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Capital is not the issue - poor profitability driven by high input costs, volatile returns and seasonal variabilty are slowly destroying broadacre ag in Australia.
20/12/12 10:44 PM
Why can a Chinese ( Gov backed entity purchase feeehold land in Aus when an australian citizen does not have recprical purchasing rights in China?? What is the pricing profit point going to be for commoditys produced on these Chinese ( and others) properties if they own all the product along all of the chain??
02/12/12 08:30 PM
Nice people !!-Not for Australia
17/11/12 08:08 PM
I hope he sues for "Damage"
16/11/12 06:07 AM
A good NFF fighting fund cause ??????
14/11/12 03:12 AM
Stock information - Will this be on farm. warehoused( uncommitted) and traders stocks (I think not)?.? CBH WA have made it quite clear that they store on behalf of Growers and that definitive stock info is the growers province. Given that significant levels of East Coast grain are stored on farm how will these stocks be dealt with?? Why should wheat stock info be treated differently to barley, coal, cars, chemical ,fertiliser etc- Smacks of traders wanting an advantage over growers
01/11/12 12:38 AM
So it looks like the Chinese are going to
be the benificeries of Federal and State expenditure ( some from hard working Australian taxpayers) on the Ord development. Why dont we just ask the Chinese for an offer for all of Aus??
26/10/12 01:16 PM
Another t talkfest - basically seasonal variabilty and rising input costs when producing for an export market against subsidised competitors is a recipe for disaster. .Ag . needs open access to the global labour market. Very unlikely that Gov. will show true leadership and support a Multi Peril Insurance scheme, Ag Education and other inititives to underpin Ag. Ultimatelty Ag needs profitablity, selling the farm to foriegn entities is not the solution.
24/10/12 11:23 PM
What about product from O/S ??
24/10/12 10:07 AM
Curtains exit from regional Tertairy Ag education delivery is an absolute disgrace. State and Federal polititions ( Gov) should be condemned for not facilitating continuation of Ag education delivery at Muresk
21/10/12 12:02 AM


Can CBH demonstrate in clear $ that ISCC is worth more to growers than 2BS. Hard to believe CBH has a different perspective in eastern states !!
27/04/12 03:10 AM


Well stated
13/12/12 02:01 AM
Muresk- Minister Redmans and Ministers Grills disgrace!!
03/12/12 07:48 PM
Tier 3, Muresk ( Tertiary Ag Ed), Country roads, Foreign investment issues-If Trenordans group promise to address these the Nationals are dead in the water
01/12/12 12:05 AM
The distinct lack of leadership from both the state and federal arena on this issue is an indictment on those who purport to represent Ag. How much aid are we giving Pakistan when we do not even have a framework to educate those who will serve Australian Ag into the future.Time to wake up Terry(Redman) and Joe ( Ludwig)!!
13/11/12 10:28 PM
The Ag Tertiary providers need to work together with Industry for the best outcome.At the moment the providers seem to be more focussed on educating full fee paying foreign students than servicing domestic Ag industry needs. I believe the Ag industry will put some money on the table to resolve this serious issue if some TRUE leadership is shown- Come on Minister Redmond the time for words is over!! Curtains Muresk outcome is disastorous.
11/05/12 09:19 PM


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