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Burrs under my saddle

Brilliant Pete,I have been watching the decline of our country and political situation for the last 60 years of my adult life. Bob set up this Collaboration
between the Country Party and the Liberal's about that time and the Country Party been gradually comatosed
23/02/15 03:42 AM


Is Australia as gullible as we really are. We will see.... But by that time it will be too late, as usual. China is lending huge sums of money at no interest to any of their nationals to buy Australian Agriculture properties and business. China is still a Communist / Pseudo Free Enterprise country, they will still control these investments to their own advantage and desire. This person has a critical eye on investment and profit,
good for him, we do need people like this. But is this the right road to take.
23/12/14 10:35 AM
There is always some mutt with a negative comment on soil carbon. My property pasture has improved considerably since using my carbon seqestration program. Carbon soil tests show an improvement from .5 carbon to 2.7 There is no need for chemicals or artificial fertilizers, soil biota and fungus have returned. The project is expensive for plant, material and labour. I doubt that we could continue if there is to be no financial support from government to carry CFI through to reach expectations
20/03/14 12:04 AM
These Animal Liberation people are total freaks $14,000 would never cover the cost of a drone, where are they getting the money from. Anyway, "For each and every action", these people are pushing farmers beyond the point of toleration.
03/04/13 04:32 AM
China is now a communist/free enterprise country. (Never the twain shall meet) which means the Chinese government own these free enterprising companies. They own Coby and the new extensions to the Ord scheme and they will not pay the same local wage rates. Look what they have done to mining in Africa. So with their ability push and shove, they will bring in their own labour from their own country, just you watch. We vote for a politician in government, no matter which party. That polly or Government does not run the country for us, but for the power groups eg: banks, insurances, investments.
07/01/13 03:45 AM
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Best comment of them all Mott
03/01/13 10:53 AM
Do not worry about labour shortages. China has a massive
supply of manpower at rates we will not be able to compete with.
R/E will make a handsome profit and who cares
03/01/13 10:11 AM
  Carbon conundrum 10 Comments 10
Yes I agree with this article, Cris Main has hit the nail on the head. Comments I agree with as well. "What a tangled web we weave", by Gerhard. "City based theory and reality", by R. "Normal activity would not apply", by Scientist. "Ponzi schemes", by Mott. "Where is our $9M + Interest", by Pounder. "Fraud and stuff up", by EJ. Yes the CFI is a Wonderful concept, but it will have to be formed properly. And through Government Dept Control, without Ponzi Schemes. Individual farmers should be in control of their own project through Government inspectors or the whole concept will fall in a Heap.
24/12/12 12:48 AM
Fortunately we have come a long way
since the isolated days of the past. Heads in the sand no longer apply.
We should dig Mott's head out and bring him up to scratch.
20/11/12 02:12 AM
Laura, spread yourself around, visit some of the farms out there, anywhere. Most farms out there are worked by 1 farmer and wife (eg 2000 ac) because they cannot afford any labour,even if it was available. Their every day can be very long and exhausting. They do know and beleive in what you are on about. Assistance, financial and physical is desparately needed we are all part of this situation.
20/11/12 01:13 AM
For Each and Every Action.
I have been blessed with 4 Daughters. Like most fathers, I have provided them with the best education available, through to and completing university to Phd level, taught them be considerate and forthright as equals in our communities. But I am so disappointed at the emotional claptrap going on in this column, AA and the RSPCA have done a good job pointing out the treatment to our animals overseas, this situation will improve, have a look at Indonesia.
Read Sen Boswell's comment.
Do not let these woman ruin our trade and International reputation for everyone.
19/11/12 11:53 PM


No one is going to win this fight unless we all come together. The National Farmers Federation should set up a committee to select a political candidate from each and every district to represent farming, in all state and federal Parliaments. Then we would have Professional farmers looking after our industry.
24/03/15 12:08 AM
This is what will happen now that grain growers are in a free market. Sub contractors in every other industry have suffered the same fate. No Safety Net Provided
17/03/12 10:51 AM


I had a visit from the RSPCA on a report claiming that my animals were neglected and starving. I showed the inspector around my horses and stud cattle. His immediate observation was that my animals were in excellent condition, so we both agreed the complaint was frivolous and that I would get a clearing report.
we both agreed that someone was using the RSPCA to harrass me and would that be mentioned in his report. 6 weeks later there was no report and was told by phone I would not be getting one. How can farmers respect this organisation?
28/05/15 11:34 AM
Recently we had a visit from the RSPCA demanding an inspection of one of our horses, claiming neglect.
On inspection he stated that the animal's condition and muscle tone was very good considering it recently had surgery. I reqested a report on the animals condition and information about who made the complaint as it was obviously frivolous, that someone was using the RSPCA for harrassment.
It has taken more than 2 months of phone calls to obtain this report, which stated the RSPCA does not have to report on "Freedom of lmformation" on complaints?
30/08/14 12:17 AM
Thanks nico, It takes Uneducated idiots to challange SCIENCE. Have a look at our present PM. He does not trust or believe in SCIENCE
03/02/14 11:37 AM
A great article, A wake-up call for us all. Farmers need more influence in government, State and Federal. Street protests, demonstrations and media have little impact on our political representitives. What we need is independently nominated reps from every farming branch, then watch governments
sit up and take notice.
12/01/14 10:51 PM
I have always been a loyal supporter and viewer of the ABC since the beguining of TV production. I could probably name and know every news presenter from the start, all the documentories,
interviews and especially Landline from which I have gained so much education, knowledge and information. These latest forays into sensational Journalism has brought the ABC down to the level of the commercial newspapers that are exposed to in Britan. Our ABC needs a thorough cleanout to bring it back to its former highest standard
02/03/12 10:53 PM


All of the "legal" machines imported into this country have to conform to OH@S safety standards, which is what is now known as the paranoia laws. Farmers, contractors, builders and anyone else who have to operate this equipment are totally frustrated and constantly let down by these machines as they are too complicated and unreliable.
12/11/12 07:30 AM


This is a fool of a country, politicians we cannot control, and who totally ignore the public whether you vote for them or not, they break their election promises almost from the beginning, they pass the buck from state to state including the federal, each state leases the ground from under our feet without our consent even if you own your land. They are all financially as well as morally bankrupt and that is why they have to sell us out to foreign interests
9 governments for 23 million people, its an international joke.
03/05/12 11:24 AM


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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#blueysmegacarshowandcruise2019 10 years on Daniels Ute will be apart of another massive cause.
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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28 Aug 18 PARENTS campaigning to save Moora Residential College (MRC) have cautiously welcomed WA Liberals’ announcement it will keep the facility open if it wins the next State election.