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Coles, you will also need to ban bread made from wheat that was harmed during harvesting by harvester fronts cutting the stem of the plant and removing the grain from the head. Total cruelty!
22/10/12 09:13 PM
Yes very friendly to farmers. Just look at the success of the $1 milk. I will continue to boycott Coles stores.
15/08/12 04:18 AM
They should go to jail, and Green Peace designated a terrorist organisation if they continue to support such damage to property.
05/08/12 05:24 AM
I am not involved in dairy farming, but surely it is time to realise deregulation has not worked for the producer. We can pay a fair price for milk. Maybe milk should have a fair minimum price established, just like the unions have for workers...
30/07/12 10:23 PM
Conveniently, the "big four" want to be the farmers friend again - none of you were that friendly when times were a lot harder.
It is the agri-specific lenders that have given us in the farming community the confidence to keep investing in our farms. I don't see that changing, so it's clear that the 'big four' are purely chasing profits, while the rest of the economy is crashing.
02/09/11 05:02 AM
Title of the article should probably read "Consumer and home gardeners should prepare for life with more fruit fly infested fruit". No one wants to use chemicals all the time, but modern farmers and home fruit orcharders use common sense and use these chemicals as part of important pest control.
24/04/11 08:21 AM
I agree Mark. Senator Heffernan behaved in a disgraceful fashion during the debate on wheat deregulation. He did not listen to the majority view within the grower community.
As such I put him last with the greens below the line last senate election.
If I were a dairy farmer, then I would not trust him & it would be good if dairy farmers point out his "handy work" during the wheat debate.
29/03/11 09:04 AM
Coles is more interested in it's margin than supporting australian food producers. How about you disclose the amount you pay the producer on every fresh food line on display.
No guts eh Mr Coles? I think I will shop elsewhere from now on.
12/03/11 11:12 PM
Wallace - won't the predatory pricing practice of trying to squeeze out the likes of dairy farmers, pauls, etc just cause pain to the farmers that supply them and a lower price to the farmer?
I am not a dairy farmer. I would like some transparency with all brands of milk disclosing what percentage of the final retail price is paid to the producer. I deliberately do not buy 'house-brand' milk because I am suspicious of how well the producer will be paid if they dominate sales. I doubt milk consumption is going to dramatically increase & benefit farmers because no brand milk is much cheaper.
10/02/11 10:03 AM
I love our flag. If you people are that embarrassed by it, or the fact we are a proud democracy under a constitutional monarchy, feel free to choose another country to call home - no doubt you may find a more appealing flag elsewhere.
26/01/11 09:54 AM


Successful deregulation? (all this means is returns to farmers driven down, lower returns for those producing a higher quality product). I cite exhibit A, the dairy industry where farmers are being screwed, and exhibit B, the wheat industry where quality rewards have been stripped, and growers now paid for average quality. Let's deregulate the Australian labour market - yes I thought so, no guts!
04/10/12 09:39 PM
Jock is exactly right to have concerns over the ground we seem to be losing after our industry lost the single desk. We urgently need the functions that AWB International were responsible for replicated by another body. Otherwise what is the future for our wheat industry in terms of quality and customer loyalty? It is no good having individual exporters (many now foreign owned) being trusted to advocate for Australian wheat. I doubt foreign owned grain traders will do the on-ground work to help customers get the most out of our wheat.
17/07/12 09:41 PM
I hope farmers and scientists will be able to destroy some intellectual property belonging to Greenpeace to balance the ledger.
Alternatively, we will we just slap them on the wrist and not remind them of global challenges such as the famine in Africa. We don't all agree with the commercialisation of GM crops, but research is important.
21/07/11 09:18 PM
GCA should be allowed to fail. It did not stand and represent the majority of growers who wanted the retention of our national marketing pool. They have made their bed - GCA must now lie in it. Growers are all the poorer for the lack of fight from grower representative bodies during the struggle to keep the national pool.
17/06/09 09:59 PM
Of course they would say these things. Hold a poll of growers to get their views of year one, and let's see what growers say. My experience has been flat pricing, lacklustre demand from traders, and in some instances a total lack of interest from traders to even bid on wheat. If the AGEA are fair dinkum, let's have the re-introduction of a quality payment system based on increments to reward and direct growers, instead of the return of flat pricing and no information flow to growers.
21/04/09 08:58 AM
GCA is not a national organisation clearly when it has failed to re-build its relationships with NSW and WA. GCA failed to listen to its former member state bodies. Lets talk about democracy shall we.
On an individual grower basis, I have never been surveyed, nor seen any meetings advertised by the GCA on the major issues that have gone before the industry in the past 2 years.
08/08/08 11:38 PM
Why does this body continue to say it represents the grains indusrty of Australia?
I, as a growe,r have not been asked by them for my view - they should just speak individually, otherwise who do they really represent? It certainly isn't me.
07/08/08 07:56 AM


Its good to see a positive ad campaign from the nationals & that they are positioning themselves as the party for Australians living outside the metropolitan areas. This is something that big city labor and liberals can't do& aren't interested in. Lets hope they field the right candidates who fight for their constituents. The nationals can survive if they do it right.
06/04/10 12:44 AM


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