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Of course NZ exports livestock, albeit for breeding rather than directly to slaughter, but don't kid yourself Val that they will die of old age in the countries that they are sent to worldwide. All livestock are destined to be some form of food sooner or later.
19/04/12 02:18 AM
Nicky, sheep handle heat way better than humans do, shearing in a heatwave recently we struggled to keep shearers alive, fans & iced water helped. The sheep had no problems. They do pant when they are hot, quite normal. Or do you rush your dog off to the vet if he pants? Get yourself a "bite" from a yeller dog (jigger) & you will find it surprising more than agonising.
No Tom - don't let the idiot brigade anywhere near your place. This is the damage they are capable of doing using "plants". .au/news/features/piggy-in-the-mi ddle/story-e6frg6z6-1226306631801
18/04/12 06:11 AM
And you, Barker, with your dogged narrow-mindedness, would be amongst the most sinister of the fanatics. I don't believe for a minute all the crap dished out by dodgy vegan groups, intent on misleading the gullible.
28/09/11 01:59 AM
I'm all for stopping supply to those who do treat animals with abject cruelty, as opposed to out of ignorance, but see no reason to close down a whole big industry because of a few who might do the wrong thing. Especially when this information is supplied by a group of fanatics with a sinister agenda.
27/09/11 06:07 AM
Aren't you a little charmer Nicky. As a member of a small minority group that lies to & misleads the public, I'd say you are lacking credibility. I don't export livestock, & I'm certainly not looking for sympathy. for any reason. I do support live export because it is an important industry to Northern Australia, not perfect, nothing is, but we can work towards improvement, & do so. Claims that all the stock are treated as in the dubious videos are untrue, most are handled much as they are in Aus.
22/09/11 02:06 PM
Barker, if you have no knowledge, & no interest in gaining that knowledge, of the day to day running of livestock, from people who are most familiar with them, what the heck gives you & other ignoramuses the right to tell us how to run our animals? Such big-headedness is typical of a small minority group who indeed think all normal people should change to their vegan lifestyle.
21/09/11 03:40 AM
Our cattle? OUR animals?? Pardon me, I think they are, in reality, Indonesia's cattle. How on earth can you vegan mob lay claim to any part of these animals?
If you care sooo much, are you out helping us when we're battling to keep them alive, carting feed & water? Are you ready to help pull them out of bogs, or put down the gutted & crippled following dingo attacks?
How about when eagles & foxes & pigs are eating little lambs alive? Nope, because you wouldn't even know what a cow or sheep smells like, just a bunch of shiney-bums pontificating with no knowledge whatsoever. Agree with you rod.
16/09/11 05:40 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

What you said about PETA Jed goes for Animals Australia too. Just a bunch of selfish vegans whose philosophy is to put a stop to anything to do with animals, food industry, sport, entertainment, Recently activists have made Big W feel threatened enough to withdraw sponsorship of rodeo, & Qantas to bail out on Roma's Easter festivities, in case they use some of the money for goat races. Currently they are hammering dairy, 1080, signing petitions to have that banned, & more petitions to save dingos. Their only solution is "ban it".
21/02/13 01:09 AM
What a sour puss. Isn't the bottom line about choices for consumers? Our family's organic product's only inputs are outback native pasture & water. There is a huge demand for it, domestically & overseas. No religion or mumbo jumbo plays a part with this, our organic production involves care of the land & welfare of the animals, which has been carried on anyway from the generations of family before us on the property. Many others in our district have also taken up the opportunity to provide what the customer wants. Why not?
04/07/12 12:54 AM

Get Muddy

Agree with Rohan Williams. Animals Australia is nothing more than an animal rights group with an underlying vegan element desperate to stop meat production. They are attempting to achieve this object by misleading the public with unsubstantiated horrendously gory footage that is paraded triumphantly through the media, implying that all exported animals, intensively farmed animals, & indeed most livestock, are treated in this manner, whilst painting animal producers as evil torturers & murderers. Then rattling their money tins for donations under the banner of "animal welfare". Simple as that.
31/12/13 02:59 AM


Animal rights activists do not represent the general public either, with their aspirations to stop all use of animals, even guide dogs. They attempt to mislead the public into believing all the exported stock are treated as they are in the gory & graphic footage they love to splash on social & print media & tv, in reality a small % of animals are involved, which if it happens is reprehensible & must be dealt with through proper channels, not trial by media. Perhaps a finger can be pointed at these extreme activists for causing the public to suffer from mental stress?
29/10/14 09:03 AM
18/12/13 09:28 PM
When my mother brought me home as a tiny new baby in 1950, the temperature hovered around 110-112 F maximum for 2 weeks. When asked how she coped, being barely more than a teenager herself, she would say that she would wring out mosquito nets in water & drape them around the cot & try to find a spot on the verandahs surrounding the homestead that would catch any sort of breeze. Now we are seeing the same prolonged hot spell, with our temps still over 30C at midnight. My Dad, now in his 90's, is saying so what's new?
05/01/13 10:03 PM
Oh bsBill, that would be TOO biased, not to. Haven't I seen you launch a tirade against the greens?
05/11/12 01:03 AM
And there are wise men among the greenie soap-dodgers, bsBill? Or are you one of them?
02/11/12 01:07 AM
Trugger, here in the SW parts of Qld we have very good wireless broadband & mobile coverage all over our place after having satellite for some time. It's everything you are looking for, reliable & pretty quick, even on our dinosaur computer (& operator!) but jeez we'd be shitty if we had to drop back to satellite....
30/10/12 01:05 AM
If only Coles realised that it's the same hatful of people who phone, email, petition & lobby on all these "causes". The same names are on all the blogs, websites, facebook pages. Not much else to do.
25/10/12 03:14 AM
Now nico if I'd said I hated the cold winter maybe that could be construed as whinging. And I look at Weatherzone every day, several times some days, especially if there are dry storms about at present as they mean bushfires to us. Their forecasts are very often very wrong & it doesn't happen, not so good if you have sore eyes from looking for rain, & weatherzone has the maps all indicating a high chance of a good wet change, then overnight the maps all get rubbed out. Then I might grizzle a bit.
25/09/12 01:06 AM
Quite normal in my part of the world, but the long cold winter with frost after frost that we've just had wasn't.
21/09/12 01:40 AM
Hmmm & I'll bet the Murray looked like that photo plenty of times before water extractions began too......
14/09/12 02:39 AM


  Greens shut out GM 24 Comments 24
John Newton might be able to spell Top Ender, but he's not too good with editing his own writings. Innot??
01/10/12 11:18 PM
Recently ate this as a substitute for burghul in a tabbouleh. Quite enjoyable.
Umm, isn't grain a seed?? you know, the bit that sprouts? Or is this a definition that has more to do with cuisine than horticulture?
13/04/12 01:32 AM
Nah, Trugger, they'd contaminate the soil. Chuck 'em to the chooks, I reckon chooks could process nuclear waste so yep, they should handle a bit of toxic Greenie slobber and bile.
15/07/11 12:32 PM
Any activists who breaks into private property deserve to get a backside full of buckshot, whether it's a piggery, chook shed, sheep shed, roo chillers, dairies or farmer's paddocks. Not only do they break the law, they pose a threat to biosecurity.
15/07/11 01:45 AM


The only bricks at Stop LE are those you fling at people who work their guts out to provide food worldwide. I'm not agreeing with your take on the numbers, but based on that shouldn't there have been 4 times as many on the bridge to represent the 80% of people against LE if the pro group represented 20%? Not that it matters, if 200 pro supporters turned up would still be a supreme effort from people who put their work on hold, Sunday is just another working day to us, to travel hundreds, even thousands, of km to attend. No little jaunt from the suburbs for country people.
10/12/13 02:53 AM
There were even some interstate travellers among the near 700 strong throng of live export supporters (reliably counted) in the park below the bridge.The Stirling Bridge is about 350 m across, doubt the protesters could even manage1person per metre. Good on the supporters of the trade, many of whom travelled long distances, getting off headers etc in the midst of harvest & leaving stock work to attend. Great effort, appreciated by those of us in livestock industries nationwide.
09/12/13 07:38 AM
Lyn White says AA is not trying to stop the slaughter of animals for food, pull the other leg after a look at their website or fb page. Every vegan in Australia is there, all carping the same message, stop eating animals. That's what happens, Jaime, you will be banned for telling the truth or daring to offer a different opinion. Their only solution to any problem is to ban it. Veganism is evil, sinister & selfish.
21/01/13 02:30 AM
Doesn't hurt to give his cage a little rattle occasionally, Loc Hey. Makes him really nasty, & kind of funny in a way.
08/01/13 01:43 AM
Good point Loc Hey, & you've snookered BSBill as he can only deliver his usual critical smart-arse comments.
Swan is a turkey, always has been, always will be.
05/01/13 10:12 PM
It's a shame we can't ask the animals what they would prefer. The safety from predators, the regular supply of nutritious food that they don't have to fight over, the care that keeps them healthy & clean, shelter from miserable wet & cold or stinking hot weather, protection from attacks & bullying by their own kind, a safe place to produce young. I wonder whether they would opt for what can be a struggle for survival out in the paddocks.
04/07/13 01:56 AM
Animals that are fed well, watered, kept in clean shelters with their own kind for company, often under controlled temperatures, & are treated kindly & correctly, are not suffering horrific cruelty. They will provide clean, quality & cheap foods, cheap compared to organic or free range product, to put on the tables of Aussie families, as well as many more families in other countries. Animals Australia is an animal rights group, promoting vegetarian & vegan diets, & ultimately the cessation of what they perceive to be exploitation of animals.
03/07/13 07:31 AM
I think it's only in more recent years that deaths due to property accidents have been more widely reported. In all truth I don't know anybody killed in a quad accident, but I can name people killed in accidents with horses, motorbikes, tractors, planes, gyrocopters, (horrifyingly, 5 in a decade) & more badly injured & lucky to survive in all kinds of accidents involving machinery used on properties. Smaller children don't have the weight, the legs or judgement to ride a quad. You wouldn't chuck a child into a ute, or onto a motorbike or horse & say "off you go", don't do it with quads either.
11/01/13 01:43 AM
The same old hacks with the same old comments that spit the same old bile over any item anywhere about LE, in papers, magazines, on social media like facebook, same old names keep cropping up. How many times have you all signed the touted Animals Australia petition, which has been around since Rudd was PM? All sour old vegans whose real agenda is to stop what they see as all "exploitation" of animals of all types.
18/12/12 05:16 AM
Yes, Aus meat is expensive because of the cost of processing once the animals are outside of the farm gate. Imagine the cost of it when shipped to developing countries like Indonesia, & that is why they need cheaper young live cattle that they can fatten themselves at a much lower cost than we can, & in doing that provide jobs & business for their people. Our livestock producers certainly do care about their animals, they also know that live ex isn't the horror story that is propagated by extremist ratbags like the RSPCA.
11/07/12 07:01 AM


Wilkie is a gutless wonder for leaving it this long to confront those whose livelihoods he is happy to destroy. And about all he is famous for is his grandiose posturing in holding the whole country to ransom at the time of the 2010 election, & playing a large part in inflicting a ridiculously inept government on the Australian people. What is there to admire about him.
02/01/14 02:26 AM


My mustering quad has large stickers on the rider side of both front mudguards, warning of circumstances that can cause serious injury or death, including its use by children & carrying a passenger. It doesn't have a high top speed, but enough to work with livestock, is agile & easy to ride, but I wear the backside out of my jeans from shifting my weight & body position around on it to keep it balanced & stable while riding over all types of terrain. The techniques of handling the quad are totally different to motorbikes & riders need a thorough understanding of this. Spot on, Nev.
07/01/13 01:49 AM
You are so right inverell. I read through the submission form on Quadwatch, & there is no opportunity to comment on anything other than how to modify the bikes. My granddaughter climbs onto mine & will turn the key, it is just so simple to remove the key & stow it where she can't find it (& whereI can remember where it is!). In the last decade I personally know 6 people killed in aircraft of different types, another 4 survivors albeit with horrific injuries, several killed by motorbikes, tractors, horses & vehicles. Not one fatality on a quad ever since they've been in use on properties.
06/09/12 01:25 AM
So don’t let learners get on them without plenty of training & practice, & a helmet. Certainly don’t let young children ride one at all. Jen is right, some modern versions are geared more towards sport than being a workhorse, are too big & can reach high speeds, not necessary in our use of them. Many people I know use quads just as I do, they play a big part in the running of our country, & really come into their own in wet & flood times, often being the only way we can check or move our livestock. Fitting cpd’s or similar would severely limit their use. Leave the bikes alone & fix the riders.
05/09/12 03:23 AM
I have ridden these for mustering for the best part of 30 years.I feel safe & confident riding over cracked mitchell grass plains & pulled country, crawling over logs & big rocks, through stands of thick timber, through water & over flood country that would bog a duck & up & down steep creek channels. I can carry dogs & the esky on the back. It tows a trailer when I work in the garden. If I was asked how I used the brakes, gears, or my weight & body position to balance & control the thing, I would need to have a think about it, this comes with the ease of long practice. cont
05/09/12 03:19 AM
All true, Frustrated Farmer. In our business, every time we go out to the houseyard gate we are exposing ourselves to risks, aren't we, vehicles, tractors, heavy machinery, bikes, large domestic animals & native animals, aircraft used for mustering, all of which can kill & maim.
We need to recognise, assess & respect these risks, & as you say, choose our response.
And I can't imagine wheeling a mob of toey shorn wethers or weaners in thick scrub with that roll bar sticking up behind me, that's asking for an accident.
19/01/12 02:42 AM
I've had many busters from horses & motorbikes, & it's true, after a few prangs when you sense the ground is coming you do tend to curl up instead of doing the green frog splat, if possible. Never have come off my quad though, have ridden them for over 20 years, mainly due to injuries to tailbone & knees from riding & falling off the other modes of transport.
I will wear a helmet if I feel I need to, others in the family wear them always. In my experience horses & motorbikes can cause a lot more grief, particularly to children.
16/01/12 02:37 AM


Yes, Hungry?, he/she/thing calls me "old son", despite suggestions that endearments like "old girl", or "old lady", (although I can be most unladylike if annoyed enough) would be more apt, I've also revealed that I wear hot pink workshirts, to no avail, maybe in his world pink shirts are the norm for men?
However, I've mentioned on another post that Loc Hey did well in nicknaming Bushie Bill "Dickie Knee". Too right. What else could we expect of a stick with no heart or guts, & an empty hat & a blabbing mouth?
12/01/12 02:04 AM
Mmm. At least keeping it operating as it is would be a good outcome for little towns like St George & Dirrinbandi. Would be sad though to see an enterprise like this slip out of Australian hands.
21/10/11 06:40 AM


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