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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Spot-on Nev, foreign ownership is way overrated. The personal abuse by JFT and Deregul8 adds nothing to this discussion.
10/09/13 06:47 AM

Get Muddy

Great article Sam. There are plenty of signs to point out that a larger proportion of our kids are not going to cope with a life "handed to them on a plate".
05/11/13 02:14 AM


The point is it shouldn't cost nearly $200 to add a gun on your license, nor should we endure an inefficient, archaic system of gun ownership. I have had my renewal "lost" in the system, waited months for paperwork to go through, had incorrect details, its not good enough. If people think guns are so dangerous, why can't we spend some money on a modern system of licensing that will benefit everyone in the community.
11/09/14 02:25 AM
The title of the article says it all - most of the foreign investment so far has also included foreign ownership. No government will have the guts to lower costs like labour, power, water etc, so we will probably continue to produce and export basic food and buy it back in a processed form. Thats what happens when the general population want things at the cheapest possible price - the producer/manufacturer can't make enough profit to re-invest.
13/05/14 03:12 AM
Emerald might have sold Sumitomo a pup. Emeralds performance in WA has been very average, they have a lot of work to do.
07/02/14 07:06 AM
I wonder if they will treat egg producers the same as dairy farmers and beat them down to a price below cost of production?
04/10/13 05:37 AM
Our politicians need a "reboot" too - just look at the current China beef import ban and the Indonesian quotas. There is nothing wrong with our product, we are just a soft target for some political argybargy to keep prices down and for signing poor FTA's.
26/09/13 10:49 PM
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Nev's on fire today. Farmers are quite capable of investing in their own industry if they can compete on an even playing field and/or not have too many other snouts in the profit trough. You just need a co-operative approach, not a selfish individualistic one.
10/09/13 07:21 AM
Thats a pretty cheap shot, GF, not very helpful.
08/08/13 01:04 PM
Why don't these "animal activists" go over to these other countries and try and stop this cruelty. It's no crime to sell or export livestock, it's the cultures over there that don't seem to get it. What's the matter, are they afraid of offending these (mainly) muslim countries, or perhaps they are worried they might get their own throats cut. Little is being done to solve the real problem.
24/05/13 04:31 AM
Give me a break. Funny how the 1st 4 posts were all submitted within 15 minutes by the usual PGA members. Selling CBH might buy a bit of time, but will do nothing to solve the current farming problems such as the high $, input costs and poor seasons, and will result in another farming asset out of our control.
02/05/13 03:32 AM
Might be worth reading the article again, Wifey. Selling CBH isn't going to solve our problems, its a high $A, deregulation, powerful buying groups, an expectation of cheap food, and lack of rain that have got us to where we are. The Gvmnt could try and change a few of these things, but maybe theres not enough votes in it for them to bother.
19/04/13 03:38 AM


WA has the lowest costs, so whats the problem with CBH? And how much are our international competitors paying for storage and handling? That would put this story in perspective.
07/02/14 06:58 AM
And any other competitor would offer a better option @ Marvel Loch? Doubt it.
07/11/13 08:56 AM
Not quite sure we need more traders to sell the same amount of grain, Deregul8. Regardless of the number of buyers, there will be winners and losers depending on when you sell your grain, its not often their daily prices are much different to each other. Are we better off? Hard to tell, I only see selected figures to argue one way or the other. They all need their margins and profits for shareholders.
13/09/13 03:57 AM
Here we go again, all the PGA boys shouting out for corporatisation. There hasn't been a lot of evidence to say CBH is ripping us off, and they do provide a service that is worth something - you can't store on-farm and QA for nothing. If you think the Chinese, Bunge etc are going to deliver more money to the farmers pocket then think again - I bet they will want to keep as much of it as they can for themselves! As for CBH equity - that is just robbing Peter to pay Paul.
12/04/13 07:55 AM


Perhaps because most people are servants rather than masters we don't really care. What we are seeing is a global transfer of ownership of (uncompetitive) businesses into the hands of cashed-up entities looking for somewhere to invest their money. They're looking for control, not always profit, so don't expect any benefits from FI any time soon! By the way Bill, what the heck is a RARA?
05/11/13 02:03 AM
The chances of the global community "deeply and rapidly" cutting emissions is somewhere between zero and none.
03/10/13 08:15 AM
What a great story. This is why we don't need bean counters pushing corporate farming and foreign owners. We like living out here because its more about valuing friends, families and our community. Lets hope for a good finish to the season.
30/05/13 03:22 AM
The lack of patriotism of Australian investors and businesses is astounding. Why are we so keen to let other nations run our industries? It can't be to make money, otherwise you would think we would still be doing it ourselves. Guess it must be for the control - perhaps they have a better vision of the future than we do.
21/08/13 05:32 AM


Lets hope the mindset of those from mining backgrounds doesn't come back to the farm. If equipment got treated the same way, applied the same OH & S standards, made as many stuffups and paid even half the wages, we would be broke in a flash.
11/09/14 02:35 AM


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NO ships with live animals should be leaving Australia. This industry is animal abuse and animal
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This is a disgrace but what can you expect from a Liberal Government that insists on making
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