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Hmmm daw, maybe that's because the previous boxes where found to be cruel and didn't even comply with international standards. They were found to only assist in the torture of our cattle overseas, go figure.
15/09/11 04:49 AM
Colin, can you please show us where, ''genuine work being done to improve animal welfare standards'', in the live export industry is? Good luck!
14/09/11 04:09 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

David Leyonhjelm, maybe you should read the title of your article again. You're an agribusiness consultant and you say you don't have a vested interest in defending caged egg production? Get Real.
15/11/12 02:22 AM
David Leyonhjelm, where is your evidence that you know what egg consumers want? You also have a vested interest in protecting battery hen farming. Don't be so hypocritical.
14/11/12 02:35 AM


It's only a matter of time before live export is banned and replaced by the more humane boxed meat trade.
14/11/12 02:38 AM
I would love to see if this results in the banning of this cruel industry.
01/11/12 03:30 AM
Great move by Coles, keep it up!
23/10/12 05:41 AM
mouse, I would rather move than support such a cruel industry.
19/10/12 02:57 AM
''Australia is applying some of the most stringent animal welfare standards in the world." Tell that to the thousands of sheep in Pakistan who were recently stabbed, clubbed and buried alive. Tell that to the thousands of animals who continue to be slaughtered fully conscious.
17/10/12 03:15 AM
Studies have also found these birds suffer from boredom, frustration, etc as they are not able to express any natural behaviors or even do something as simple as stretch their wings. How is it so hard for you people to understand that keeping animals in permanent confinement indoors like packed sardines is cruel?
06/07/12 04:14 AM
Good decision by Kmart. Only rednecks attend rodeos.
04/07/12 04:21 AM
Are you serious Kath and SMP? Every basic interest of these animals is denied: lack of space, lack of freedom to move, lack of proper social groups, lack of access to fresh air and sunlight, kept permanently indoors, denied the ability to carry out natural behaviours, etc. And you claim they are no more stressed than a free range bird?? Wake up!
04/07/12 04:16 AM
itwasntlongago, and I'm guessing you never saw the footage of animals with throats cut fully conscious then still having the ability to get up and try to escape, kicking, hitting, eye-gouging and tail-breaking, etc. I'm not talking about animal rights, all I'm saying is there is no excuse for such things, rich or poor.
19/06/12 03:16 AM
itwasntlongago, just because someone is poor that doesn't give them the right to act like a barbarian.
18/06/12 04:03 AM


David Leyonhjelm, I think you need to wake up. As you point out cock fighting and other bloodsports are very common in Indonesia and they think nothing of it. So what makes you think they give a damn about how animals are slaughtered? Also Australia gives millions and millions to Indonesia in aid every year and we still bow down to them in every way as to not to offend them, so to say we are racist is pathetic and disgusting, just like this trade.
05/03/12 02:29 AM
"The way they kill them over there, it is not pretty...I went to an abattoir in Kuwait and they just do the same thing (as the Indonesian abattoir shown on Australian TV), they tie them up, pull their legs down while they are roaring, just get into them, cut their heads off." Terry Coman, an employee in live export. Live export is all the same, all cruel and it needs to be banned.
14/06/11 04:27 AM
Colin Bettles, so calls to ban live export are extreme? Is this a sick joke?
LiveCorp has been trying (supposedly) to improve standards for about 20 years and we are still seeing horrific cruelty. That is why the only way to protect our animals is to ban live export and create a frozen or chilled meat trade.
By the way most Indonesians do not consume imported Australian beef, they could never afford it. The average Indonesian survives on less than $2/day. They mainly eat corn and some green vegetables. It's the rich Indonesians and tourists that eat Australian beef, wake up.
06/06/11 04:12 AM


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