for several decades to create crop varieties (including wheat) that
are grown on large acreages in the U.S.
29/04/15 11:10 PM
Meanwhile the world is moving away from GM.
12/08/15 11:46 PM


Very sad to read the denialist views here. you realise you are bot only in the minority of the population but going against the accepted science?
If anyone of you can provide a peer-reviewed scientific paper which disproves man made climate change, please do
28/06/15 10:16 PM
Hick, I suggest you read the report.
21/04/15 01:44 AM
A new study exposes the real health problems of the US population and the stark rise of 20 chronic diseases (over the last couple of decades). The rise in disease incidence correlates tightly with glyphosate application on corn and soy crops, further linking this pesticide to many health problems. See link below
20/04/15 11:20 PM
I eat meat, all kinds, but go out of my way to find meat sourced from farmers who look after their animals in such a way that they have, as American farmer Joel Salatin put it, very good lives and one bad day.
Is it not possible for Australian farmers to raise animals with their welfare in mind, not to subject them to cruel treatment - see the chicken industry - and not to feed them that which they are not designed to eat - see the lot feeding industry - and not to send them our of the country alive to be subjected to the kind of torture we've seen too often on our TV screens?
02/04/12 10:55 PM
So the ban on HGPs in Europe is not justified - do you really think so. It's not just HGPs we have to be concerned about in feedlot cattle,but the indiscriminate use of antibiotics which, it is becoming increasingly obvious, is leading to antibiotic resistance as the antibiotic residue gets into the water supply and elsewhere.
I have teeth. I'd rather use them to chew on a piece of full flavoured beef which has grown up eating what it was designed to eat - grass - than a softy, mushy fatty piece of beef having been confined and force fed unnatural food and chemical additives.
27/02/12 09:28 PM
Tony Windsor was the most decent man in the parliament and secured more wins for the bush than any Nat ever has. Look at the facts. And Barnaby Joyce's win did not echo the LNP's, which was not a thumping victory. Look at the facts. The Labs scored 46.7% of the vote - hardly thumping or a landslide. and certainly not a mandate
10/09/13 10:25 PM
Now there's a conundrum - who do you believe on matters pertaining to food? The Frogs - or the Poms. No contest.
15/09/09 09:31 PM
Now there's a conundrum - who do you believe on matters pertaining to food? The Frogs - or the Poms. No contest.
15/09/09 09:31 PM
Where has this nonsense come from? Apart from environmental benefits, there are any number of studies now beginning to show the health benefits of organically grown foods.
Here are a few, and this is not the latest: 1. An emerging area of research shows that there may be yet another problem with pesticide use. Nutritionist Rosemary Stanton cites preliminary studies published in the American based Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry which shows that some of the human anti-cancer agents found in fruit and vegetables happen to be the agents produced by the plants themselves to protect themselves against pests. “The level of these natural anti-carcinogenic agents are higher in organic produce because it hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides” said Stanton. The reports, first published in 2003, looked at strawberries, blackberries, plums and corn.
2. An Italian research team led by Dr Morando Soffritti, director of the Euro Ramazzini Foundation in Bologna found that after a seven year lifetime study of 1800 rats, there was a ‘statistically significant increase in incidence of lymphomas and leukemias in female rats’ fed aspartame.
30/07/09 11:08 PM


  Veg import shock 35 Comments 35
And let us not forget the complicity of the supermarket duopoly who would only be too glad to import all fresh food and not have to deal with fractious farmers demanding a good deal.
03/01/13 10:35 PM


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