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Grain of Truth

WEA was always about looking like the pollies were doing something whilst doing nothing.
The IEG for wheat was there to throw the industry good areas to the four winds at the behest of the Libs/Labour and their own self interest.
There is no independant information on customer quality issues, just self serving tripe from the major traders that it is all fine "trust us we're responsible people" what they leave off is lining their own pockets is their main responsibility.
11/10/12 02:48 AM


Our quality reputation went when AWB went, even local owned don't care, its all about $.
Now they have bought seats at all the tables to make sure it stays that way we need independant people doing the right thing for the industry because basically without proper controls capitalism is anarchy where the strong only care about their pockets. Just look at Alison, any mention of control and she's onto it as a bad thing.
02/04/12 08:42 PM
You only have to look at the lack of ability of the last couple of Ministers to know Ag is for those who are useless but owed favours.
But then again I don't recall a Lib/Nat setting the world on fire, usually some agri pollie who has been doing the bidding of the Libs gets a reward.
Very difficult to find a true farmer leader who actually puts farmers first.
12/02/12 09:58 PM
Well we aren't doing such a great job with stopping our land being taken over and the same things happening here. Never trust a Pollie to get it right.
Biofuels should come from areas that don't produce food now or crop waste but more is needed to develop the technology. Don't look to Pollies.
If we stopped spoilage of grain, etc we would not have a problem, huge amount of loss.
Value food.
07/02/12 11:31 PM
Alison, lets get real, how many slots do you prebook on the shipping stem that you have no sales for, then you release these slots just weeks away so there is no chance another exporter can organise a cargo in the time frame. So there are ways and means aren't there?
07/12/11 03:01 AM
Hi Realist,
Winney bought it not Graincorp. Free market no such thing, think GFC so really what reality do you live in?
07/12/11 02:58 AM
I think it means they sold it for much more than they paid for it. They are here to make profits not just cover costs and return the rest to farmers, like AWB.
24/11/11 08:49 PM


It is more than that it is also what happens when the sample from the truck is split to a smaller amount most, if not all, of these people have no idea about sampling. But the wheat industry is now run by stakeholders not people who have knowledge of these and other technical issues. Guess what, stakeholders tend to look after their business first, if they are any good. So if you want things done properly for whole of industry good get it done independently. Not bloody likely.
28/06/13 01:47 AM
Thanks Bushie obviously you don't like what you read. Anyway its strange you would know about those buttons since you don't either of them.
13/04/12 03:53 AM
BlahBlah I presume your name started as some commentary on what you were reading funny it has morphed into what you are writing.
Who does the monitoring, oh the BHA monitor themselves.
APH2 what does that signify to you?Your answer will be enlightening.
To get product information and apply it to the various grades and regions is far beyond the ability of any of the employees of any trader I know.
11/04/12 09:47 AM
Total deregulation is BS everywhere has regulation take the stock exchange etc what world do you clowns live in, fantasy!!! Wghere there is money to be made you need checks. The WEA for all the talk has done stuff all they never said payments were guarranteed the couldn't. What we need is cargo monitoring (even US does that), crop information and classification, receival / export standards (they don't have to be the same weren't under AWB) and pre competitive enduser/product information under the one roof. Severe penalties for breeches. Then the traders can do what they want.
10/04/12 10:29 PM
Dear Me sound like an exporter that is the usual ideological head in the sand tripe they dish up.
If it sounds like a duck, walks like a duck and has feathers good chance it is a duck. Too many reports of poor quality to be dismissed, unless of course you are into virtual blending then real blending to get back the money you "gave to farmers for their benefit" BHAs give something for nothing, I don't think so.
How scared are you? I bet the phones are running hot to Pollies and movers and shakers to hose this down.
Where are the Lib/Nats on this real winner, hiding.
03/04/12 12:04 AM
Most of their wheat comes from WA so what does that say. Even the USA has FGIS, a Govt body, and they have been deregulated forever.
WEAs other big problem no teeth and they shold have. There is no mechanism for complaints except BHA denial that it is just a marketing ploy.
Lets stop the BS "perceived problem" it is real and has been since AWB left but if you can't see the problem you can't fix it. There are no controls except thos self imposed by the exporter and you may as well beat yourself with a feather, just make the basic contract specs and blend the hell out of it.
02/04/12 08:33 PM
Here we go again, bloody farmers couldn't get together and agree on anything, keep it up guys Govt loves this disunity rubbish. Means they can keep doing nothing, which suits them just fine.
02/04/12 01:01 AM
Peter your position is exactly what I wrote sometime ago. We need the vested interests out of wheat monitoring, classification and committees based on merit, not the I have a title therefore I know what I am doing but have never done anytrhing.
The accreditation scheme was a stuff up, they never said the entity could pay so what were they accrediting and the "likeable rogues" operate on the fringes where there is no accreditation, just ask the guys about Bangladesh, WEA nowhere. WEA needs a new boss who is not a political appointed mate.
01/04/12 08:59 PM
Well it had better be a lot better than their rainfall and state production models that they published, they were rubbish. I suppose if you keep your name out there long enough people will think you are useful even if you are hopeless.
31/03/12 09:50 PM
Andy, maybe you need to improve the quality of your wheat, the only advantage the majority of your wheat has is freight. Most markets see your stuff as low filler and it wont get any better by ignoring the elephant in the room, hypre is one thing facts another.
30/03/12 08:23 PM


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