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What a self-serving and anthropocentric estimation of the benefits of live export! As for "cutting off supply of protein for developing nations", these countries don't usually eat a lot of beef, traditionally. Meat is not the only source of protein, and it is not one of their local food supplies. Sustainable food is locally produced. Rather than "investing in animal welfare", Australia is making sure animal welfare is declining by globalizing cruel practices. This industry continues through the lies and denial of vested interest groups - a thin veil that's easily seen through.
16/10/12 05:12 AM
How is food production meant to double on half the amount of land? This is on top of lack of oil for energy and fertilisers and climate change impacts. What's urgent is not trying to accommodate global population growth, but actually do something to address it. It's estimated that millions of women worldwide do not have access to family planning and contraception, and become mothers unwillingly. The UN should be doing more to address this problem instead of hitting the brick wall of economic/population growth clashing with finite natural resources. Denial is a recipe for disaster.
27/09/12 02:49 AM
If food is under threat from economic developments and population growth, it's time to stabilize our population and protect our food sources. A booming population may be good for the economy, but it's a Pyhrric victory if we have over-priced food and shortages of locally grown fresh food. We are supposed to be intelligent humans, not a species over-running their numbers and outstripping their habitats. There's little co-ordination between government departments and too many vested interests distorting values and priorities.
18/07/12 12:12 AM
Australia may have the lowest density of population with regard to the size of our land, but it's dangerously deceptive to base food security on this. A large proportion of Australia is desert or bushy scrub, with infertile ancient soils, very hot and irregular water supplies. We only have a little over 6% arable land, and these areas are desirable real estate locations. If food security hasn't been a priority over the last 200 years, it's because we had a small population and thus cheap food. Global and Australian populations are growth, and we should be wary.
08/06/12 11:20 PM
With the threat of foreign buy-ups of big swathes of land as insurances against their own food security issues, how can productivity keep increasing? Norman Borlaug (The father of the Green Revolution) increased efficiency and production but there's limits to Nature and She doesn't simply respond to the free market economy and increase outputs accordingly. Already our rivers, ecology and biodiversity is under many stresses from human impacts and demands. Borlaug warned of the "population monster" - reminding us that there are limits to growth in Nature.
06/05/12 11:02 PM
Former Prime Minister's popularity plummeted with his support of "big Australia". He still hasn't apologized, and despite Julia Gillard rejecting it previously, we are still heading for up to 50 million people by 2050. Why be concerned about "peak everything" if the overall factor is population numbers? Any other forms of "sustainabiltiy" are band aids compared to addressing population growth. Food security, peak oil, climate change, soil degradation are all driven by human numbers and the livestock demanded by society.
11/02/12 10:12 PM
Australia, the driest continent with the most variable weather and most infertile soils, is being forced to cope with increasing - even perpetual- population growth. How can Australia give advice to other nations about food security while our economy feeds of unlimited growth, and prime farmland is being sold to foreign investors? The Pope, if he is concerned about famine and impending global disaster, should give advice on family planning, and encourage it. How can the Church have any credibility if the Pope ignores the damage done by banning contraception?
11/02/12 10:07 PM
Elephants do not belong in Australia. Why is our environment considered such a trivial affair in Australia? Elephants would trample the bush and destroy logs and tunnels used by wildlife. How then would we manage the damage caused by elephant damage? There are no bigger animals. Already cattle and sheep are taking out nutrients and destroying our bush. Australia is being wrecked by poor policies and inappropriate agriculture.
02/02/12 05:20 AM
The economic growth comes from capital investment in the mining resource, not from the size of the population. Victoria doesn't have the mining boom that WA has, but a booming population. However, such growth can't continue. It will last as long as the resources, and all natural resources are finite.
08/12/11 10:49 PM
“Food production isn't really my area (but) it does seem to me the Malthusian fears of mass starvation have not been realised.” Every year 15 million children die of hunger. One in twelve people worldwide is malnourished, including 160 million children under the age of 5. Somewhere around 85% of these starvation deaths occur in children 5 years of age or younger. We are sleepwalking into danger. Malthus may have been out in his timing, but he is right about food production increasing arithmetically and populations increasing geometrically. Food production can't keep up.
12/11/11 09:22 PM


"global agriculture needed to find ways of improving crop yields to deal with the population increase.." There are limits to how much food our finite planet can produce, and at what costs? Wildlife are being eliminated to increase human "carrying capacity". The green revolution increased production, but Dr Norman Borlaug was frustrated that governments were doing nothing about the "population monster". There are limits to growth, constraints that can't be ignored forever. Overseas aid must go hand in hand with women's healthy and family planning facilities.
10/03/12 11:24 PM


Just because there will be more middle class Asians in the coming century and a rise in their living standards, it doesn't mean that food supplies will grow by 70%! Just how can technology and policies increase food outputs? It's assumed that more money will produce more food, when it's a natural process. The limits are fertile soils, fertilizers, land, and natural processes that have their own life-cycles. Dr Norman Borlaug, the "Father of the Green Revolution" in 1970, warned of the "population monster" that must be addressed - but he's been ignored.
16/11/12 10:42 PM
There are physical limits to just how much land there is for food production, and how fast food such as plants and "meat" can grow. Dr Norman Borlaug, the "father of the green revolution", warned as much in his 1970 Nobel prize acceptance speech. The "population monster" of massive population growth growth, he warned, must be addressed. The planet is not going to be able to produce 70% to 100% more food by 2050, as economists demand! The growth model of humanity will end, whether we like it or not. An infinite world is a cruel fantasy.
07/11/12 10:14 PM
Lifting billions of people out of poverty through a "green" economy will be an unproven task. Economic growth required natural resources, and they are not infinite. Our food-growing ability will be compromised by climate change, and Asia can produce goods cheaper than Australia due to cheaper labour. It's hard to see what the "Asian century" really is about. The obsession with economic growth will eventually consume our planet.
05/11/12 08:17 PM


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