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antipodes, can you add up? If so look at today's Neilson Poll showing that Abbott is now leading Krudd 47% V 40% as preferred PM. Way better than Turnbull ever did when he was opposition leader against Krudd PM. Can you add that up?
09/08/13 09:14 PM
I too note the APPARENT great popularity of Turnbull over Abbott in Polls. It is not so apparent when you look at only the Coalition voters. It is mostly even or else Abbott slightly up. So that tells me that it is really the lefties who favor Turnbull over Abbott but not necessarily over KRUDD or Labor. Remember also Turnbull's record V Krudd when he was Opposition Leader and Krudd was PM. Krudd out polled him enormously. So as you say Colin, Turnbull's APPARENT popularity is all imagination. It may also reflect the Canberra Lefty attempt to destabilize the Coalition to improve Krudds chance
08/08/13 07:20 AM
Thinking our Govt can make overseas Govt's change domestic policies to make world trade more free and open is like expecting our top sporting teams to handicap themselves so the weaker ones can win a few more games. What our Govt can do is reduce a few of the burdens placed on our productive industries via labor costs and regulations, and by punishing overseas imports which have been supported by domestic subsidies so that our producers are not so adversely affected by those offending subsidies. If our consumtion is a little dearer as a result, it will be offset by local jobs growth..
04/06/13 02:59 AM
  Whose ABC? 49 Comments 49
Mr Bettles is not paid for by the tax payer. ABC is. And ABC is supposed to be politically unbiased because although tax payers may wish to withdraw their taxes if ABC is going outside its charter they are unable to, They are able to stop reading The Land and cause ratings to go down and advertising income to fall and then The Land goes out of business. If that were the case with the ABC their appaulingly low ratings should have sent them out of business long ago. So unless they return to being politically unbiased, I say they should be privatised or shut down.
27/05/13 03:39 AM
  Whose ABC? 49 Comments 49
au contraire there is a big difference between ABC totally reliant on tax payers for a livelihood and graziers who develop outback Australia, take on weather risks, vermin risks, market risks, finance the whole operation with their own risk capital, and may occasionally get a drought LOAN, or a tax break or two, after paying taxes first. As a non farmer/grazier I at least get a return on my tiny amount of tax helping a grazing business because they develop our outback. Please at least be honest and reasoned in your arguments.
24/05/13 09:45 AM
  Whose ABC? 49 Comments 49
Do you have any idea how hundreds of millions of people in other parts of the world live, bullfrog? Also do you think some person calling itself bullfrog is going to dictate to hundreds of millions of people to change the way they conduct their lives just to suit you? Think again.
24/05/13 07:19 AM
  Whose ABC? 49 Comments 49
I would not have such a problem with ABC taking sides on any issue if they did not do it with my taxes. While they are funded by taxpayers, they have no right to push a political agenda. They only have the permission to report news. If they want opinions in their broadcasting then get them from non ABC commentators, without any selectiveness or favoritism to one side or the other. Interrogate all sides equally. At present ABC is out of order and is using my taxes against me. Shut them down or privatise them if they refuse to behave impartially.
23/05/13 04:30 AM
  Whose ABC? 49 Comments 49
bagheera, unlike the ABC, The Land (like private radio) must rely on advertising income to survive. If people do not read The Land the advertisers will pull their funding and they are out of a job. If that applied with the ABC, based on their ratings they would be off air now. Because their survival is not based on ratings and they are paid for compulsorily by taxpayers, they are not allowed to be biased. They must be politically neutral. The fact is that they have failed miserably at this for at least 10 years and maybe 20. They are nothing but a cheer squad for the left these days.
20/05/13 10:56 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

If you want to push the CBOT issue JFT, I trust you know that there was no restriction to the use of CBOT by growers under the Single desk export arrangements!
Oh and by the way, your use of personal abuse to people who do not say what you want them to, adds nothing to your argument.
09/09/13 12:45 PM
David, I guess in our democratic society we are all free to have our say. However by acting like a supreme authority and trying to demean all opposing arguments, does not constitute clear rationale for us as Australians. No matter what principles or ideologies are put forward there are always mitigating circumstances and always competing interests to be dealt with. Like it or not, Australian grain growers are at war with US and EC Govts because they intervene on behalf of their growers and against ours. As a result, ADM is a participant and enemy of our growers at times.
09/09/13 05:34 AM
John Niven @ 27/8 10.58, you are absolutely spot on in everything you have written.
27/08/13 01:18 PM
qlander, you are correct.
27/08/13 01:28 AM
Holy moly, what you say (2/8/13) is often overlooked. David mentions the high performing Companies in Agric as Agrium, ADM, Glencore , Cargill, and Dreyfus. These have huge bases in America except Glencore. It is not surprising they all perform well. They have huge economies of scale. However all must start small and grow. A key factor in the growth of USA Agric Co's, apart from living amongst huge production, is the role and financial help of the US Govt to its agricultural producers and the flow on benefits to the ADM's and Cargill's giving them a distorted operating advantage.
02/08/13 08:02 AM
  Handouts handover? 10 Comments 10
I don't believe the Aust Govt can or should try to match the US and Europe in the farm subsidy race. However Aust farmers have had very successful non subsidized, non tax payer funded marketing and coop storage arrangements in the past under which our grain industry flourished for over 65 years. A few years ago in a fit of madness our Federal Govt knifed it to please the USA and boy have the US subsidy beneficiary traders set up to rape our farmers since? Yes. What mugs we are.
04/07/13 10:52 AM
I see Coles and Wesfarmers as a particularly successful corporate conglomerate. Anyone looking for high earning shares should buy and hold Wesfarmers shares. But, like any Corporate, they are fair game if they enter the political arena. They deserve all the damage possible for their dumb siding with radical minority groups. Clearly they did not do their homework very well on this one and have had to admit their error. I hope they learn a good lesson from it by seeing a sizable drop in Coles sales.
10/06/13 07:42 AM
Global Investor, I suggest you read the article by Tim Mazzarol on this site. He points out clearly how the big trading conglomerates (like ADM) are a choking point between farmers and consumers. In other words what Jock is saying is correct. Tim points to the critical mass of the traders being so significant that farmers options include getting much bigger by collaboration or some other means. I guess that just supports the strategy of the traders who have done just that. Jock knows that Aust growers once believed in and had that critical mass via a single desk. Incredibly it was given away!
10/05/13 09:44 AM
By any standard, the bulk of GC storages are old, low throughput capacity, unfit for segregation, unfit for safe insect control, and high maintenance. The reason an ADM would offer such a premium for such a wreck of a system is for the control it will get over the eastern Aust grain crop. If I was an ADM competing trader, I would be at a distinct disadvantage using the ADM system to receive, pay for and manage my grain. In USA, there are many Traders who each own and manage their own silo facilities and sharing of the kind ADM is boasting now just don't happen. How can it work here?
02/05/13 08:16 PM
David L, some of your ideas make sense. Lending money to a business that is already non viable is mad. However the nation needs viability in agriculture.Farmers and Government need better policies. Stop knocking the policies that have stood the test of time. CBH WA for example has. Focus on the policies that have failed farmers. Recognise the potential value of food production to Aust. Farming is 99% Aust owned. At least give it incentives and encouragement and counter the market corruption and tarrifs our farmers face in international markets & regulation at home. Subsidies not needed here.
30/04/13 03:07 AM

Get Muddy

On the surface, allowing sale of Australian farming (or residential) land seems quite simple. That is, let it happen because it helps landowners get a better price when they sell. As Abbott says, foreigners cant take our land away. However, is there a point at which foreign ownership of our land is too much? What if it gets to 60, 70 or 80%? The same with Aust commerce what if foreign ownership of business gets to those levels? Does this mean our Govt has the wrong policies that are disadvantaging its own people resulting in O/S Govts policies trumping us to get control over us? I think so.
02/09/13 10:08 PM
Consumers are already paying through the nose here Boonah. It is now cheaper to buy groceries in USA and UK than it is here.
19/08/13 09:54 PM
Talking on this subject, haven't seen anything from BB for a while. Has he been sin-binned?
07/08/13 05:13 AM
Good joke Bosco.
31/07/13 11:43 AM
Nice thoughts Sam but a bit light weight for real change in agricultural survival.
30/07/13 03:55 AM

A matter of opinion

Toro, until I read your last line I thought you just might be truly interested in an open, honest discussion for the good of your industry.
16/08/13 09:34 PM
Gregor Heard, I compliment you on the maturity of this article.
Even in USA, the so called bastion of free enterprise, no Trader has a monopoly the size of GrainCorp on exports. ADM can't believe their luck that Aust might even consider giving any trader such control over its grain exports. I have sympathy for GrainCorp shareholders who are caught in the middle of this fiasco. It arises because of inadequate planning and foresight at the time of wheat market deregulation. If there had been foresight, damage to shareholders could have been avoided. Now it is inevitable in fixing the mess.
16/08/13 06:05 AM
USA and EU gets critisised regularly for paying out subsidies to its farmers. It has been doing this for a long time with no change in sight. While what they are doing is corrupting commodity markets, they are, more significantly, ensuring the continuation of farming, land management and food security in their own regions. They are also helping the down stream industries that rely on farming. We can not stop that process. We can take a leaf out of their book in other ways (without subsidies) to ensure that farming here survives in our hands and is not taken over by USA or EU to our detriment.
20/06/13 12:06 AM
Mark, Govt's make long term decisions all the time. They do so believing they are logical, but of course logic varies depending on one's objective.
19/06/13 11:19 PM
Myopia has got Aust into the current bind regarding agriculture. Firstly myopia caused some farmers to fall for the BS that deregulating wheat exports would create so much more competition for our grain. Then Govt myopia resulted in wheat export deregulation. Now, that change is about to allow a multinational grain trading and processing giant to get an effective monopoly over half of Australia's grain growers. Proof that the increased competition argument was BS and all the suckers who believed in it were myopic suckers. Will Govt open its eyes and look further now. I fear not.
18/06/13 09:52 PM
While you are at it Mark, why don't you get ADM to take over, CBH WA, Wesfarmers, Woolworths, Harvey Norman and the big 4 Banks?
18/06/13 03:54 AM
ADM can make all the promises to growers they like. None are guaranteed. A bigger risk is that they will be so dominant as to preclude competition by stealth. That is, competitors wanting to use the ADM Storage System to buy from growers will be ham strung and reluctant. Growers will dominated and monopolised and too weak to fight back. The only fair way for ADM to prove their wish to do the right thing by growers and competing buyers would be to split GrainCorps silos into three and sell off 2 thirds in 2 bites.
17/06/13 02:27 AM


Don Taylor, you are absolutely right.Generations of avoidance of attention to rail infrastructure, by all Govts, has let our nation fall behind our competitors in being able to handle and deliver commodities safely, and efficiently from suppliers to consumers. It has allowed our roads to become perilously unsafe and costly and caused any revival of rail to be much more expensive. It is a much higher priority than wind or solar power or climate change or Gonski or NBN to put infrastructure capital into. Developing nations like China know it. Why don't we?
24/03/14 11:38 PM
Couldn't have put it better myself get real.
12/09/13 06:47 AM
D8, you forgot to tell growers, that to share in CBOT market, they will trade futures on grain they have not harvested yet. So just how does D8 explain to Aussie grain growers that they need to gamble at CBOT not just on commodity but also on currency? Also how much of the Aussie crop does D8 think can be forward sold well prior to harvest? And how does D8 suggest growers without enough quality wheat at harvest go about paying to buy back cbot futures contracts? Oh and what about D8's suggestions about margin calls on growers? Facts only please D8.
11/09/13 11:48 AM
Flowery words bushie, @ 3/9 9.20pm, and 9.22 pm, but you have failed to explain how we can rely on a word of it.
11/09/13 10:48 AM
Now that is what I call a great question Phil Downie. I believe D8 is down for the count this time.!
11/09/13 07:59 AM
BB, have you spent a life time in farming, grain handling and grain trading across Australia and the world? Have you studied the grain handling and trading and processing and Government intervention systems in major grain producing and trading nations? Have you written submissions to Government on these matters? I suspect not?
04/09/13 10:37 PM
Another policy on the run Joel. Your Party has proved by its actions, what it thinks of agriculture with such actions as chaotically destroying export industries like live cattle. Deeds, not words, are what people believe. You had your chance and you blew it. Now you deserve a massive kick in the pants.
03/09/13 11:13 PM
Pure speculation and hope on your part Bushie. Show us your research before we can accept your dreams.
03/09/13 11:04 PM
I ask again, why would a huge international grain trading conglomerate like ADM offer such a huge premium for a bunch of dilapidated old silos in Australia where GrainCorp grain throughput only equals about 4% of their total grain usage/trade? They can not possibly increase profit from increasing throughput without excessive capital expenditure and then the extra cost would chew up the increased income anyway. So that leaves only excessive fee hikes and monopolization of terminals and imports of subsidized products to the detriment of local producers?
02/09/13 02:25 PM
Toro, Jim Boyd, GrainCorp and ADM are now international competitors in grain trading and processing. They will no longer be competitors, will they? ADM have a huge global foot print, much bigger than GrainCorp in Trading and processing. Because of ADM's larger market power, current traders and grain buyers will find ADM a much more formidable opponent and competitor when it comes to storage access than GrainCorp. That will be the major hidden danger to grain growers because buyers will be restricted. Already a very large Aust/international processor has flagged this point strongly against ADM.
26/08/13 12:31 AM


I am a West Aussie mark 2 but I still like your little collar jerker about WA going it alone or shutting up.
09/09/13 07:01 AM
I don't show people favoritism based on who they are but on what they say Deregul8. If you would like to be more objective and realistic, I would show you the same respect.
06/09/13 05:16 AM
Once again Phil Downie is spot on. But there is no end to self interest organisations conning Government bodies into wasting their money on wasteful studies that have been done to death or are of no industry value.
05/09/13 07:25 AM
Deregul8, P Downie was referring to recent and current Govt's not all past Govt's. Some are better than others. All go through good and bad stages. Regardless, we always have a Govt so we must always work to force it into being at the better end of the referee scale. The "global market" we are in determines what are the best rules for our health, growth and fair play. Under the present globally corrupt produce market it is important to have a counter against being knocked out by the "low blow or head high tackle". Merchants can not have an unfair advantage in the game.
08/08/13 07:47 AM
Sounds like Joel Fitzgibbon and KRudd are happy for multi national US subsidized grain trader, with a past involving much worse ethics that anything the AWB was accused of, taking over Australia's grain industry. Game over for grain growing sector very soon?
30/07/13 03:51 AM
Deregul8 you have contradicted yourself. Phil Downie and Jock Munro have explained the issue perfectly. Putting merchants in charge of delivery quality standards is just like Dracula in charge of the blood bank. It is farmers who take all the risks of capital raising, production, weather, storage and price and so it needs to be growers who take the risk on standards. When they did this via the single desk, Aust wheat quality reputation in the world market was second to none. Why has it fallen under deregulation with merchants in charge?
29/07/13 07:46 AM
Say what you like Mr Basnett. ADM is privy to US Govt subsidised grain. They continue to have access to that artificially lowered market and can and will continue to access that grain before Aust grain to export and to lower prices for growers here in Aust. If they don't do that they will simply be undercut by their US competitors. Short answer is GrainCorp should not be allowed to sell as one entity. It should be split up to ensure competition in the Aust market place. Poor decision ACCC.
04/07/13 10:40 AM
Put the law to one side. Tell me of any market in the world which demands only GM Canola to be delivered against a contract and to exzclude non GM Canola? Correct, none! Now tell me if there are any buyers who demand the Canola they purchase to be free from GM Canola. Some of the major Canola importers in the world demad GM free Canola. So why would any grower want to cut themselves or their Country out of access to the worlds markets by growing a product that is specifically rejected?
19/06/13 11:16 PM
I wonder how much all of this propaganda by Honey is aimed at conning the Aust Govt into falling for the ADM razzle dazzle to get effective monopoly control over East Aust grain farmers by getting approval to own GrainCorp? The only competition to be discussed then would be the competition between farmers to beg someone to buy their grain. If the Govt would not allow growers to monopolise their own exports, why should they allow a foreign owned private grain trader to have that monoploy?
18/06/13 11:05 PM
torobrook, and who might that be?
26/05/13 10:06 PM


Bushie, you can say what you like about me but you miss the point. The point is that you are calling Barnaby Joyce all the names under the sun under cover of your fake name. He has got the guts to face and serve the public, with his views but you have not.
12/09/13 07:27 AM
I just think the whole preferential voting system has been left in place so long, people have forgotten or never knew what its purpose was. Now days with such a plethora of candidates, it is obvious most will not take the time to find out who the hell they all are or what they stand for. Voters should therefore have the choice of voting just for the candidate of their choice without listing preferences for the rest. Those who want to list preferences can still do so. To make sure a candidate is not wasting our time they should get a minimum % of votes before they qualify.
11/09/13 10:39 AM
It is not the critic who counts, not the one who points out how the strong have stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the one in the arena; whose face is marred by dust & sweat & blood; who strives valiantly, who errs & comes up short again & again; who spends themselves in a worthy cause; who at best in the end knows the triumph of high achievement & at worst if they fail will have dared greatly, so that their time will never be amongst those cold & timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.
Go Barnaby you good thing.
11/09/13 04:09 AM
There are many differences between Barnaby Joyce and bushie. Barnaby is a man for a start. He has the guts to go on record in his own name and show his face in public to be identified with what he says and does. No matter what he says or does, that puts him so far in front of bushie, he could not even catch his dust.
11/09/13 04:00 AM
I have not read one post by bushie bill that suggests he has any right to call anyone a boof head Susan.
10/09/13 07:50 AM
Linton, are you saying you have no one who admires you that has any different political views to your own?
It is truly pathetic to make an argument against a person on the basis of the people who admire their achievements in life.
09/09/13 06:24 AM
tug, I think it was both.
Ted, very valid question and answer session.
Stockman, you are so right about that scrap the carbon tax mandate. It was very clearly put by Tony Abbott and that is what people voted on. With a 30 seat majority that is a mandate, clear and simple. The left wingers and Greens will ignore it at their peril in future.
09/09/13 04:20 AM
JFT if you won't own up to your own flawed claims, damned if I am doing your research for you.
21/08/13 10:46 AM
that is the thing JohnFT, you had a list of nothing but fakes. you keep getting hot under the collar about your own imaginings because your claims about my statements can not be related to what I have said, but rather to your distorted version. I see you and bushie doing the same thing to others too. stop making stuff up and stick to the facts.
20/08/13 02:35 PM
There is no way, absolutely none, that ADM can offer a better deal to its farmer and end user clients than GrainCorp after paying over the market price for GrainCorp. To make a go of GrainCorp it will have to use its monopolistic position to hike charges to its clients and lower prices paid for products. To increase tonnage it will need massive capital outlays above its record purchase bid which will mitigate against profit and force up its costs and charges. Any other argument is based on wild dreams.
02/09/13 02:35 PM


What will happen when some of these vandals come to grief during their trespass activities and are mamed or killed by the animals because they are spooked? Sure is a possibility and they will deserve whatever happens. They will also deserve facing charges for the cruelty caused to farmers animals and damage to the owners.
12/06/13 09:20 AM
SuzanneKJH, honestly you are terribly misgiuded if you put the fake animal activists on this site in the same room let alone the same globe as Nelson Mandella. Nelson Mandella fought passively for peoples rights remember. He is a saint compared with AA.
04/06/13 07:38 AM
Shelby, you are lucky to live in a country in which your predecessors have worked to develop agricultural industries so well that the whole nation rode on the back of these industries for over a century. Today farming carries a huge portion of the cost of high living standards in Aust. It creates real income from exports and provides food for the nation. In doing so it supports 100's of 1,000's of off farm jobs. It also pays a large portion of the tax revenue used for national infrastructure, regulated and protected labor wages and welfare. Think carefully about your responsibilities.
04/06/13 04:49 AM


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