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Gregor is spot on. Let the debate focus on the real issues. It is not about single desk and never has been. It is time the WAllies stopped misleading the debate and the rest of the media reported responsibly like Gregor.
The accreditation scheme is obsolete, but the need for oversight of not and we need a well resourced and independent watch dog making sure their is fair access to port for competition and making sure their is enough stock information for the market to function and that our internation reputation as a supplier of quality wheat is protected.
10/10/12 09:02 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Agriculture is one of the very few industries that creates anything and society demands that the the literal fruit of our labour is provided for everyones benefit for a price that everyone other than the farmer deems appropriate. Society and civilisation were created and are maintained today on the back of agriculture. Governments fall when people get hungry. And yet we are beseiged by small minded twerps who seem to think society owes nothing, not even an acceptable terms of trade, to farmers. If trade were truly free then farmers would be paid fairly on supply and demand, but we are not
23/06/12 03:55 AM


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Minister Ludwig has no interest in agriculture and treats farmers with contempt. His only interest in his portfolio is that it gave him a Cabinet post. His attitude and actions disgust me. He will leave a legacy of distrust and a weakened agriculture in an unprecedented era of deceit and malice toward real farmers. The Coalition could not possibly be worse for agriculture than this Government.
25/02/13 10:05 PM
hmmmmmm How many tonnes did pga members deliver versus waff members? If Mr Wandel wants to weigh in on the agripolitical debate he probably needs to think about how his business is sustained. I would suggest that his business is driven almost entirely on the number of tonnes it handles and is generally distracted by the mindless ranting of small producers. I suspect that over 80% of the grain CBH handles is produced by less than 20% of the growers. Mr Wandel should be more interested in needs of the 20% to sustain CBH. waff grains is subservient to their cattleman president Norton.
09/09/11 01:50 AM
If you let farming be profitable by ensuring the value of what farmers produce is paid then agriculture will attract young people.
If consumers continue to demand more from farmers, taking our existence for granted and effectively crippling the business of primary production through unreasonable expectations about the value of food then agriculture will not attract enough people.
Discussions around agricultural productivity need to focus on profit not product and then this problem will solve itself.
28/06/11 10:36 PM


CBH the more you try and sanitise your gross incompetence on this issue the worse it looks and the more suspicious we will get. God knows what this will cost and growers will pay the costs in the end. Nice commercial arrangement when it is underwritten by by a third party that has no say in the resolution. It makes me sick that WAFF and PGA argued to get rid of the WEA when it was the only body that could shine a light on this stinking mess. SHAME.
21/12/12 10:20 PM
Another brainless rant from Mr Tuckey and typically uninformed of the real issue. He supported the abolition of the single desk because it created an unresponsive monopoly marketer that failed to deliver real benefits to growers. Now he is arguing to deregulate further and entrench a monoploy that is not delivering real benefits to growers. Wake up you idiots, CBH is a single desk in WA. Getting rid of WEA removes the last obstacle for CBH to flex its monopoly muscle fully. WAKE UP this issue is serious and should not be run by has beens like Wilson Tuckey.
08/10/12 01:55 AM
So it seems the plot thickens again. Bunge want farmers to pay an extra $30M to build through handling chargs to build a port facility and now also wants them to build and manage all the up country handling capacity to service that port. WA growers are severely restricted in access to grain protectants to keep weevils out of grain and so it seems Bunge also wanst DAFWA to change chemical legislation. Bunge's arrogance is only matched by CBH's abuse of their monopoly.
05/10/12 10:14 PM
Bloody typical.
GrainGrowers undermined GPA when it stepped up to work for growers to stop the abolition of WEA.
Now that GPA is actually winning and looks like it can do the job, GrainGrowers backs down, but is still too gutless to admit it was wrong.
How is it that GrainGrowers could speak with such conviction, only a few months ago, that WEA should be abolished when it clearly did not have consensus then either?
GrainGrowers now stands behind the political indecision that it helped to create to try and distance itself from its disgraceful betrayal of growers.
I am not fooled.
20/09/12 10:58 PM
Mr Trigg is very articulate, but the reality os that growers are at a massive disadvantage in terms of price discovery and realisation of a price that fairly corresponds to the quality of grain that we grow. I am sick of the bulls**t rhetoric about how great a job the exporters and bulk handlers do. At the coalface I see the current system stealing the value of my grain through subjective assessments and subsequent blending. The most efficient pathway to market is also the most corrupt.
14/06/12 07:43 AM
The Productivity Commission the govt puts so much faith in was held after one year of deregulation and was too soon to provide any real insight into how the system was working. Now we see that the quality system is failing and growers and exporters are being exploited by bulk handling companies. The govt should take its head out of the sand and look at today's evidence before shafting us again. Mr Sidebottom should shut up and actually do some work for agriculture instead of being a puppet for a hostile labour government.
22/04/12 11:21 PM
Australia is not launching anything. An autocratic non representative, non consultative and unaccountable group of industry bullies has decided to impose itself on every farmer and grain trader in the country without so much as a by your leave. This is a complex issue being driven by a Board of amatures who expect us to trust them when they have overseen the loss of over $60 million of growers money in the last four years. Grain Growers is not a stable platform to launch such a pivotal reform especially given their arrogant attempt to assume control of the industry representative function.
03/07/11 07:16 AM
Oh Chicken Little!!! If agriculture is treated with some respect and the value of our produce increased in line with our costs of production then farming would be more profitable and farmers would produce more and be able to sustain it. Farmers terms of trade are so tight that there is a disincentive to manage to maximise production and increase investment in R&D to be able to meet the coming demand. Consumers expect safe, healthy food and then expect that it should be given to them under the cost of production - that is the problem for food security.
27/06/11 10:12 PM
What a joke! Has anybody read what NSWFA, VFF, GPSA, AgForce are saying through GPA. There is no agenda to reregulate the wheat market and there is no attempt to undermine the ability of exporters to compete. GPA is in fact enacting the position that PGA put to the productivity commission in wheat marketing. The majority of SFOs are seeking to maintain an ability to hold bulk handling companies accountable through a change to WEAs role. PGA are failing their members as competition is already contracting in WA with at least one key exporter ceasing operations under CBHs monopoly.
25/07/12 08:31 AM


What an absolute load of garbage!
07/10/12 09:26 AM


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