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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Perhaps Consolidated might like to take a stab at why farmers, miners and fishers get a diesel rebate.
17/09/13 04:12 AM
In this day and age, the one thing you can be sure of, is that foreign investment involving ownership,or for that matter majority stakes is investment alright, but not for the benefit of the nation of Australia. Every tonne of grain, every head of livestock shipped from our shores by foreign owners on the basis of transfer pricing and humanitarian need eats into our gdp. I guess it all depends on at what point the sell off will stop. Could it be that Oz will depend on small farmers and hobby farmers to feed the nation.
10/09/13 03:48 AM
This constant derision of subsidies to ag are always perpetuated by those who are truly uninformed. In the drought ag ran at 3.4 % of which cropping received only 0.6%, the actual subsidy rate is now lower.
For context, here's some that Jen missed:
-Textiles, clothing and footwear mfg, 10.6%
-Wood and paper products mfg, 4.7%
-Metal products mfg, 4.3%
- Vehicles and parts mfg, 8.5%
Next time someone questions Ag subsidies you can quote a few of these.
Source, AFI article "Crossing the Divide"
28/08/13 03:58 AM
The problem with FI broadly is that while you get an economic boost, and economic rationalists love that, there are long term consequences for the economy and food security and employment, economic rationalists never look that far into the future. In any case it's easier than addressing the underlying issues of lack of profitability in the ag sector, which really is the crux of the matter.
23/08/13 02:26 AM
I believe that the reason Coles got into bed with AA was to use public hysteria whipped up by the AA extremists to justify Coles to cease buying from Australian producers and import the product instead.
27/06/13 04:26 AM
I think the simple truth unfortunately, will be the demise of these industries, as we move to a global economy.
26/06/13 11:39 PM
I wouldn't believe for one moment that AA withdrew the bags, more like Coles told them they were pulling them and let AA save face by claiming it was their idea.
10/06/13 09:20 AM
This sounds a bit like watching the old hay shed fall down. She be right it's only leaning by 15 deg's, we'll measure it again next year, cool, only leaning by 35 deg's, we'll measure her again next year.. ..holy smoke pop she's flat on the ground, cripes we don't have the money to replace it, what are we going to do now.
22/10/12 02:36 AM

Get Muddy

But of course not even the word "sustainable" is sustainable, I am so sick of that word!
17/09/13 01:02 AM
Curious article, which I can only assume is largely tongue in cheek.
11/07/13 03:35 AM

A matter of opinion

Why is it that these good-for-nothing ferals seem to have all the power.
Things have got to change, or the whole country is going to go down the gurgler faster than it already is.
18/10/13 02:35 AM


What is it with these so called celebrities, since when does someone appearing on tv confer upon them some kind of all knowing and wise deity status that we should listen to.
27/05/14 05:32 AM
So basically, they have found out just how much land is now owned by foreigners, and they're not game to tell us. I know, lets just say its a bureaucratic problem and bury it.
24/04/14 03:14 AM
In the years to come I'm sure we will see the parallels in ag as to what is now happening with NSW gas supply and pricing. Yeah sure foreign interest only control a small portion of ag output, the same could be said of the gas industry once upon a time. but markets and demand change over time, and before you turn around twice the foreign companies control supply and dictate price, just as has happened in the gas market, and no IPART for ag.
24/04/14 02:58 AM
Well, isn't this an exercise in futility, we can all bitch and moan, whats going to change, nothing. Our profits will continue to go upstream so execs and ceo's can get this years BMW or new yacht or this years luxury world trip. Militancy will be the only way out, farmers won't go there, and everybody further up the food chain knows it as well, we will be too busy trying to buy out the next guy. Farmers, the low hanging fruit!
21/02/14 03:57 AM
i have some predictions, Bega will sell out totally to Saputo, then MG. All the profits of the WCB, Bega, MG conglomerate will exit the country instead of washing around in the Australian economy.
20/01/14 06:26 AM
It seems to me that if you want to turn a wealthy nation into a 3rd world nation, one surefire way is to allow all the profits to be sent offshore. Good one Reith, lets do that.
03/12/13 06:03 AM
I was quite surprised that this deal was knocked back, but none the less delighted. The precedent that this deal would have set was enormous and would have rendered the FIRB obsolete. Effectively no deal could ever be refused again. Lets not forget though that ADM still had a partial win and will now be playing a longer strategy, this deal is far from dead.
30/11/13 01:17 AM
Promises Promises.
Promises mean nothing once the deal is signed off, and are full of loop holes generally.
What's that old saying, Promises are made to be broken.
27/11/13 06:14 AM
ahhh, Ian Pinner, the man charged with the task of hoovering as much cash out of Australia as humanly possible to our masters in the good ol US of A.
17/11/13 11:52 PM
Hehehe, touche Bushie.
21/10/13 03:29 AM


I think Daw makes a very valid point, we are already at the point where food production can't match demand, population growth is the problem, but how do you reconcile that with the basic tenet of humanity or indeed any organism to reproduce. Unless something changes soon mass starvation will be the outcome.
24/06/13 02:29 AM
Something many seem to have overlooked, and that is that the Chinese don't necessarily need to make a profit, as long as they can cover costs some years it's all good, it's going back to China anyway, probably through their own port facility, assuming they don't have one already, and that the Aussie farmer will have to pay to use, will cover it, then on to one of their CSL (China Shipping Lines) boats, that will also bus out workers, machinery, fuel, chemicals, super etc, I reckon they have it all figured out, they're much smarter than our pollies.
07/01/13 09:42 AM
No regulation is a great thing, for those state owned enterprises who wish to be free to ship their grain back home without those peasant aussies knowing whats going on.
For the smaller east coast farmers, it will be a case of take what your given or nick off!
16/10/12 02:25 AM


Paul Howes has done it again, the poor silly bugger, You would think he would know when to keep his mouth shut by now. Is this where the ALP gets its views on ag from?
I can see the point he is trying to make, I think he is wrong though. The trouble with large diversified companies controlling farms is that they come with a fairly top heavy management system and lots of overheads, Not to mention investors with their eyes fixed firmly on the bottom line, and their share dividend, that is of course the sole reason for investing.
03/12/13 06:25 AM
Can't disagree with that Bruce, but the LNP have hardly covered themselves in glory, especially in the native veg arena.
21/10/13 07:58 AM
Bahahaha, whats a roads scholar Phillip. Talk about a foot-shoot, moment, all credibility gone.
18/10/13 03:29 AM
Of course there is a gas crisis, the crisis is more about cost than supply, unless all gas supply has been contracted to export already.
The blame can be laid squarely at the feet of government, no one else. Government alone has created this crisis. We could have had a gas reservation policy, other countries do. What we are seeing here is free trade at work, good isn't it, food will be next. I think its high time we send Barry O'Barrel a really strong message at the next election.
18/10/13 02:16 AM
I can't agree with any of that Deregulat8, farmers are hardly a protected species, and go broke every week, just like in any other business. Farmers receive less protection than many other industries.
You can't deregulate wages without addressing cost of living first. Besides its not like station hands get paid an exorbitant wage, they are quite poorly remunerated.
16/10/13 01:39 AM
Another story full of holes, half truths, distortions and total lack of understanding of farming.
Though I guess what else could you expect from someone who didn't finish high school and has spent their "working life" safely cloistered within the trade union movement and ALP.
Just waiting for a future story from him, jumping up and down about foreign workers taking Australian workers jobs.
How could anyone take Howes seriously.
16/10/13 12:54 AM
Kelly O'Dwyer, as a snow job thats one of the better efforts I've seen. You missed your calling as a used car salesman.
14/10/13 11:54 PM
Deregulate, I'm surprised by your views on this, as a free and deregulated and non protectionist marketeer proponent.
You know the only reason why we have this gas problem is precisely because of free trade and deregulated and non protectionist policy. We could have had a gas reservation policy, but no that would be protectionist, and a blight on free trade. These are precisely the reasons why those of us, who you and the rest of the unfettered free trade and deregulation proponents chastise, urge caution.
16/09/13 01:00 AM
Pro CSG, we aren't running out of gas at all, thats patently untrue. Our current contracts will expire then, Its available, we will just have to pay world parity price.
16/09/13 12:45 AM
Bahahaha Rid the country, your a funny bloke, talk about taking things to extreme. I've never been accused of being a member of the loony left before!
Just how you got from my statement to communism escapes me, or was it the word citizen, aren't you a citizen of Australia?
Your post sounds suspiciously similar to Bushie's work. Take a Bex and have a lie down mate. I can assure you I'm economically right of centre, and socially libertarian. I'm all for smaller government and less regulation but not in favour of no control whatsoever.
16/09/13 12:16 AM


  Veg import shock 35 Comments 35
I think Bushy Bill makes a valid and pertinent point in his most recent post.
Clearly, Australian producers need to better position themselves. Perhaps by orchestrating 2 super co-operatives, that were multi-discipline and multi tier. Why two? To foster competion and better outcomes for producers and manufacturers. Multi disciplined? All sectors of farmers, cereals/oil seeds/livestock/intensive. Multi-tiered, inputs/sales/processing/warehousi ng/retail/export/finance.
Pro bably even Motty's $5 workers. Could this be a means to reverse our price taker existence and lift profitability
11/01/13 02:43 AM
  Veg import shock 35 Comments 35
I know what your saying Motty, but at the heart of the matter is the farm gate price of Australian produce, if we were to bring in guest workers at $5/hr would growers be better off?, I can only Imagine that extra income derived through the exploitation of a lower paid workforce would rapidly find it's way back into the pockets of the middleman and retailers as either profit taking or used to fund market share wars, because essentially nothing has changed, still price takers.
02/01/13 02:06 AM
  Veg import shock 35 Comments 35
I mostly agree with Motty on lots of things, but how would any worker survive on anything less than $15/hr in Australia, and $5/hr, well, that's just ridiculous. Maybe the only answer is for the duopoly to be the farmers, I mean they do it now, by telling their contracted growers what to do I believe, but sidestep the risk, as any contractor does in using a subby. Perhaps its time Coles and Woolworths got to carry the risk as well as the stick. In any case while ever farmers and graziers are price takers instead of price setters, nothing will change, and therein lies the answer.
31/12/12 05:01 AM
No surprises here, I support FTA's, trouble is it never seems to be a level playing field for Australian exporters. It doesn't help that we have a federal government that seems intent on whittling away at the destruction of Australian farmers and fishers.
You would think that farmers should be an important and valued part of Australia, as they are mostly overseas, but governments and Engo's are hell bent on our demise.
It just makes no sense.
30/11/12 06:01 AM


Of course Ken, the end goal is rid the country of livestock. Everything else is just a distraction. Oh and farmers Lock your sheds, then its break and enter, instead of merely trespass.
13/06/13 03:29 AM
Vegan, you are quite incorrect! As usual, Canberra did not legislate against meat consumption at all. They may have put a temporary ban on LE, which they then lifted, and now exports of meat are on the rise. Naturally the meat was just sourced from elsewhere including their own herd.
12/06/13 02:19 AM
Vegan, you need a reality check, consumption of meat will never be legislated against, clearly your driveway never quite made it to the street. What however is more likely is that legislation and penalties will be strengthened around activists' interference with a legitimate trade. BTW oatmeal meatballs? You poor sod, lol, I did have some nice Dorper chops last night though.
11/06/13 11:42 PM


A lot of the problems with quad bikes are down to operators riding the bikes in a passive manner, much like they would a car/ute/etc. Quad bikes are interactive machines and should be ridden much like a moto x bike when in in rough terrain, weight distribution of the rider on the bike is king. As is remembering and allowing for the centre of gravity of the machine, doubly so when carrying loads and filled or partly filled spray tanks. You can't be lazy with these machines!
06/01/13 11:40 PM


How did I miss this article, Bushie I would love to say, It's fine just to get your blood pressure up.
The truth of the matter is, nope not on, what did you think we are racist or something, I don't support any foreign government owning Australia, especially if the production is no longer Australian and is destined offshore, there are too many unknowns regarding the amount of land already in foreign ownership.
14/01/13 02:08 AM
@What the,
could you post some info on this, so I can go and check it out.
14/01/13 01:55 AM


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