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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Worth noting that the foreign grain trade that now possess Australia’s exports were up to their neck in corruption in the Middle East at the same time (and still today), the difference between then and today is that the Glenore’s and Cargill’s have never been held to account
10/06/12 02:54 AM

Burrs under my saddle

We were doing a comparison of farm gate winter cereal terms of trade from nineteen fifty five to today taking into account agricultures inflation rate and not the retail inflation rate and we found that we should be getting six hundred and thirty five dollars a ton for ASW wheat if values were transposed.
This explains why rural communities are not there anymore and continue to collapse as the viability of grain production continue to disintegrate. Detractors should ask themselves "would they accept a two thirds reduction in their real wages from the fifties" as farmers have
03/10/14 11:49 PM


with the charges for storage freight and handling a disproportionate cost of grain production farmers are voting with their feet and avoiding the traditional delivery institutions and traders like graincorp like the plague as they deal with the reality of the long term sunset character of grain production
03/11/15 01:01 AM
who cares what NFF says anyway its an uncomplicated unrepresentative gang.
30/06/15 05:32 AM
Its worth watching NSW Farmers on this issue, with a grass roots policy of decentralisation.
30/06/15 05:24 AM
Ivan the terrible, deregulation isn't a great white hope on its own, as a public lever it can be used to our mutual advantage or disadvantage depending on the context.
The thing is not to be caught up in ideological fixes, in the sixties and seventies all things socialism was supposed to be the world's saviour, taught in universities around the world and peddled to the gullible. Today it's the other end of the spectrum, simple minded gibbons gobble up the latest right wing banter like well trained monkeys, just as mad and just as stupid as the former.
Here is a thought..... think for yourself.
15/05/15 12:07 PM
From someone who knows what makes things tick in the Australian economy is worth listening too
13/11/13 02:25 PM
Tim from Oakey has hit the nail on the head, this is not about new capital its about a transfer of wealth and a subordination of Australian interest.
09/11/13 11:37 AM
With the Liberals now positioning themselves to give ADM the big tick post election greasy palming the nationals may well end up out in the cold once again with their own coalition partners.
Its amazing just how quickly the liberals sell their soul and our children's future when it comes to money
05/11/13 08:25 PM
If you want to comment on my comment you can ring or text me on my mobile. Hang on, no reception here, don't bother.
Our communication system is a farce.
23/09/13 05:04 AM
The words ACCC and acts don't belong in the same sentence.
10/09/13 12:28 AM
Dingdang8, the only reason ADM wants graincorp is because it’s an opportunity to gouge producers and consumers in OZ; they don't have any sort of moral compass.
The rest of the deregulation banter is just ideological verbal diarrhoea, ADM’s record shows what it will do and it won’t be kind to producers or the interests of the Australian industry
10/09/13 12:24 AM


while the "grain groups" remain unelected unrepresentative gangs they are not worth a pinch of the proverbial and nothing any of their elites say is worth listening to
03/11/15 12:37 PM
Nico, according to the science it will take twenty-five thousand years before temperatures start to drop once humans completely stop "emitting" that is ,throw away your car keys, never travel by anything accept bicycle or legs, turn off your power, and desist in exhaling or exhausting, buying food from the supermarket etc..... enjoy.
26/10/15 01:45 AM
Incognito, basis is NOT part of "modern farmers skills", the grain trade completely manipulates it under producers noses which was the original pretext for the single desk, being screwed at harvest time has nothing to do with marketing and everything to do with a transfer of wealth from the people who do the hard work and take all the risk to produce a product to the carpetbaggers scammers and outright thieves in the trade
26/10/15 01:38 AM
Since the 1955 the real value of grain farm gate has collapsed by two third adjusted for the rural inflation rate, that is if we were to get the same value for grain today that we were in 1955 we should be getting around $635 per tonne for APW farm gate. The reality is farmer productivity improvements (competition between farmers), hand in the till costs by the industry and deflation (the biggest culprit) from grains commodity subsidisation by Europe and USA in its various guises has devastated the real returns per tonne to farmers
30/06/15 05:04 AM
dingdang8, it begs the question what are you talking about?
20/08/13 04:04 AM
A classic case of the foxes in the henhouse organising the chooks for their next feeding frenzy
09/08/13 05:11 AM
grain leaders????
10/08/15 05:49 AM
Dan's Grandfathers generation established farmer marketing with the single desk to stop the grain trades gouging of farmers, today Dan's generation in a feast of ideology have unravelled it and have rediscovered the grain trades gouging....... enjoy
10/08/15 05:44 AM
why don't we take our grain producing capital and take it to the races, that way we will know how much money we've lost by the end of the day instead of waiting all year to count the damage in the modern deregulated brave new world of grain growing
02/08/15 09:10 AM
With the mean average terms of trade for grain production since the nineteen sixties nearly halving and the prospect of foreign multination grain traders like ADM wanting to gorge on what's left, the prospects of export grain production degenerating into another sunset rural industry is now a part of the rural furniture
03/05/14 03:46 AM


Australian's have never experienced the lament of trying to find food for their starving children, but with the load mouthed Gibbons now planning Agriculture's future such things will come to those who wait
17/10/15 03:24 AM
Bagging the tall poppy's syndrome seems to me to be something that the low beam Gibbons in Oz use to get their hoot an squeal rocks off routinely, which is evident here. The reality is Oz would be better off with more Rineharts and Joyces
09/06/15 02:35 AM
I voted for policy, not egos. For our pollies to play spot the wally with personalities throws the whole policy mix into the air which treats the electorate with uncomplicated contempt.
09/02/15 11:34 PM
qlander, the people of Albury Wodonga are very familiar with different state politics having bizarre sometimes destructive effects on their community, the application of a functioning brain when making policy that creates differentiation goes a long way to resole these issues, a big ask for most pollies these days
28/08/13 04:05 AM
the problem with different tax zones is that they creates an economic "dead zone" on the outside margins of the area targeted
27/08/13 06:22 AM
Latham, Gillard, Rudd, why does the Labor party have a fetish for electing complete nutters to the top job?
Wonder if Shorten will prove to be yet another
14/11/13 01:23 AM
Its Brandt's climate change policies that are still in place and have been for some time that should be held to account if he wants to make policy responsible for the current circumstances.
23/10/13 10:03 AM
Who gives a damn about the NBN we don't even have mobile service
20/09/13 02:20 AM
Saw a road kill roo propped up against a guide post recently with a t-shirt on and an empty stubby in hand with a pile of stubbies around its feet, wondered briefly if it had had a big night or some of the lads had had a bit of fun.
13/08/13 01:42 PM


Why don’t they buy our farms and degenerate them back to bushland in the name of carbon trading, that’s been a real winner to date.
The last lot that did this are in the hands of the receiver’s leaving good farm land destroyed and unsaleable.
13/01/13 10:01 PM


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