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Grain of Truth

An excellent article and I am surprised it received no comment.
The Warrnamabool telephone exchange fire proved how we as a society rely on communications and this shows how easy the nation can be brought to its knees.
I suggested to the member for Wannon that the royal commission into the telecomunications failure look beyond that incident and take a serious look at all the issues that keep this nation running.
But there are big issues in regards to national security in regards to power, fuel and telecommunications being destroyed making invasion a walk over.
27/12/12 12:16 AM


Strategic fuel supply cannot be overstated.
This nation is so vulnerable to being taken over by Foreighn powers destroying fuel supplies, electricity and telecommunications.
But having fuel to keep the country mobile is of huge importance.
Making fuel from powerstation immissions and cities effluent can go along way to self protection of the nation.
29/12/12 01:39 AM
Big business selling a new line to prevent solarization.
The internet has seen massive changes how we communicate and solarization is being feared that it will do the same and profits will disappear if every house produced half or more of what it needs.
Profit motivation and huge investement banks are deciding policy and Governments have to tow the line.
Public assets have been sold and money borrowed, huge investment banks will demand they get return on that money so restrict solar to maintain profits and pay the Banks that is driving Policy.
14/12/11 10:43 AM
I for one have made contact with Tony Abbott after his comments made when talking to gamblers.
I saw the Mr. No was no longer being tolerated by people on public comment sites.
I suggested at the time he was not observing what public opinion was saying in regards to problem gamblers and the Liberals had better look at what real voters were thinking and not just look after big gambling.
Now he is taking public submissions on gambling and if people have opinions now is the time to have a say.
There is a time to show real policy when needed and that is something he needs to be aware of.
12/12/11 04:30 AM
With the Worlds population exploding why are we looking inwards to solve the problem of the MDB.
We as a nation must make as much effort as being given to the NBN but on assured water supply.
State Governments have spent huge sums on desalination,WHY? because of the power if city votes.
Yet we fail to look at spending such sums as being consumed in building the NBN on new Dams and transfer canal systems to move water into the MDB system.
What is happening is the creation of a NON Viable food bowl when we should be bringing water in so all stake holders benifit.
Stupidity rules it seems.
04/12/11 11:37 PM
As usual it is anti every thing and lawyers looking at stopping people from doing things and lawyers making money.
Just imagine some having control over what you do every day because that is what will happen.
Any development can be stopped by lawyers going to courts and playing costs creation and time delays to prevent any thing happening.
We need to be very careful about these peoples ideals as in the end nothing will be allowed to happen.
We need to keep the lid on elected lawyers as legislation so far created has always got some where to benifit lawyers and their pockets.
17/09/11 06:18 AM
The issue must be voted on as Gillard has no mandate.
This is being denied to us thanks to family first.
Now we have the Greens in the Senate we have big problems as Brown is determined to treat the coal industry like the live cattle trade.
We are closing down our economy on the advice of the man who stuffed up the wool industry in the eightees but memories are short.
This tax has bigger flow on effects than people realise and this should quickly give us financial status of greece as it destroys industry.
How many businesses will survive as costs spiral .
06/07/11 04:33 AM


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