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Grain of Truth

Ajstevo as long as you keep thinking like that then nothing will ever happen so in the end you get what you deserve.The electorates that get the all the action are the marginals.Lets all try it and see what happens things cant get worst
22/02/13 12:08 AM
The reason the bush gets screwed on every front is simple. The LNP know they will win the seat every time so why should bother with us.Try voting for an alternitive and then youl see phone towers hospitals roads materialise before your eyes The NBN will be good but a bit slow in the rollout
21/02/13 12:14 AM

Canberra Comment

Well put Jingelic.Any one who thinks Europe and the USA are going to drop farm subsidies are dreaming,and if you think Julie Bishop will change any thing your deluded.Meanwhile every one will keep supporting cheap imported food and the fruit growers will keep pulling out their trees.
25/06/13 03:50 AM
I agree with Bullfrog about the major ecconomies printing money it will all end in tears.Cattleman I think you may find John Howard was the Handout king and take alook at LNP baby bonus 70k to have a baby not bad.Thats our 70k. If you want agood read on all this stuff,The Australian Moment by George Megalogenis is very good.Stockman just wait till the LNP slash funding to Aqis then get back to us.
27/05/13 03:25 AM
I couldnt think of one thing the fed NP stand for or one policy they have for rual Aust.Come to think of it I am not sure if they even exist.Now I remember Barnaby is after a new seat in NSW but thats about it. I might try and pick up a nice safe NP seat and sit back and watch the grass grow .
01/04/13 11:03 PM
Australian farmers have their very own political party the mighty Nationals, After the next election if they win aust farmers will be on clover. So dont worry the LNP will be there just for us. Just you wait and see.
15/03/13 02:22 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

I bet the fish wins.
17/07/13 11:24 PM
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Country Girl. That cheap fruit and veg from california, got to love a bargin.
14/07/13 11:21 PM
  Free to disagree 23 Comments 23
Just 1 Farmer,thank you for sharing that facinating peice of imformation.With all the money you have saved you will be able to to pick up a can of curried sausages.
12/07/13 03:18 AM
If the customer wants unmulsed wool then give them unmulsed wool. We stopped 3years ago and havenot looked back.We have had 3 flyblown sheep this year.take the leap its easy just buy plain body rams and leave the dinosaurs behined
20/02/13 02:25 AM

Get Muddy

Jen from the bush,a small shop in Canberra will cost you 2000 p/w plus costs,its the same for everyone.
11/07/13 05:42 AM
Cyclones wipe out tourist resorts,cold summers wipe out the icecream people and China wipes out manufacturing,and India wipes out IT.Makes farming look safe as houses.
11/07/13 05:08 AM
Global economy, never heard of it.Those Kiwis should take a leaf out of our book and blame the government every time the chooks get out.Its been working for us for years.
24/06/13 11:22 PM

A matter of opinion

Well said bg
28/06/13 03:27 AM


Gabriel I dont know where you get the idea that the world is short on food.There is so much food you cant sell the stuff, Some places pay you not to grow the stuff.Ill take the NBN any old day.
28/06/13 01:04 AM
This has nothing to do with agriculture,its all about Abott trying to look like some great visionary sort of like Ben Chifley only 70 years later.He knows that the soil is no good,theres no valleys to build dams no work force,no market for the produce and would cost billions.It will never happen and there is no plan for it to happen.
27/06/13 03:18 AM
Oakeshot and Windsor sided with Labor to save the NBN that Abott wanted to destroy.As the NBN is the biggest thing since the snowy scheme and will be an essential part of farming in the future.So I think we should be thankfull that they had the guts to do what they did because the LNP will give us nothing,just you wait and see.
26/06/13 01:06 AM
I have never seen so much vision.Premium produce what ever that is,Meanwhile down in Victoria the fruit growers are pulling out thousands of fruit trees because no one wants the stuff.So tony go and make a nice cup of tea and keep away from vision you are not good at it.
21/06/13 04:15 AM
B Blonde, you don't have personal discussions with Bob Katter. He talks, you listen.
04/06/13 01:39 AM
We can go over there and buy stuff too we do live in a global ecconomy. If you want a hog ranch in texas go buy it.
03/06/13 02:56 AM
Bob Katter wont be stirring any thing up as he is not into free trade. Just be carefull what you wish for.
03/06/13 12:56 AM
This is complete dribble but it gets Barnaby's picture in news.
28/05/13 11:50 PM
Aust ag lives on hope, just tell them that things are looking up or prices will improve next year and they take it every time. Works a treat.
28/05/13 11:42 PM
If you want high end products you must have high labour costs and high regulation costs as for the dollar thats out of our you really think it will all change under the LNP
27/05/13 12:48 AM


Warren Truss says he will give the bush a shot of confidence. Now show us the nuts and bolts. Western Sydney is where the money will go and the old dirt road past our place will still be the old dirt road with blind corners and pot holes. Could you tell us why you voted against the NBN 13 times when you knew very well it was a good thing for regional Aust. To my mind the Nats work against us and the quicker they go the better.
11/06/13 01:44 AM
I have never heard of any scientists forcing any one to beleive in any thing. If you don't believe in climate change that's fine, I think it's on so I try to manage my place accordingly. Why are you folks getting so wound up over it?
21/05/13 03:32 AM
So Chick Olsson thinks Banaby will represent farming interests. Let's wait and see about that. What ever Chick Olsson thinks, do the oposite and youll be on a winner. As for Barnaby,if he fails to get the votes which is posible, he will be back on the street, now that will be even better for Aust Ag.
04/04/13 03:59 AM
Well Tiger are you suggesting Burke shuts down the airport and the railway. Maybe you have a think about things before you make a dill of yourself.
29/05/13 02:42 AM
If John Cobb becomes the next minister I bet it will be exactly the same. No I could be wrong, things will get worse.
24/05/13 05:32 AM
I live in a very safe LNP seat federal and a state NP and I can assure you nothing has ever happend in 20 years. Labor has got the NBN going and that will be good. The LNP will take your vote and give you nothing. So let's stop voting for the useless so-and-sos then we will see some action. The LNP voted against the NBN 13 times, so that's what they think of communications in rual Aust.
02/04/13 01:55 AM


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