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Given the massive overpaid bureaucracy it is an indictment on these departments and the government of their ignorance of who owns Australia. Particularly given that a farmer who removes a fallen branch from an access track on his property is hauled before the courts by one or more of the multitude of environmental departments who have systematically promoted legislation to remove all property rights.
I refute the excuse of technical difficulties for a farm land register as pure propaganda.
There is no future for Australia when the prime agricultural land is owned by overseas interests who will require absorption of all production for their own consumption and at what point will any tax be paid?.
This coupled with Wesfarmers /Coles crucifying our own remaining primary producers is leading to a chaotic financial situation with no guarantee of access to our own home grown produce.
Just look at the price and availability of our own LPG compared with fuel available to the residents in the middle east.
The comment by MACCA states the position accurately. For the last 2 decades governments have promised changes to the draconian regulations implemented by the ideologists that now represent DEC. For Bill Marmion to plea "Should the government be elected for another term, I intend to pursue consultation with key stakeholders on proposed legislative amendments as a matter of priority" is a (worn out) repeat of the usual speculative propaganda, trust menothing will be changed. Expecting anyone to believe the Ministers comments is in cuckoo land.
Action is required not platitudes.
We must all support Kukerin farmer Matthew King in his appeal against DEC's decision to reject his request for approval to clear 10 ha of scrub to build a dam and drought proof his farm.
What is farming for. They are an essential business not a hobby or a pastime.
The Ministers no longer determine policy it is the ideological bureaucrats that have the power and perverted views.
The DEC director general Kieran McNamara considers "the relationship between farmers and the DEC was variable"
What does he expect when any attempt to carry on the activity of primary production has every bureaucratic obstacle placed in its way.
It was interesting to read of the comment by MACCA. The Thompsons were a young family who applied for and were given a licence to operate a cattle feed lot at Narrogin. After completion of a state of the art million dollar feed lot the licensed carrying capacity was substantially reduced. The bank foreclosed and they were bankrupted. Where does this fit in with the blatant hypocrisy of Mr Redman stating “it was important to harness the economic opportunities presented by regional WA”. Can he provide an answer to the Thompsons dilemma or are his comments absolute propaganda.
The environmental lobbyists, many represented in the WAPC, now dictate their intention to destroy Australian property owners and primary producers of their rights under Agenda 21, a UN item.
The Liberal Party has had a very comprehensive “ working document” titled “Protecting Private Property Rights” , 21 May 2007 with a side comment” LISTEN, LEARN, LEAD” but has refused to adopt them as the bureaucrats now dictate their beliefs ignoring them when foreign investment is involved.
if a land owner is to be deprived of their land and financial future they must be fully compensated
There is a greater chance to meet the fairies at the bottom of the garden than to receive any constructive direction from the EPA or DEC. Their attitude is to denigrate and destroy all incentive to farm irrespective we have the worlds best environmental farming practice. They are obsessed with an objective to disregard all Private Property Rights and Rural Development.
Evidenced by the treatment of Matt and Janet Thompson who established an approved cattle feed lot at Narrogin only to have their license reduced by DEC making it unviable resulting in their pending bankruptcy.
Good Luck
With the Federal government's alliance with the Greens and the State government ignoring the situation it is difficult to see any change to the present draconian laws affecting farmers in their livelihoods.
Any bureaucrat that is removed from their position is awarded substantial compensation notwithstanding it is due to incompetence when they are rewarded with an appointment to another similar position.
In contrast farmers and property owners are financially penalised by laws effecting compulsory environmental contribution for a public benefit.
It is selective discrimination.
Brian Burke, when Premier of WA, changed the structural strength of the bureaucracy from practical application to ideology as the text book inexperienced management grew by sourcing applicants from our socialist indoctrinated universities.
So what can we expect.
More of the same when it will be an indictable offence to farm in Australia.
This meets the UN Agenda 21 and Lima Agreement objectives supported by all levels of government.
Where is the National Party at a time of crises ?


The Premier's proposal to consider Property Rights is a complete fabrication and he knows it. How he has the audacity to promote this at an election time is beyond belief.
His comment that if re-elected his department will re-examine regulations is nothing but a decades old echo. Who is he attempting to fool?
Not the thousands of affected land owners that attended meetings and prepared submissions resulting in the 683 page Report 7, May 2004 which was Chaired by Hon Barry House MLC that contained 37 recommendations all of which, as have all previous reports, been completely ignored.
The views of G Atkins, 28/03/2012, represent the clearest caution I have read and must be considered. The milk quota system provided price stability and certainty now non existent. Without control they became subject to the predation of Coles and Woolworths who have no soul or morals. They will destroy any Australian business by reducing purchase price even preferring imports in the pursuit of greater profits. It is up to negotiations to reduce bureaucracy and its costs to maintain control to provide a viable occupation and stability for all growers whilst meeting consumer demand.


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