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Grain of Truth

As a "know all " from WA ,I make the following comments. WA and SA are primarily Export and have funded a significant part of WEA. .For only the second time ever have the two principle grain grower bodies from WA agreed on a major grain issue ( GM the other)-GET RID OF WEA. eastern states growers sold their share ( and soul) in the industry-WA growers still control a major component re CBH.
Perhaps a WEA model with a levy on all wheat, Export and Domestic so the Eastern States contribute their fair share!!! I think not !
09/10/12 11:59 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

How about addressing Ag Education- future Ag production issues on the home ground-AUSTRALIA
22/06/12 09:30 AM


GTAs proposed new ha/l wt perspective will allow traders to capture significant arbitrage -highly unlikely that this will all be returned to the producer. Good to see GGl reviewing this issue and they now need to quantify the $ cost over a range of 5 seasons.
14/10/12 12:25 AM
Peter ,GPA have no relevance to WA growers and you have to note that both PGA and WAFF agree re the demise of WEA, only the second time ever that these two bodies have agreed on a major grain issue ( Adoption of GM the other). GGL would represent more growers on a national basis than any other body . Its time we had some rationalisation of "so called" industry representative groups
08/10/12 12:30 PM
Hang on, most of the affected landholders had trees etc up up the back door. they also need to accept some responsability
08/10/12 12:20 PM
The real issue is can CBH maintain an aggregated grower cost structure and continue to offer historical service levels in more marginal production areas.
Competition is coming and CBH needs to be lean and mean to meet it.
05/10/12 05:05 AM
Congratulations to Tony Crook for taking a stand. The WA Federal Liberals are gutless. Rick Wilsons silence does not bode well for him in the context of his ability to represent future electorate views
28/09/12 10:35 AM
Aaron I suggest u move to Eastern states and get a taste of their storage , handling and frt fees. At least Interflour profits helping to offset CBH poor years
13/09/12 08:40 AM
How will changes benefit farmers?
29/08/12 09:30 PM
McLeod,s perspective is his own..It would be interesting to see the result of a truly independent survey of the perspective of all Coles Aussie suppliers , right back to the farmer!
15/08/12 05:42 AM
Down Dowm. What is the end point? Every Australian farmer broke?
02/08/12 02:24 PM
when are we going to see some action in terms of resolving the Ag education issue in Australia- if we dont start now the labour supply issue we have today will be insignificant in relation to that expected in 5-10 years!
15/07/12 10:49 PM


Good to see Tony Crook having the guts to represent his constituents on this issue- its obvious that political expiediancy not true electoral representation is tainting WA Federal Liberal outcomes. Its time for Julie ( Bishop) to be hands off on this issue.
Surely our polititions are there to represent the majority view out of WA
23/10/12 11:02 PM
If the East Coast want WEA retention are they going to pay a levy on domestic wheat??
15/10/12 11:38 PM
GTAs arrogance is only surpassed by their lack of grower representation.
25/09/12 03:03 PM
Tony I suggest you phone both the PGA and WAFF and get clear input on the WEA issue in WA- WE DONT WANT IT !!!!
24/09/12 11:32 AM
Canola,barley,iron ore,wool,nickel etc are basically exported with minimal Gov. Imposition, why should wheat be treated differently. Get rid of the WEA and return the money to the grower.
09/09/12 12:43 PM
Will bunge offer QO,Loadnet,multiple segregation etc??
02/08/12 02:30 PM
Will bunge offer QO,Loadnet,multiple segregation etc??
02/08/12 02:30 PM
WA growers still own CBH
23/07/12 04:44 AM
Perhaps eastern States growers need to invest in rail as per CBH in WA ( $175 million)- look at WA,s freight rates per Km. Eastern states growers are being screwed.
25/03/12 07:01 AM
bulk handlers handle grain on growers behalf- they do not own it. They have no right to release stock/quality information, that is the owners perogitive
18/03/12 11:02 PM


A definitive (in shed) lice test. Lice a costing growers millions!??
13/06/12 11:11 PM
Once mined - gone forever (usually overseas) -Sustainable food production is forever
The equation is simple-short term profit( mining) or long term profitability( farming)
30/01/12 07:08 AM


Having recently imported an aircraft from the US the cost was directly related to the appreciation of the Aussie $.( a good time to import) I would suggest that if dealers do not start passing on the Aussie/US $ saving that there will be direct importation of Ag machinery also. Machinery dealers cant have it both ways , up when the dollar is down and up when the dollar is up
06/05/11 09:01 AM


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