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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

One thing is for sure, LC. Competing with you is a breeze. The Ag Socs are rapidly handing over control of the industry to more profitable free market thinking farmers who continue to be highly profitable year in year out. The day you're all at the coast will be a happy day for this country.
22/10/14 01:40 AM
"Aust farmers receive very little assistance from Aust taxpayers"
This is an incorrect statement. Diesel fuel rebate. 15% effective taxation rate for super contributions. co-contribution into R&D investment dollar for dollar. Farm management deposits ... farmers don't know how good they got it. I for one farm to avoid paying anything more than a bare miminum tax and the current systems allows me to do that.
16/09/13 07:48 AM
It has already started David. The new herbicide Sakura as part of its registration cannot be used within 50m of remnant vegetation in what is being called a 'buffer' zone. It is death by a thousand cuts to the family farm.
04/07/13 03:08 AM
Better to for an industry to fund its own research without matching governmnet funds. Its the only way to guarantee efficient use of our research funds. If you take cash from the pollies they will insist you research carbon and climate parameters.
Research money is best going to profitabilty gains not productivity gains.
13/03/13 01:57 AM

Get Muddy

And where do the xenophobes think the estimated $66 billion of Australian farm debt comes from? Without foreign money we all go back to clover and ground lice and land values will collapse.
02/09/13 10:21 PM

Burrs under my saddle

Farmers are not special and those that focus on their image miss the point. Farming is a business with opportunities in front of it. If you want farming without opportunity then we go back to the days of Stalin and agrarian socialism where you have no choice in how you farm or the profits you can make and misery is shared equally. Beware of aspiring agri politicians who just tackle these populist issues. These individuals care more about their future in politics than you or me.
08/05/14 12:21 AM


No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC offer once the harvest is complete & farmers start looking to spend on next year's crop. That is of course, provided banks extend that credit which in any case will not come cheap if it comes at all. You never take your financial security for granted in this world. Sad to see the greatest enemy of the family farm is the farmer himself with ignorance and complacency. Some cheap land on the horizon ...
07/10/16 04:23 AM
Does anybody really think Anthony Salim would sanction buying WA barley if it were more expensive than say Canadian barley? Shareholders get fed a lot of rubbish around these investments. Firstly, if it is an investment it should not be compelled to use WA barley. Secondly, if it is using WA barley and generating premiums for growers, where are the premium bids? Smoke and mirrors. Should have simply bought Joe White Maltings which would have been made with concrete half the price of today's ... at least growers would have been saved freight/handling costs of not having go to a port
23/09/16 10:54 AM
CBH will not release results of survey. CBH board not beholden to majority opinions coming through in the survey. Sounds like a PR stunt.
01/09/16 10:03 AM
If you read past the first paragraph! '... new port developments in northern Brazil will cut growers inland freight distances to the seaboard by 40%' and that is every year
21/07/16 06:43 AM
Dreyfus has up country super sites planned for east of Northam on the standard guage and also up at Muchea. Their target - 2-4mmt of the closest to port tonnes they can gather. In doing that, CBH would likely survive a couple of years before the receivers would have to move in. And all that grower wealth evaporates off into the ether. Boils my blood!
08/06/16 10:31 AM
There has been little economic gain at the farm gate because of DAFWA. We don't need this funding and we certainly don't need the bureaucracy these turkeys are always trying to sneak in over the top of our farming systems. If they closed DAFWA tomorrow, farming would be just as profitable.
13/05/16 02:42 AM
So if what you say is true Mr Downe, why is it that ever since we lost the Single Desk in Western Australia which services the bulk of Australia's export markets, we have had a circa $30/t basis over CBOT? The facts don't lie. You cannot escape the trend in Chicago in this world but you can minimise losses to top heavy bureaucracies servicing their salaries. When I sell to Dreyfus, Cargill or ADM, the costs are transparent, the price transparent, Chicago transparent. That's the kind of market place everyone benefits from, except the ones who industry is better off without anyway.
31/03/16 07:17 AM
There are no excuses left for the board now. You won't see Deutschebank waiving their multimillion dollar fees to help CBH avoid the scrutiny of AGC examining their books and avoid a vote. Put it to a vote Wally and Co.
Growers fail to understand the amount of money CBH is spending to avoid this proposal getting to a vote. They have hired Deutschebank who will now get a substantial multimillion dollar fee if they successfully push the politics towards avoiding a vote. They have also hired a corporate relations firm on top of the in house capacity they have to promulgate propaganda and strategy to keep shareholders fleeced and seemingly happy to pay the highest storage & handling fees of all the major exporting regions of the world. Shareholders need to look past the scare and analyse the offer on its merits
07/03/16 10:03 PM
This is a great offer when you look at the details behind it. It is largely a share based offer and this company will be a top 100 ASX. Personally I will be buying more on market. To Munro and all the usual muckrakers, you gave your Graincorp shares away because you didn't value your company. CBH shareholders are much wiser than that. This is the next Wesfarmers, you can pencil it in. It is the only way to galvanise grower loyalty because at the moment growers close to port are leaving the ranks, madly building silos.
24/02/16 12:47 AM


The good old Western Districts shareholder could be forgiven for asking when he might see a cross subsidy benefit instead of making it cheaper for everyone else to farm all the time. Presumably backloading is possible to all CBH sites particularly when you consider how busy the port of Lancelin is at exporting grain.
05/07/16 02:30 PM
You wouldnt know it by the amount of grain the USDA and IGC pulls out of their #$%$s each year. Seriously go to weed riddled Europe. There is no way the world is swimming in the amount of grain the paper traders would have us all believe.
14/03/16 11:54 PM
Growers need to understand CBH have hired Deutschebank to ensure this never gets to vote. These guys will then be paid a multimillion dollar fee for achieving this. If it goes to vote and the growers get the 'NO' vote up, it doesn't cost CBH a dime! FACT! Don't fall for the spin folks. Your storage and handling fees are going to Pitt St in Sydney in spades at the moment.
07/03/16 10:23 PM
16 mill breakout fee is only if CBH walk away without good reason or if another takeover comes forward. CBH is likely paying this kind of money anyway to both Deutschebanks A-team to effectively implement strategy to thwart this offer. CBH is also paying big dollars in 'corporate relations'. The 12 mill is a negligible cost to flush out a higher bid and just rewards for taking on the risk of Bringing out the best or worst in the company. Sadly it is the latter which sees the old baseless spin machine keeping the sheepfleeced.
04/03/16 09:28 PM
Cost increases will be linked to CPI for the next 5 years. Don't you blokes read or listen? In the long run though there will be winners and losers BUT this was going to happen anyway if the CBH board under the current model made the changes that the network plan is going to need to make. The board is too gutless to even show the plan let alone enact it. That's just making investment a no brainer by the competition.
02/03/16 08:10 AM
Growers aren't fooled by the rebate system. CBH is charging shareholders 8% more this year than they did last year. A buck or two back in rebates is meaningless when you've been charged an extra 3or 4 back down at the bin.
22/02/16 09:26 PM
Nutrition is right on paper, weed banks devastated, diseases under control. The last hurdle and the hardest hurdle - nematodes/rhizo. Only option is legumes or triticale or fallow. That prices are now good the swing is on and all the usual constraints to move quickly are evident.
11/06/16 02:29 AM
Had to laugh at the grand announcement of what would be the sites of the future. Dreyfus will shortly put theirs out and it will likely be just 2 sites in the Kwinana zone (Meckering and Muchea) and likely circa 2mmt each. CBH cannot possibly compete. Once Kwinana the most profitable tonnes from KWI go to the competition it is curtains for the co-op and sadly $2 shares would likely only fetch that much at the receivers.
08/06/16 10:29 AM
All it is going to take is for one competitor to open a super site on the standard gauge rail and CBH is buggered. A real shame growers don't see the risk because $3-4 bill of equity is going to evaporate and many of you will get the higher charges anyway as even CBH won't bother chasing scraps with the lowest cost tonnes going to the competition. There simply won't be any ability to cross subsidize.
25/03/16 09:55 PM
This is a very clever move by some of the State's smartest wheat growers. Growers would be wise to carefully analyse the offer. It has all the hallmarks of the next 'Wesfarmers' and growers will be shareholders. I will be buying more on market because the current circa $2 billion market valuation will undoubtably head much higher once it hits the market. This is a HUGE opportunity for WA farmers.
24/02/16 12:33 AM


Now imidacloprid is off patent, funny how it goes from safe to use to the devil incarnate. Around about the time a new suite of 'safe' chemistries appear, priced to the side of pain of course.
27/07/16 05:17 AM
Rhiannon, you can guarantee every eligible young bachelor farmer in Western Australia just fell in love with you!
Best of luck and keep up the great work. Not enough country girls coming back to the next boom sector.
12/12/14 10:10 PM
And we thank you for your charitable nature drowning. Longer we take to corporatise CBH the more money remaining shareholders like me will bank.
25/02/14 12:24 AM
This scheme has failed. Just another tax on the profitability of WA graingrowers. We are spraying for Kochia and Fleabane these days so skeleton weed is no longer a problem, particularly with cheap broadleaf summer weed herbicides available these days.
19/08/13 01:01 AM
Whilst debt is driving decisions to plant every year despite soil moisture levels, the production model in the Eastern Wheatbelt is 'endangered'. If these guys took the equity boost option from corporatising CBH, more fallowing could be practised and the risk of being a grain producer could be greatly reduced. You can only fallow if you are not up to your eyeballs in debt. Take the self help option boys. Organise a vote on the issue. Time is a ticking, interest is compounding.
23/07/13 11:40 PM
Anyone buying farmland at the moment is in denial. Denial that the world's debt bomb won't affect them. Wheat is headed back to $220/t in Kwinana so chances are you will find much more land on the market in 2014. The family farm is up for sale. Plenty of bargain coming to the 2nd hand machinery market too. You'll need significant equity to weather the unfolding mess.
21/04/13 11:40 PM
LC you have to first love yourself before you can love others.
28/07/14 09:36 PM
If it isn't corporatised & land price deflation isn't halted, every farmer will continue to see their equity levels fall before turning a wheel this year. Worse case find themselves unable to attract finance next year perhaps. We lose another 1000 CBH shareholders. I'm fine with that cos that'll mean fewer CBH shares to divie the spoils over.
You might feel like your $2 share was taken from you but the question is did you ask for it? Farmers need to realise currently once your $2 share is paid out it, there is no second chance at getting your equity.
08/04/13 02:14 AM
'Fairness' and 'Entitlement' are words Joseph Stalin's would have used on a daily basis. Farming can never survive with a socialist agenda.
You either still have your shares or you don't. Its a mute argument. Its rather like saying I sold by BHP shares for $10, now they are $35 its only 'fair' I get a share of the $25 someone wiser than me got, by buying my shares. Get out of town!!
06/04/13 11:15 PM
Growers can see through these aspiring agri-political hicks. They use grower levy pools to climb the profile ladder with absolutely no thought no care for the growers they propose to both represent and fight for. Throw them all on the scrap heap and don't reward this behaviour with any votes!
24/08/13 09:50 PM


If Australians weren't held back by illogical rules and regulations by Fisheries, inland aquaculture could flourish as the current choice of species are largely limited to non native species. If WA for example could access and incorporate species such as the salt tolerant spangled perch and golden perch we would have half a chance of establishing a new and vibrant industry in the wheatbelt.
There is no shortage of underground water resources just a lack of species we can legally integrate. Of course the same would go for the urban aquaculturalists.
19/08/14 12:31 AM


Rubbish! This idea farmers need to seek a social licence means industry are giving urbanites with absolutely no concept of what it takes to profitably produce anything a say in how they 'think' we should go about business. Next we will need a social licence to use pesticides, or maybe they think production can occur without using them. Get it out of your head this concept of social licensing can do anything but wreak destruction on long term profitability of all ag industries.
30/03/14 11:03 PM


A lot of capital tied up in that picture. Gives me a nervous twitch.
Just get a spray contractor in (twice if need be) and make sure spray rates are robust, water rates are high and spraying is done early after each big rain event. Swath your canola laying down generous licks of metsulfuron underneath is half the battle won until post February.
08/05/13 12:23 AM


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NO ships with live animals should be leaving Australia. This industry is animal abuse and animal
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we are happy to have Aldi in katanning doing business with WAMCO we also wanted and in great
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This is a disgrace but what can you expect from a Liberal Government that insists on making
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