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Grain of Truth

Well said about bloody time the WEA uselessness was stated.
Why not levy all wheat users? Domestic market want/demand seats on committees but pay nothing and get the same benefits as export.
New WEA is not about regulation it is about industry good functions the bits that have been handed to the traders and those with vested interests and deep enough pockets to buy a seat (GTA and WQA).
Here's a novel idea let WA deregulate and the East Coast have these functions via a levy. The only thing WA have going for them is location, their wheat is rubbish quality.
10/10/12 06:34 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

The amount of wheat sold to ME has gone from 40% to 14% as there has been no marketing in the last 15+ yrs and new mill operators have no idea what Aust wheat is or does. Same goes for China no idea about qualities of Aust wheat. So no generic marketing ( for long enough), no knowledge by customer (the old ones have retired), no market. David is unfortunately a cherry picker, free marketer in a world of regulation & protection, except for Aust. Good for him that he is a journalist and not a farmer so can afford his ideology, untainted by reality.
01/09/12 06:59 AM


Percy, pretty hard to show stacks emitting CO2 colourless, etc.
22/07/14 03:54 AM
des61143 don't tell me the "concerned" Hockster has conned you on our debt, what a load of rubbish. Look at the rest of the world that is debt for generations. I presume you buy everything cash, debt is bad according to the Lib dills, well I suppose it is when you are rolling in the mining boom and can give it away as a tax cut, to buy elections, instead of using it to build infrastructure to improve our efficiency and competitiveness. But anyway live in you own world don't let the truth get in the way of a pollie (any of them) try and read more and think.
05/09/13 07:08 AM
So AWB put farmers out of business, what a joke, ever heard of low prices due to oversupply. They maximised returns but that doesn't mean they made farmers profitable it means they did the best at the prices on offer from customers Aaron you continue to amaze with you warped view of the world.
Competition and the privatisation of elec hasn't slowed elec prices in fact the opposite, their called cartels D8.
07/02/13 05:58 AM
Ian, I bet I won't get one at the Inst.. I would doubt anyone in our State burns. I am the local fire captain, what are you? Don't answer. Obviously an armchair expert good theory except you couldn't light a fire here in August with litres of diesel. Guess how many fires I have put out for "sensible" farmers - lots.
22/01/13 08:05 AM
Ian which farmers are going to burn their property (unless stubble) to prevent a bush fire? I am not I need the feed. What do you think is a fire trap some standing old pasture my cows are using rather than bare dirt for 4 months and hand feeding.
Talk about dropkicks and goons go back to the institute. I wouldn't be at a fire you were on.
Burning its not about how much but where bit like rain and growing a crop. All our Vic pollies can think to do is burn large areas that are 100s Km from anyone and they have reached their target, Bozzos.
21/01/13 10:07 PM
Quite amazing to see the regurgitated Pollies swill coming out of the mouths of people dragging around red herrings connecting their inhumane, cruel,spiteful rehtoric to racism to divert from what they really are. It is not illegal and it is not queue jumping (you can't jump something that isn't there, unless you are a sheep of course). Just shows how low our socalled democracy has fallen to be represented by these morons Pollies on both sides. After all their clamour about being on the UN they want to pick and choose which parts they like.
28/11/12 02:32 AM
Ludwig, only a Minister because Julia owes his dad. What do they do with drones they owe favours to, give them the Ag ministery (either side)
Ludwig has never had any idea about ag or wheat and trying to paint sensible oversight as a return to full monoploy is a red herring used by those that are basically stupid. All our competitors have these safeguards but just goes to show how thick some are in the wheat industry, that is if they aren't agents of the traders, which I suspect.
01/10/12 07:46 AM
"Quality assured through market competitiveness" bollocks statement for the lazy, stupid or incompetent, tick all of the above.
They have no idea and yes mark2 they are reinventing the wheel only when they are finished it will not be round they are pollies after all, living in another dimension.
As for a place that imports fools, try Canberra they are already there.
20/06/12 10:51 PM
Maybe we should look at grower losses since deregulation and sue the Aust Govt for stupidity. The elephant in the room, there is a way to calculate this but TOO embarrasing for the deregulators to show how farmers have been shafted for the profits of the trading companies and the Govt helping Uncle Sam and getting rid of their minimal risk.
18/06/12 02:40 AM
What amounts misappropriated, are you suggesting fraud? Different to Oil for food and I would suggest Leon may need to be very careful or could face libel charges. Growers made money out of Iraq, although not much WA rubbish made their contract specs.
16/06/12 01:47 AM


Take a look at how much the AEGIC is getting. The whole industry will have nothing to show for it.
05/09/13 07:00 AM
Kevvie, Kevvie, Kevvie why do you think there is classification linked to a region, well not so much any more, now the non science lobby has arrived. IT DOES MATTER. Temp effects protein type, effects quality, 101 cereals.
11/06/13 12:44 AM
ECO lets hope we get a chance to see it before it is enacted. I wont hold my breath, wheat industry has a habit of stuffing things up even when you thought it impossible, been doing it for years.
07/02/13 06:06 AM
I would guess none of these people has ever been involved in wheat industry good functions.
We had the IEG, which caused the problem by splitting everything (Burke) now the WIAT (Ludwig) to finish the job.
03/02/13 05:07 AM
Who wrote the business case for this rubbish? Looks like a pot of money with nowhere to go was found by an empire in waiting. Jobs for the boys who conned those with no idea, is this where cereal chemistry has landed? What an absolute disgrace and waste of money that will achieve absolutely nothing but keep some PhDs off the street. The immoral leading the ignorant.
05/09/13 06:57 AM
Strange how none of these people have any idea about wheat quality the thing they are trying to get best practice for to ensure a good classification system.
05/12/12 02:52 AM
As I have said before this is about the traders making money, these loads can be absorbed into the receival system and never be seen on a ship, been like that for years. Will the traders guarrantee to sell this wheat as is and not blend it away, fat chance. GTA, the traders rules
Another issue Mike, high screenings also lower test weight, not just weather damage maybe why last year was so bad in WA.
By the way where is the non crop report that is non rep of anything?
Interesting Chris is a farmer also a pretty big trader, but this is never mentioned.
08/11/12 09:19 PM
The Schultz defence "I know nothiiiinnnnnggg" sad but how true.
05/10/12 11:22 PM
  Greens shut out GM 24 Comments 24
Fairgro you are a fool, at best. So you can contaminate someone else's farm and it is their fault, what a load of bulldust. Typical of the multi national thieves.
If this food is so economical why aren't they growing it all over Africa, too bloody expensive, can't afford the seed, you dill. All GM has allowed the use of Roundup guess who makes it???? GM airy fairy promises, all wind up no follow through.
01/10/12 08:17 AM
BB, what about them, aren't they farmers. I don't see them on the GTA Board.
28/09/12 04:17 AM


There are clowns LGR and unfortunately your one of them. I can provide a room full of carbon dioxide for you since you like it so much. What stupid comments.
07/10/13 09:27 PM
Well done Em but you are talking to the committed don't take their vitriol to heart they will be found and put back in the asylum. Bill the thing with bananas was it came from a banana not something else don't let the facts destroy your position. I liked the bit about blind culpability maybe their descendants end up in the most inhospitable place on earth for a few generations. Always bugs me that pollies stuff things up due to ideology but still get their pension and at times even re elected sends a bad message.
26/09/13 01:38 AM
DOR I was being sarcastic and you can control both how do you think we ended up where we are does CFC ring a tiny bell?
20/09/13 03:26 AM
Looks like the clowns are in charge of the circus except their not very funny. No Science, climate or anything else that really matters the economy runs everything. Suppose that's what happens when you are a believer you are being guided by a higher force and really why did he leave those fossil fuels around, must have meant for them to be used.
20/09/13 03:20 AM
Why are we talking about this, happens all the time. Thanks goodness we are scrapping the carbon tax and closing the green bank what a waste of money which we can better spend on things like drought relief. I am sure most farmers have no interest in the climate, I mean what does it do!!!!! It is the green tape, ect that stuff farming, not the climate.
18/09/13 10:22 AM
Looks like the vested interests have it in for Tony. Well he is welcome down here in Corangamite where we have a bunch of useless pollies Libs/Nats/Labs. Obviously they want something Tony is not delivering, all about you guys don't worry about the country.
06/02/13 10:48 PM
Yeah, Yeah until they get in.
Pino Clean said they had an embarrassment of talent on the front bench.
From what I have seen and heard he should have stopped at embarassment, closer to the truth.
04/02/13 01:18 AM
Here we go again the deniers out in force with their abuse of anyone else. LGR an ounce is about all you have.
23/01/13 11:09 AM
Dalby left QLD not the rest of us. Anyway hold onto those thoughts and revisit them in 12 months, if they get in.
14/08/13 11:59 PM
Dalby spoken like a true Queenslander. Except Barny Banana has left you for greener pastures.
14/08/13 10:12 PM


We should send a huge chip over to WA so they can put it on the other shoulder they may end up in balance. These people are so rabid about "their" place in the industry it is scary.
Gee when they weren't growing much many years ago who subsidised them the East Coast for 10s of years get over it guys its not all about you.
11/10/12 07:43 AM


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