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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Those who can, DO. Those that can't go into the senate.
09/12/13 10:45 PM
"Nobody is going to invest in a business that loses money unless there is a convincing transformation pathway on show". What, you mean like AACo?
09/12/13 10:37 PM
Those who can do, those who can't consult.
29/04/13 10:10 PM
The only thing that should matter is that it is Australian Grown and safe. All the rest is just spin and froth.
14/04/13 10:04 PM
What a crock.
10/04/13 10:46 PM
The need to be seen to do something is often more important than actually doing it. If you can pick a fight with a land owner then you have someone with something to loose to fund the fight for you. Doesn't really matter whether it is black berries or land rights - the property owner is always at fault because they can afford to pay - they must be able to they own land!
10/04/13 02:16 AM
Finally some one in the press has recognised these organisations (Greenpeace, WWF etal) for what they are- mere standover merchants. Originally started with the best of intentions, (bit like trade unions) they have gone on to be captured by their own bureaucray. This capture has meant a need to generate income anyway they can to pay for the people who work for them. This is an organisation that in 2010, SPENT 91.29 million Euro's in fundraising activities and 38.773 million Euro's in Administration costs in the same year. Mind you this was from an income of 525Million Euro's. Mafia would be pr
01/10/12 10:25 PM

Get Muddy

But Sam isnt Dr Dreamboat on the "frontline", I mean he is a Vet first and a TV personality second - surely!!
12/11/13 12:31 AM


The alternate head line could read "Long Death of Dalgetys".
17/09/15 10:36 PM
"Oh yea of little faith"
Great companies are made by the people, not their age. Elders is a classic example of just how correct that statement is. Bet the Ruralco guys are wondering just how they let that get away!!
22/05/15 04:20 AM
Drought - It is the Banks fault
Poor Markets - it is the Banks fault.
High Land Prices - it is the Banks fault
Low Land Prices - it is the Banks fault
High Dollar - it is the Banks fault
Low Dollar - it is the Banks fault.
Banks - the whipping boy for all that ails agriculture. If Banks would just give them the money and then leave all the problems would be fixed.
Agriculture in this country faces so many challenges, it is incredible that we have an industry at all. But to blame the Banks for of it's problems is a cop out by Government especially and cross bench senator's especially.
19/03/15 11:03 PM
Be interesting to find Bankers who understand the whole "Natural Capital" field. Most of them struggle to understand farming time lines (cycles) at the best of time.
28/01/15 02:54 AM
Not sure that land values decreasing actually effects the income earning capacity of said land. In fact if the value of the land decreases, then the ability of the said land to generate a reasonable rate of return should increase.
15/12/14 01:17 AM
All very well pushing productivity but what about profitability? All very well to have excellent productivity but if it ain't profitable, what is the point. Perhaps we should be spending the levy money to get farmers to understand how to run and measure profitability in their business, and then leading that into the productivity space!
11/12/14 02:11 AM
You know it is serious when the Rural Debt Crisis Summit is held in the Winton Shire Council supper rooms!
03/12/14 10:16 PM
Given the information given to an unsolicited email request, one has to wonder about the due diligence practised by the targeted competitor! No wonder ordinary folk fall for "Nigerian" email scams.
27/05/14 10:47 PM
Given the number of Kidman decendents who make up the ownership of S Kidman & Co today, this may well be the only way to return capital to them. The fact that Terra Firma is looking is to be expected as both are in the same business and same geographic areas, so would cause no increase in costs. It seems only those from afar are able to see Australian Agriculture's potential as an investment opportunity. The good thing is that the English, have proven long term investment expectations. Lets face it Kidman's would not exist if not for original English investment.
08/05/14 11:51 PM
If anyone can get traction with China, Mr Forrest certainly can. Probably one of the best salesmen of his generation.
08/05/14 11:24 PM


  Greens shut out GM 24 Comments 24
Glad to see Luddites can spell - John Newton - Thanks for the correction.
01/10/12 10:50 PM
  Greens shut out GM 24 Comments 24
I really don't know why people are surprised when the
'Greens" come out with their ludite statements. Here is a group that never uses science when it doesn't agree with their own opinion. Doesn't matter if it is Super Trawlers, GMO Crops, Live Export, the list goes on and on. The only good these people do is to reinforce the need for Agriculture to re-connect with the City so that people understand were their food comes from and how it is produced. The same science used to produce GMO crops is also the same science used to produce life saving medicines.
30/09/12 10:26 PM


Good to see some balanced reporting on the "Trade Deal"- the use of the word "Free" is a little fast and loose! When dealing with people whos idea of a short term investment window is some where in the vicinity of a generation, any agreement on change is a victory!
09/04/14 11:31 PM
"When I was Agricultural Minister I sat at a cabinet table with Ministers who wanted to improve the lot of people in the bush." Gee senator, you must have been sitting in a different Cabinet to the one, we the bush voters remember !!
09/02/14 11:20 PM
Back of the envelope, bush accountants are okay for small businesses where the structures are simple. However, the thought of a popularist like Joyce being invloved in the running of the country scares the hell out me. I feel he's best placed in the Senate where he can do little real damage, while still being used to gauge popular opinion by making outlandish claims and statements.
28/09/12 01:56 AM
Could always put his hand up for the AACo job!
02/12/13 10:26 PM
Good to see a "hip shooting politician" change his tune after bothering to find out the truth. Lets not forget that those aposed to Live Export use it primarily as a fund raising exercise, and do pay people like Lynne White extremely well - just check out the last financial return from Animals Australia.
30/07/13 01:32 AM
You can't blame the workers at DAFF for not wanting to be there. Imagine being caught between Industry and a Government beholden to the Left Wing extremist Greens.Agriculture and Forrestry are soft targets, and it is the DAFF employees who have to instigate and deal with the fallout caused by idiots instigating knee jerk recation policy changes. It is very easy to cause hurt to people when you don't have to deal with them. The guys and girls at DAFF are doing a splendid job under very trying conditions, and if it wasn't for them Agriculture and Forrestry would be in a even bigger mess!!!
19/02/13 11:54 PM
Nice of her to consult the idependants before doing anything. Last time they will ever be in a position to be taken seriously. Bye Bye.
31/01/13 12:52 AM


Congratulations to "Big Baz" the guy who grew the tray of mangos. Nice to see the NT being represented at the top level by a guy who knows what he is doing.
14/10/13 12:34 AM
Plants have feelings too!
Why should we be the alternative to animals!
Bring on a "captian's pick" and lets see a Potatoe elected to the Australian Senate.
31/01/13 12:44 AM


I agree with Pete. While house prices are driven in part by the "Desire Factor" commercial land (and I can't for the life of me understand why farms aren't valued the same way - I can really but that still doesn't make rational sense) is valued on its potential to deliver a return. We need to bring this rational to farm land as well. Capital gain is what you get if you are prepared to hold the land for a period of time, and it is not always positive. What that land generates in income is what should be the only defining factor when assesing value - not what the farm next door sold for!
07/04/14 11:56 PM
"Valuer Taylor Byrne provided independent evidence that the integration of a cattle station portfolio could contract a higher price than individual properties.On that basis Paraway's northern property portfolio, which includes the 1.1 million hectare Davenport Downs, was assigned goodwill of $3 million and a carrying value of $211 million." Valuer is hardly independent when Paraway is paying them. Also since when has a cattle station value ever included a "goodwill" portion in its valuation?
07/04/14 11:27 PM
The whole overseas ownership issue is a crock, driven as a highly emotive issue. The whole history of Australian Agriculture has been underpinned by foreign investment. Why should a farmer looking to sell their property not be able to sell for the highest price on the day - no matter where the funds come from?
09/07/13 12:51 AM
Foreign capital in the form of ownership of, and investment in agricultural land has been ongoing since the time of settlement. None of our current agricultural land would exist without it. I am not sure that Mr Katter would be so strident in his opposition where it the Americans or the English involved in this investment. The "Yellow Peril" of last century, have become the "Yellow Savious" of this one and it is time Bob either got on board or shut up. Anyway Bob don't you own a Toyota!! what Australian cars are good enough for you!!
27/11/12 11:15 PM


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