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Never in Au history has such a lying,manipulative,brainwashing,c ult like organization been given such a voice at taxpayers expence.An organization with a hidden vegan agenda that is prepared to stoop to such extensive lows in order to meet their objective as to go all out to destroy an industry.And with scant disregard for any hardfought efforts of improvement on a global scale.Then,to rub salt in the wound,its members relentlessly threaten,abuse and intimidate hardworking Australian families. All the while ,lining their tax free pockets with millions and improving Absolutly nothing!
18/12/13 10:59 PM
I manage native veg and for what? I can't legally clear it, nor use it to offset carbon emmisions and yet still pay rates on it! My guess is it still belongs to Johnny!
21/11/12 12:08 PM
Hmmm? Who's watching the boxing tonight?
21/11/12 11:57 AM
Larry, your bang on the button, and yes, we've had a gut full!
19/11/12 10:30 PM
Dealy boy,Au exports minerals overseas ,but I dont hear you whinging about the trearment of foreign workers in the smelter houses abroad or the fact that we should be processing those minerals here in Au! If you reackon your so smart on farming practices that have evolved through our farming families for decades,then why havent you already put alternitives in place for us and protected farmers incomes.Is banning the trade a prerequisite for getting off your ass and doing something constructive?Either put up or shut up!
19/11/12 12:01 PM
Particularly,those calling for change!
14/11/12 01:10 AM
What if any one who does not legitimately need welfare bennifits,or cant definitively show with diligence that they can't actually get a job,be made to work in abotoirs for their social bennifits and the balance of their pay be put towards building these new new facilities.Perhaps that would encorage Gov to help producers find and facilitate access to new markets or the whole thing would be a waste of time anyway.This might encourage those with nothing better to do than to destroy people's livelihoods,to put their money where their mouth is,and actually do something constructive for a change!
14/11/12 12:16 AM
That's over half a million dollars worth of sheep for free!Good on Wellards for telling them to get stuffed!Wellards put a lot of time,energy and money into that Pakistan facility!
07/11/12 03:43 PM
We only know why and how,half of the sheep were culled CA.What happened to the other half that we didn't see being culled?We saw half dead sheep being pulled from the pits for human consumption,filmed by the meat-workers themselves,but they, along with everyone else was removed for the second phase! Seems like we(as well as the sheep)have been had!
07/11/12 03:34 PM
We'll see what comes of next week Bushie.
02/11/12 12:55 AM


Successful deregulation of the dairy industry?!!!!!
Yes there is an easy solution to the wheat debarcle.Place our options on the table, put them to the vote and let the producers controll their own destiny ,rather than playing political football with our livelihoods!
05/10/12 12:35 AM
The world has'nt realized what is about to hit them, yet!
30/08/12 03:45 PM
Aaron,what delivery standards is Bunge going to use?CBH,I bet.It'll be a long drive home if you cant dump your grain on the dock!There is still room for CBH to move here.
05/08/12 10:58 PM
@Mr Socialist
05/08/12 10:52 PM
Then fight for your worth Commisar! At the very least ,there is no more noble an end, than to die in battle!
03/08/12 05:08 AM
@Mr Socialist,No matter what side of the fence you sit on grain marketing,you will find strong proponents with valid arguments for and against.Both Sir Munro and young Mr Edmunds have one reconcilable attribute.They both want a fair and decent price for our produce! Let em go for it as their opinions are both appreciable.
As for your Noms de guerre,when it comes to the agricultural state of things ,we are all brothers in arms!
03/08/12 03:47 AM
Buy us a beer at footy on Sunday.Give the fifty to the club!
03/08/12 03:21 AM
@X Ag,while Aaron's comment was a "bit out there",on the whole,his intentions are not. This young fella farms on the prescipus of marginal Wa.(all be it the pick of it) He has led by example,diversifying in on farm storage,widespread sandalwood plantings and a breed of sheep suited to plantation grazing,to name some examples.
The point being,this young fella is prepared to back his love of agriculture,to knuckle down and have a crack.He is also prepared to stand up and speak his mind.He Leeds by example and like many of his Nuffield counterparts,we would be far better off with more like him!
03/08/12 12:47 AM
Phillippa, when my wife and myself took over the farm from family we would budget on approx $100/acre or $250/ha to put in, take off and deliver a crop to market.That was thirteen years ago. Since then we have seen input prices double or more!
The irony of things is we have to ride out the years until some poor bugger somewhere has a disaster in order for us to make a profit! And visa versa.
As managing director of a major marketing company,perhaps you should focus your attention on educating your buyers on the true value of the product rather than preaching to us what you think is my worth!
02/08/12 10:19 AM
Blame wheat price increases as an excuse to factor in carbon tax induced energy price increases. Simple and elusive.
28/07/12 11:43 PM


There's only around four and a half thousand producers left in WA. 500 under investigation at one time seems a rather large proportion!
16/02/13 01:50 AM
What biffo? All I hear is he said she said smoke screening while they deliver death by a thousand cuts behind the scene!
22/10/12 12:17 AM
My wife and I sat down last week and on a rough budget estimation,calculated a loss of around $200 thousand on sheep for the year. This is not lost profit, but a loss for those who have serviced our operation that has to be made up somewhere!
The last year has involved more bill shuffling than we have ever contended with and comments such as "pay that one but those there will have to wait" are now common place.
We must remember that it is not just farmers that are affected ,but a very broad range of services. Many ,from the city.
Other than that, well said Rob.
12/10/12 12:25 AM
So consumers lack intelligence as well now Bushie?
You don't farm and you don't consume, what the hell do you live on Bushie? Have you been eating your pay cheque Again Bill or are you que jumping at Vinnies?
11/07/12 01:40 AM
The world can't afford our food and producers can no longer afford to give it away. Perhaps instead of foreign investors buying out our farms, foreign governments with food security issues should subsidise Aussie farmers to produce food for them. We have the capability to feed more of the world,they just have to pay a realistic price to cover the cost of production!
03/05/12 03:45 AM
Well done Cameron for putting some balance to the media export fiasco and standing up for producers. These activists and their brainwashed followers are so trigger happy that the very mention of welfare gives them reason raise arms and start firing away at all in sundry.
This rapid fire response will be their undoing, as the public slowly awaken to what it is. Noise, with no rhyme reason or logic, just an underlying desire to end the farming,a nd slaughter of livestock full stop. Banning of exports is simply a means to an end, with media manipulation of the public, a tool for reaching that goal.
02/03/12 01:26 AM
Oh and Sarah,we have some particularly dumb and useless polititions at the moment who seem to just love a tune!
31/01/12 12:52 AM
Thats right CA.But the hardcore radicals have a plan.Its to rid us of animal farming/farmers full stop.Banning live exports is merely a means to that end.They understand how fragile the whole sector can be. By simply attacking one or more intricacies they can inflict major damage.But they will stop at nothing until their beliefs are enforced on us all!They attack the most vunerable sections of industry,while playing pied piper to the public who often fall hook line and sinker.Their Aussie processing plan is a deliberate furphy.They know that.But the public follow the tune! Well,come in spinna!
31/01/12 12:33 AM
Appologies for calling you Dave, Dean. Was up most of last night fighting a fire!
30/01/12 03:52 AM
That was more than the cost of transporting them to sale! As Iv'e said in the past, welfare cost money.I run up to 5,000 head and my average feed bill alone is over $100,000per/an.Last week we spent over $10,000 on drenches.We vaccinate 3 times a year at over $1 a pop.Treat for lice,flies,worms etc.There are fuel costs,fencing,water,vet fee's,mineral sups,wages,fertalizer,pasture improvements..The list goes on and on.We have made two genuine profits in 10 years.But my animals have always come first.Take away my market competition and who's going to pay these bills Dave? Bullets are cheap!
29/01/12 11:45 PM


I fail to see how an aplication of Dimethoate on a cereal crop at only a week or two from germination with another 20 weeks ahead before comming to ear and ripenning would affect the consumer in any way. As for health and saftey, we use enviro drums or suction spears, protective clothing and have chemical charcoal filters fitted to our spray tractor. Is this a blanket ban or a reorganisation of labell recommendations and what is the hidden agenda this time?If the onis is being put on our occupational health and saftey, that then is either our responsibility or someone has just addmitted liable
21/08/11 11:21 PM


To highlight one example,years ago,as head stockman on a pastoral property,we had a young fellow,who in mine and the owners mind,was a danger to himself on a bike.We made him wear a helmet.We also discussed if we should all wear one.The consensus was to make them available to all if desired but the option was put on the other individual's.My children do ride bikes,quads and horses but we enforce helmets on them.We also train them and point out the associated risks.The point here is education and rules.They also drive, shoot,help in the yards,operate machinery etc.Where would regulation stop?
23/07/12 03:06 AM
@Mia, to claim a lack of sensitivity by those above is alarming. I bet there is not one who does not share your sentiments,but to have a minister threaten an industry with regulation is to claim inability of those in industry to be responsible for their own well being. If my child were to die as a result of on farm accident I would not blame the fact that rules and regs had not forced me to fit a ROPs bar to my quad.I make a judgement on if my child is to help in a muster,and if I feel my efforts in training,educating and assessment of risk are sufficient.That is my call,not the governments!
23/07/12 02:49 AM
Jock mate,I would like to think that my NFF was concentrating on current ag development strategies and tackling issues such as the live ex crisis and marketing.My self and my family can find a million ways of injuring or killing ourselves on farm without gov involvement! I'll look after us and our production levels to the best of my ability,and leave you to get on with the job of implementing more secure markets and ways of developing secure strategies,so as to relieve the stresses of increased debt levels that are more than often the underlying issue behind farm related accidents and illness
21/07/12 04:23 AM
Our kids never go near their bikes without a helmet, especially at their young age. As far as employees, it was always my understanding we have to make helmets available and the rest is up to them.
I did muster once with a bloke up north, who was always made to wear one. He was mad and a constant danger to himself. Nice young fella, died in a car crash several years later!
16/01/12 10:45 PM


The question is not why so many farms are being sold to foreign investment, but why are so many farms being sold and why has Aussie investment lost faith in the agricultural industry?!!
03/05/12 03:34 AM
In answer to your question Bill the Bigot, I may well be a moron in your mind, but I can live with that! Funny though, how neither I nor anyone else finds it necessary to ask you that same question!
11/01/12 01:01 AM
You know full well what it means,so dont try and play the matriarch. Now you've downgraded roadworkers and the handicapped you continue to denigrate farmers and their intellect! Not surprising as in your mind we are all way down the ladder below you.Remember, when you reach the last rung ,it may be terrible lonley at the top!
10/01/12 11:32 PM
Hang in there Bluey.Bills just getting a small snipit of his own medicine.And Bill, on a recent blog you refered to someone as old son.Be careful,anyone of us may well be your father!
10/01/12 06:53 AM
BsBill, where did I state that consumers were selling off farms?
You call a bloke a moron then expect him to answer your stupid questions!Only a low life would hide behind some shaggy name on a computer abusing people as you do.
The reason everyone is having a go at you is you are rude,abusive,foulmouthed and over-opinionated.Ya grumpy old loser.
09/01/12 12:41 PM
To degrade the man on the land to the point of little or no viability,and to verbally stamp on his head while doing so and then to sell off our lands to foriegn interests because we put so little or no importance on the basic nessecities of life to the point where it is of no value in producing it ourselves highlites a new level of moral low in our society.Have we become so far up ourselves that we have labelled production and food security as below us?Why is it that many of our consumers spurn the fact that farmers may be asset rich,but are happy to flog our lands to overseas interests?Shame
09/01/12 01:28 AM
If there was a quid to be made in Ag by the farmer then Aussie interests would be chasing down more land.Most of us want to expand our buisnesses.In our case surrounding land has risen from approx $450/acre to up to $2,800/acre in just over the last 10-15 years.This combined with higher expences and no rise in incomes it is no wonder people are cashing in the chips and leaving the industry in droves.If solutions are not found soon, it may be that foreign investments will end up with the lot!
06/01/12 09:14 PM


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