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Grain of Truth

To all politicians and parties, instead of wasting time and effort on what might happen on foreign investment, why not give certainty and security to Australians and countrymen who have already INVESTED in this nation,
08/08/12 11:45 PM

Canberra Comment

Australian farmers , have been greatly ignored by all parties, just check on how many foreclosures or farms for sale..
It is multi national agri businesses reaping the benefits, while politicians legistlate to bind the hands of farmers , with little room to regain an even or fare chance to survive, whille international farmers are government subsidized.
27/03/13 12:02 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Councils or local government as they are refferred to, have long ago desserted in principal and have escalated shire rates beyond affordabiliy.
They have also become a fourth tier of Government which the people of Australia opposed on 2 referedums.
They are stacked with real estate, developers,and many other forms of self interest groups.
More concerning is the councils of Australia that have signed onto sustainable development , Which started out as local agenda 21.
The 40 chapters in this program is a profile on how your local government will control every aspect of your life .
07/04/13 11:41 PM
Regardless if the land is urban or rural, the zoning laws can blight the price of land for one property owner and enhance it for another, and the competition of different loan rates offshore, how do Australians compete with just these 2 issues.
Local,state and national government along with faceless committees, have eroded secure property tenure.
Can Australians purchase land in the countries, who are buying Australian property, or is this also a one way deal in the depth of ones pockets.
09/07/12 07:48 PM
WA a coalition national partnership, is also blighting private property with quasi greening laws, while in land belonging to council,state and crown, development of commercial, industrial,rack and stack and cottage lots have convienently ticked all the right boxes with EPA, .
reveniew dropped nearly 2% to 47% for national taxes on property.
Property owners would like to know , who is gaining the benefits of carbon offsets.
19/06/12 03:04 AM


Well said Mr Underwood, with the recent activity with fires in WA is proof that the dysfunctional system the Government is using is a failure.
The fact that crown and local government land is exempt from safe fire hazard clearing laws that apply to private property owners is bewildering.
19/03/15 12:54 AM
Will Chinese investors be tied up in the red tape from Government restrictions as Australian farmers are ,or will a different set of rules apply in the Governments eagerness to sell of our assets.
Farmers voices have been ignored, and the only lone voices speaking up for them is Murray Cowper and Shane Love.
Production can only increase with more land or cut restrictions or cheaper labor.
20/02/14 10:24 PM
Murray Cowper and Shane Love crossed the floor for Protection of Property for land owners.
Other south west Liberals who fought for Property rights prior to 2008 election, Barry House, Robyn McSweeney and Troy Buswell, where is your support for the priority to a Draft Property Rights that was written after hearings and on recomendation from Legislative council in relation to THE IMPACT OF STATE GOVERNMENT ACTIONS AND PROCEEDINGS ON THE USE AND ENJOYMENT OF FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD LAND IN WA.
The draft was the result of 37 important issues and recomendations , and was a bi partisan committee.
14/07/13 11:29 PM
Government's role is to support the electorate.
Now would be an ideal time to cut the red tape government created, and let farmers farm. The last thing they need is Government leadership or another policy.
11/06/13 06:14 PM
If Australian banks lack interest in supporting farmers, why are offshore interests queing to buy land, and which banks are giving them loans.
Are the loan rates and terms the same as Australian farmers.
20/02/13 10:34 PM
Private property rights draft was released prior to 2008 election, it was a bi-partisan venture as it was taken from recommendations of the standing committee that Barry House was chairman.
The 38 recommendations from the committee covered all land-owners and users.
To date the recommendations and the private property rights draft , all bought about from generous tax-payers funds.
A few more MEN like MAX is what this country needs.
13/02/13 06:31 PM
A draft PROPERTY RIGHTS paper that was to be a priority issue in 2008 for Liberals, already excists .
It wad drawn up by members who where voted for in 2008 election , and have been collecting taxpayers funds, but have remained silent on the issue since elected.
This was a bipartisan issue issue from the legislative council on THE USE AND ENJOYMENT OF FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD LAND IN WA MAY 2004 -Barry House was chairman.
The property rights DRAFT was written from the 38 recomendations from that report.
Why waste further Tax payers money, when a DRAFT policy already excists.
31/01/13 11:16 PM
A matter of priority, rings the same bells as the property rights issue in 2008 election, vote for the Liberals and Nationals, went as far as a draft on the policy, got elected and "poof!" not a word has been spoken of it since.
What of home owners who live near unmanaged bush and national parks on the urban outskirts of Perth.
With fires raging all over the nation in the last few weeks, this is no time to put families and homes and livelihoods up for ransom as to who people vote for.
24/01/13 11:57 PM
Farmers would have a more positive outlook, if such a negative government stopped hindering every aspect of being able to be productive and make a living.
17/01/13 06:32 AM
The most important issue affecting farmers over the last 10 years is security of property tenure.
In 2008 election this was a prioriy policy for Nationals and Liberals , they failed to support Farmers and WA tax payers on this issue.
Secure property rights is still a priority issue for all West Australians, and will the Indepedents address it.
22/12/12 02:09 AM


thousands of hobbyfarms where on the outskirts of perth and peel region many between 5 to 20 acres privately owned properties, but are now being resumed by government as public open space or parks and recreation, or carbon offsets.
why rent when you can own .
21/02/12 09:26 PM


The tax payers of WA have provided unlimited funds on this long saga of property rights, why not use the DRAFT FOR PROPERTY RIGHTS that was released as a priority issue for the LIBERAL and NATIONAL parties for the 2008 election.
As this covers all property owners.
It was stated recently that 44% of state reveniew was derived from stamp duty and taxes on property.
With the current defecit it would seem that property owners while having no voice are the cash cows, for wasteful spending projects, and departments who freely spend other peoples money.
04/03/13 11:11 PM
just look to other countries using the technology, just about bankrupted there nations and are pulling out of subsidizing solar and wind power .
A great pity all private run bussinesses are not equally government subsidized, and if it is so good why is our power suddenly SO expensive.
13/02/13 06:51 PM


More than likely they see that our Politicians at the stroke of a pen can render a farm worthless in Australia, using the EPA for blighting the farmers and property owners .
Philanthropy and Biodiversity Hotspots for International companies for the Carbon Offsets, so they can enjoy life and fruits of work, while we live in a Nation of dont do and cant do.
Friends from europe and Canada say they like Australian farms because they have secure land rights.
14/06/11 11:56 PM


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