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Lets not forget the Super Trawler decision made purley to appease a noisy few without conidering the actual facts and benefits of this vessel on the fish stocks.
Het Ali, these few who profit are the poor idiots who's taxes pay for the welfare of these law breaking protestors. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!
Surely these clowns get fined or something? Equally, the live export companies extra securities cost could be funded from victims of crime levies. Isn't that why they have to have extra security?

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

The said Tatooist has the option of setting his own price and is not reliant on the rain / sunshine to get his product to the point of sale. Fair chance that if the Tatooist goes broke is becaust he doens't have the skills (can't draw) The issue for farmers is that every crop or animal produced is a long term investment, often relying on uncontrollable weather events which dictate volume and quality, only to be subjected to prices dictated by others when it comes time to sell. Caryard and bakeries are much shorter turn around times for their sales.


Scott Ludlam says greenhouse emissions from agriculture is rising very steeply.
Proof please.
Sorry, i could not read on as I was laughing too much after I read "win back" the rural vote.
Hard to get back something you never had?
Didn't think the Lab's used "slogans"? or is it only a bad thing when Tony Abbott does it?
AA are anti meat.
They have a vegan agenda.
Any chance that the animal welfare lobby, who are oh so quick to claim “greedy, rich” farmers might be sent a copy of this report to see the “real” world view if farm finance?
Not that they really care, they are all about their own agenda without a second thought for the people working 7 days a week to keep food on everyone's table.
I Mott, What I was getting at is they have had 3 years to show an interest, sometimes you need to open your own doors and make the enquiry.
Don't worry, I don't want it in foreign sovereign hands any more than any one else, but it's a bit rich to complain about not having a chance when the horse has bolted after 3 years.
So where were all of these interested parties over the last three years that Cubby has been in administration? Missed a bargin now they want in...
Dead cats bounce too.
Just wait until the utility bills start rolling in!
Could Minister Ludwig please explain to me what a "carbon farm" produces? can we eat it or wear it? or is this just another payment for being non productive?


Ban Glyph and most likely starve to death instead...


Victor, Dairy farms, piggeries and abbatoirs all produce huge amounts of catchable waste, producing methane 24 / 7, kept agitated, excess fluids make a good source of irrigation / fertilizer too. check the below link, they have a system to capture.
http://www.kliptank. com/
It is still "all about the base" Base load supply cannot be guaranteed from wind or solar, Hydro is very geographically challenged. Huge untapped potential with capturing Methane for energy production.
Surely these mozzies are Tony Abbotts fault? Did anyone ask Ms Milne?
I fear that several of these restrictions may have been made on emotive reasoning rather than scientific fact.
Food shortages could in fact be a real result, example in point.
California placed a ban on cage eggs, what was once a net exporter of eggs is now importing eggs from Mexico to fill the domestic short fall. What AW rules are the Mexican egg producers working too?
Absloute shame that this once great organisation (RSPCA) has been infiltrated by extremists and now is no more than another extremeist voice. There are many genuine cases of abuse or neglect and deliberate animal cruelty cases that this organisation should be prosecuting, (including some farmers) not bothering lawful business transactions.
Not to mention the crap about never frozen frexh food! have yet to see frozen fresh food, have you?
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Spring is just a couple of months away and they boffins can't tell us if there is an El Nino event coming. BUT by crikey, in 50 years time they can tell us all what the weather is going to be with absolute certainty. Sceptic, not denier, climate has been changing forever...
Aus Post services small rural and remote areas that a private business woulod stike off its offering as it is completetly non viable. I believe Aus Post needs to remain as a public asset to serve and protect these areas.
So Tony B, not that interested in animals from other countries then? Only care about Aus stock? If Aus stop LE, 3rd world countries will never improve their slaughter methods. It is only the Aus livestock industries (not extremist groups) actually trying to improve facilities and methods in these countries.
Hi Senator Nick, Thanks for reconsidering your stance on the LE trade, after all, if Aus stops exporting to these countries, these countries will still continue to slaughter animals to eat, they wont just stop eating meat, like some of the extremist lobby groups really desire. So I call hypocrisy on all AH extremist groups who want to ban the LE trade, Aus is the only country trying to improve conditions in the receiving countries, if Aus stops exporting, so does the improvements in the abbs and feedlots. tell me I'm wrong.


Australian farmers spend around $1 BILLION every year on product to keep their livestock healthy and about the same again on suplimentary feed. Would they seriously do this if the animals welfare was not a priority?
Vegan Brown, any idea what survival rate is for pigs in the wild? darn site less than at a piggery.
Interesting to see that Landline on the A(lp)BC are running a story on AA this Sunday (16th June), will be very interested on the veracity of the interviews.
My opinion is trespassers should be prosecuted.


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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#blueysmegacarshowandcruise2019 10 years on Daniels Ute will be apart of another massive cause.
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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