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Grain of Truth

GPA is the driving force behind this stocks reporting now please consider this?
GPA claims to represent 8% of the Grain grown in Australia yet it has less than 200 down to figures of around 50 members. That being the fact then GPA's members are only the biggest broad acre growers in Australia who are big enough to market and export their own Grain so it stands to reason that they would benifit from Stocks disclosure. It is of no benifit to the ranken file family farmer who are not members of GPA and rely on the likes of Graincorp to do their marketing for them. Enough said?
30/03/13 10:03 PM

Canberra Comment

To mention the Poll the most important issue facing Agriculture is missing from the list and that is "RURAL DEBT".
If we are unsuccessful in getting up a Rural Reconstruction scheme that is being promoted at the moment we will lose thousands of more farmers very quickly in the short term and if we are hit with another drought before we can climb back from the last one then it will be over for a lot more.
You can have your foreign take overs but when things get tough it is the family farmer that hangs in and tries to provide the next generation to feed the world.
15/08/13 11:05 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

God help us.
David you are out of touch with the real situation and are relying on dodgy figures to present you case. If you talk to real farmers you would get the true story and not that of big business wanting control of the food producing sector. You are have been sucked in by those who want to control the world's food resources. Get a real job and stop loading hard working Australians up with your BS.
22/12/13 09:32 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen you are wasting your time writting about the pros and cons of animal management purely because PETA are dead against the farming or ownership of any animal farmed or domestic. Mulesing is just an answer for an argument to stop farmed animals. PETA is also against naked (feathers removed) chooks on display in shops. This bunch of morons in PETA will keep on regardless if you change or don't until they run out of reasons to attack us.
20/02/13 05:49 AM
Davids not even a farmer. Like Tony Bourke closest theve got to knowing about farming is owning a garden hose and a budgy.
Consultants are supposed to consult well David get out of your airconditioned office and go and consult with the real people who will suffer from your medalling. I'm a wheat grower and I know what they face loosing but you don't!
18/09/12 10:14 PM

Burrs under my saddle

Come on Pete GPA is nothing and only has a couple of members and only got the RO because it got hold of the GCA ABN, it did not pass any criteria test which is required to to hold the RO and It receives money from GRDC and Levy payers to cover the cost of travel to your meetings in Canberra. Before Barny sorts out GRDC he should have run the criteria test over GPA and he wouldn't have to put up with GPA opposing everything. GPA does not represent the Grower levy payers and never could as it was Labor that gave GPA the RO to continue the divide in the Peak Grains body.
03/06/15 02:51 AM
OMG, just what you have been after all along Pete, another farmer supplied levy to keep this jobs for the boys so called peak representation going so you blokes can continue to put your people in the top jobs.
Give us a break you lot, the game is up, time for proper representation with democratically elected reps, not this consensus crap you lot invented to keep the new NFF Grains Policy Council from doing its job. I was told the NFF GPC council was ticking along quite well until the GPA loving delegates allowed GPA into the membership and that's when it all stopped.
15/06/14 05:06 AM


The plain Fact is there are more Non SFO member growers than members and GGL has more members across Australia and representation . Now we have a broader representation for those of us that are sick of SFOs including NSWFarmers. Grains Chair Dan Cooper now has to take a dose of his own medicine and support joint RO holders and he should never have stated he was upset with the Ministers decision as it was Against NSWFarmers Policy. As Chair you have to support Members Policy not your own!!
09/07/15 10:26 AM
Jock Munro you are spot on with your assessment of the Ministers decision. Having 4 of the SFO Grains Chairs strident GPA supporters who have a crazy hatred towards GGL is and has been no good for Grower representation. GPA will not survive now with GGL watching their every move as joint RO. It still puzzles me on how GPA past any of the criteria test but that's Politics. NSWFarmers Policy is to support the RO holder so Dan Cooper you had better suck it up as your mob got that Policy through to have your mates from GPA at the table. Karma I think it's called.
09/07/15 10:20 AM
Corporatize CBH at your Peril. In 12 months it would be owned and controlled by the big International Grain merchants an the profit would flow overseas to their retirement funds and not yours. Corporatisation is a short term gain for some with a life time of pain for all WA. As evident in the East with Graincorp and AWB there were no Farm winners only losers with the pain to go on and the shareholders and the Cargill family rejoicing. Be very careful for what you wish for as the Fairies at the end of the Garden are ruthless merchants dressed to appeal. History does repeat and WA is next!
23/01/15 05:29 AM
Rex, you are completely right. This is more like the Labor party spin trying to lie to the public in their continual scare campaign. The Government would do better to crack down on the waste and start by removing Bushie's benefits and if Bushie would refuse to eat anything Australian grown or produced he would do us all a favour perhaps he could start on a diet of fish imported from the Mekong delta seeing he hates all Australian producers and that would shut him up completely
07/01/15 03:38 AM
Isn't it strange how the Graincorp leadership condemned AWB for doing the same thing years ago.
Jocks predictions are coming true.
10/07/14 10:43 PM
If Bulldust Bill's father had believed in protection we would not have to put up with his rantings now.
03/01/14 05:31 AM
If BB was to stand by all of his comments against protectionism and free trade then he must support the corporatisation of the ABC and the removal of Tax payer dollars to support its operation?
03/01/14 05:24 AM
Reith is a has-been and is trying everything he can to keep his face on TV and in the news. He achieved bugger all in Government and shows his total lack of understanding of the real world of Agriculture and to get into bed with the same views as Paul Howes he should be ashamed of himself. Go home Peter and take Paul Howes with you . You deserve each other!!!
03/12/13 12:14 AM
The share price is only where it was before ADM's over priced offer designed to turn East coast growers into ADM servants. Before Don whinges anymore he should get off his backside and start acting positive towards the future of Graincorp.
Move on Don or move out. And that goes for the rest of the Board and the CEO. Talk up Graincorp's future and not down.
29/11/13 02:50 AM
Hey dicky tiger Fiona and her family are grain growers between Young and Cowra and are bloody good at what they do. As far as skin in the game Fiona has put herself out there to help protect Family Farmers and rural Australia from those who would turn us into peasants. What have you done? Tiger dicky?
10/07/13 11:31 AM


This is why the GGL hand pick and vote in the Directors they want using members UNDIRECTED Chairman's vote. If the members vote was used we would have fresh faces in the Board room with fresh Ideas and no Club mentality. It's time for members to actually read the Voting booklet and make a choice and not leave it to the Chairman to decide. Stand up or loose it! Time for GGL Board to elect the members choice not their own or the will slip into oblivion and GPA will Take over !
11/08/16 12:44 AM
GPA are an unelected unrepresented bunch of the new Old Boys club looking for off farm income! Yet they claim to represent 26,000 Grain growers. I never had a chance to vote for any of them! Lucky for them I guess.
17/06/16 01:25 AM
monty Insurance comes at additional cost and you have to be making money to pay tax and it is not for the full amount lost. Surely it is better to tighten the rules and make sure defaults can not happen rather than load the grower up with more risk reduction cost. We are paying to much now!
18/03/15 09:48 PM
Clear, all well and good for you but first you have to have your grain delivered to Graincorp. What about all the other grains we produce and sell from on-farm storage. Most of us don't want to pay double handling and for the likes of oats, Graincorp does not receive it. So back to the drawing board and assessing risk.
17/03/15 02:10 AM
The cheapest seller sets the price. All the merchants need to achieve is a margin for their shareholders where AWB had to maximise returns to growers. This included maximising quality. Its not rocket science! Since deregulation we have lost Golden rewards, Freight cost reductions and the end user has lost quality due to poor blending and we have lost price due to the Cheapest seller of Australias grain setting the price. The loss of all the Industry good functions has cost us dearly. Sticking your head in the sand will not stop you getting kicked in the wallet. Some fail to realise the truth.
16/03/15 08:57 PM
Go to it you CBH members level the playing field for us in the East? So we can all pay huge cost to export our grain through Graincorp! Eventually ADM will own it all and you will all be price takers like us working for the man. You will all get short term gain and then sink deep into financial pain like us as well. Solidarity you lot come on and join us and feel the pain we do ? Happy days ahead with crappy days to follow! Why should growers own their entire supply chain paddock to plate and share the profit? You can not have that it would make to much sense to keep a successful structure !!
03/03/16 12:32 AM
Allowing so much power to a handful of unelected unrepresentative power seekers is unbelievable. Not one person in this corporate handful of farmers called GPA was elected by Levy payer growers and they are untouchable by levy payers. There should be an enquiry into how this lot continues to hold the RO even though they could not pass the simple test required. GPA receives growers levy money and is unaccountable. The Labor Party would be proud of itself by installing this lot. Barnaby should act before anymore damage is done?
14/06/15 10:24 PM
For all the good the GRDC does with my and thousands of others levy money, a TIN SHED or an empty Graincorp storage would do them for an office. Paying GPA is the biggest waste of our money. Unelected and unaccountable yet they claim to represent all the levy payers? When did we get a chance to vote for them or put forward our policy for them to follow. Like the election of the GRDC directors, we don't have a say even though we pay plenty to them to waste. Like their project that came up with the world shattering news that headers start fires at harvest. What is going on with all this waste?
28/05/15 01:55 AM
I support the move to Wagga Wagga. There is more chance that the staff would move a little way up the highway to Wagga than all the way to WA. Add Qld , NSW, and Vic plus SA and you will find Wagga more central than WA besides we are talking about more Grains than just the couple they grow in WA.
The cost of ferrying the Good Ol boys that make up the cliquey little group that control the Chairperson position wouldn't like the commute to WA either.
27/05/15 10:38 PM
Well written Pete.
If the buyers want continued supply we have to pay our bills and then try to encourage the next generation of farmers to stay or come home!
Global food security is not going to be protected by the big corporates because when things get tough the shareholders return is the only focus and they will bail. Family farmers will only survive to feed the world if we get paid a fair price from the merchants and that is a dream I once had.
24/04/15 12:55 AM


Dan was the Chair of NSWfarmers Grains committee for three years and the only thing he pushed was GPA to take over the NFF National Grains Policy Group for his mates and promoted GRDC. Why did he not raise all these issues within NSWFarmers? He does not know being on the Board of Grain grower is for Governance not pushing his agendas. It's up to the Policy group and staff to address Members Policy.
Dan needs to study more about what he has applied for!
14/09/16 02:45 AM
We should pass the hat around for Bushie to take a long needed break away in a country without Farmers that import all their food no matter what the poor quality. And by the way it would be only a one way ticket!!
03/11/14 06:47 AM
Name the Banks that are doing this ASAP. Don't hold back get into the media and name them. Even if it is just on this blog name them. We went through this in the eighty's and the nineties I thought they learnt their lesson.
20/02/14 06:46 AM
A very timely leak of information to the media to assist GPA Candidates get elected. I am sure the truth is far less exciting than this story has the reader believe.
As concerned has written I would have thought equal time be given to the other candidates but like the Gregor story a few days ago Dan Cooper has Fairfax support in having his name in print in the lead up to the elections!
09/09/16 04:40 AM
Rob it is the members apathy allowing this to happen each time. If members read their voting pack and chose a candidate then voted or not vote would be better than giving a blank vote to the Chair. They used to blame the Standing Proxies for this mess but it was the Chairman holding open undirected votes that allowed the Old Boys club to exist.
11/08/16 12:43 AM
This is why the GGL hand pick and vote in the Directors they want using members UNDIRECTED Chairman's vote. If the members vote was used we would have fresh faces in the Board room with fresh Ideas and no Club mentality. It's time for members to actually read the Voting booklet and make a choice and not leave it to the Chairman to decide. Stand up or loose it! Time for GGL Board to elect the members choice not their own or the will slip into oblivion and GPA will Take over !
10/08/16 12:36 AM
Ms Nash should be given the Agriculture Minister role in the new Government. She would be a breath of fresh air over the current opposition shadow minister John Cobb who has forgotten where he came from from so many years in the opposition wilderness. To save Rural Australia and our Farmers we need a new Agriculture minister who has direct contact with Agriculture and understands first hand what is hurting us the most. Ms Nash has what it takes and is also a very caring person to top it off.
26/04/13 10:47 PM
BB, have you been having a few more drinks than usual before you put your fingers on the keyboard?
Your latest effort is less understandable than all the other tripe you have written. Perhaps the batteries in your Pacemaker are going flat? We can only hope so.
01/04/13 08:24 AM
Polar Ice caps increase in size up to 63% since 2012.
Al Gore and Rudd and his mates were pulling the wool over your eyes!
Just like the Julia Gillard high paid team of scare mongers saying the East coast would be dry and the city's need Desal plants which were built for a fortune and now are mothballed at an ongoing huge cost.
No one to be held accountable for the lies! Shame ciencetech/article-2738653/Stunni ng-satellite-images-summer-ice-ca p-thicker-covers-1-7million-squar e-kilometres-MORE-2-years-ago-des pite-Al-Gore-s-prediction-ICE-FRE E-now.html
24/01/15 05:12 AM
Another attempt to find work off the farm that pays well with little effort. Pete is becoming an expert a recreating himself. He has run out of positions to create another job for the boys so he has to invent them now. I would not vote for this fella.
28/12/14 10:57 AM


The media is full of the new term Troll which is used to discribe people like Bushie Bill who hide behind made up names to attack people like Barnaby for their own sick Political Agenda.
The term Troll appears right in Bills case.
Keep up the good work Barnaby!
03/09/12 10:16 PM


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