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I bet my bottom dollar he didn't pay 4.8millon dollars income tax
27/09/13 10:35 AM
When I see Lyn White and her misinformed animal rights activists driving around australia caring for our native animals maimed on the roads every night then they can preach to me about my ethics. Hipocrites drive around in thier cars( guarenteed to have leather strearing wheel or interior) wearing thier shoes/belt/handbag/wallet( made of leather or plactics as a by-products of oil and gas industries) Well hypocrites, is the leather in your possession come from an animal that was killed in the way you want, You cannot guarentee it, so how do you want me to agree with your stance now.
16/10/12 01:32 PM
Ahhh am I nieve to think the government wants you to register you assests so it can sneakily cross check you financial records. Think about it carrot and stick, we will all run out and register our equipment, assests grain and livestock thinking we will be protected, then when you get an audit they will be asking questions about your assets you have.
12/10/12 01:44 PM
Cant trust any of them, I signed up 760tonne of hard wheat to a pool when the FIS was 256aud, the pool talked about taking advantage of any possible upswing. The pool managed a 5aud increase in the EPR as of sept when the FIS price is 90aud more, and the increased my storage costs by 4aud because they had limited there physical sales early in the season. So who is carring the cost Mr CBH the grower
01/10/12 01:54 PM
I would rather a businessman run the country than a lawyer
If I remenber correctly, Turnbull voted for the ETS with agriculture exempt, knock him all you want but he saw the writing on the wall because what is happening now, ETS and carbon tax under Labor and the green terms.
17/09/12 01:42 PM
Just another example of how out of touch she is. Cut research and development intoduce more red tape and sell the place to who ever. Towns have been decimated over the years because farming has become less profitable on smaller holding, forcing lifetime farmers to buy another and struggle of sell up before the banks do. Dont worry Jules the multinational will "care for our country"
04/05/12 08:43 AM
Can she dig herself a deeper hole??
19/04/12 10:40 AM
Well bushie its easy, out of the 5200 P/A iI pay in insurance, 1000 is taxes, gst and stamp duty.
If the government of the day cannot manage that money and save some of it for a rainy day, then what hope have we?
25/02/11 09:29 AM
Does the QLD government charge stamp duty on insurance policies, I pay around 10% stamp duty on my policies, every year, thats a lot of money that the state government reaps
24/02/11 03:12 AM
Sounds like the ATO should be investigating the fringe benifits tax. I imagine he hasnt paid a cent.
20/01/11 04:13 PM


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